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best home security system of 2020

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What steps can we take to protect our homes? How can we feel safer? While there are many services and companies in charge of managing home protection, many people are calmer if they can count on adequate security alarms to live more peacefully. Have you tried using one in your best home security system?

The truth is that the world of security has evolved quite a bit in recent years. Security alarms continue to be one of the most effective methods to have full control over our own possessions and to protect the people who live with us. Throughout this article we will inform you of everything there is to know about them.

The most important for best home security system

  • Security alarms are small devices that are installed in homes, offices or shops that, especially by means of a sound, warn about different dangers. These can range from a robbery, a fire, or some irregular activity. When activated, they often trigger some emergency mechanism that users must follow to avoid taking risks.
  • There are different types of security alarms depending on the needs since the level of security that a home requires is not the same as that of a company. They differ in their connection, in the type of transmission and in the benefits they offer. They also have different detection systems and different mechanisms to activate themselves. Many include video surveillance cameras.
  • To obtain a security alarm that meets your needs, you must consider some purchase criteria: the presence of cameras, the types of sensors included, the mode of transmission and connectivity, the mode of monitoring and the ease of use, among other factors.

The best security alarms: our recommendations

Getting the perfect security alarm for you is not easy. In the market, offers abound with all kinds of proposals and such a variety can be overwhelming. To help you in your search for the perfect security device, we have put together this list with some of the most striking models on the market.

  • The right security alarm for homes and commercial stores
  • The security alarm with a door wedge system
  • Security alarm with an integrated system
  • The security alarm for windows

The best home security system alarm for homes and commercial stores

SABRE Wireless Commercial Door and Elite Home Security Alarm

SABRE Wireless Elite Home and Commercial Door Security Alarm

This is a Saber brand door security alarm. It is recommended for both homes and small businesses. Its siren system produces noise of up to 120 dB (decibels), which are audible up to 230 meters away. Requires 3 AAA batteries to function.

This alarm consists of two pieces. The main part, where the keyboard and processor are, is installed on the wall next to the door frame. The second piece is installed on the door and should be in contact with the main part when the door is closed. The alarm is activated if these pieces are separated and deactivated when the password is entered.

The security alarm with a door wedge system

SABRE Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm

SABRE HS-DSA Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm with 120 dB Siren

The Saber brand also offers this particular model of a door wedge security alarm. It is a device that has a flexible piece that fits under the door, on the inside of the room. If the door opens and puts pressure on the part, the alarm is activated.

This security alarm has a 120 dB siren. It is very easy to install because it does not require wiring. To function it needs a 9 watt battery and has a system that indicates when the battery is weak.

Security alarm with integrated system best home security system

Smart Security System WiFi Alarm System Kit Wireless with APP Push and Calling Alarms

The Zegoal brand provides an alarm that is part of a security system. The main device is where the speaker through which the siren sounds and to which multiple sensors are connected. It can be synchronized with up to 20 door and motion sensors, thus covering a wide perimeter.

The system has an application for smartphones and is compatible with Alexa, Echo and Google Home. You can control, activate and deactivate the alarm with remote controls (up to five controls can be synchronized).

The best home security system alarm for windows

Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm

This is an innovative Doberman security alarm system that installs on windows. It works by detecting very strong vibrations in the glass, which can be caused by attempts to break the glass or force the window.

This alarm has a siren that reaches 100 dB. It has strong adhesives that fix the glass without risk of the device falling down. To function it needs three AG13 batteries.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Security Alarms

We never know to what extent security alarms are useful. Not only do they serve to warn of possible dangers, but they act as effective deterrents and prevention methods. Finding the one that best suits our environments can be a challenge. That is why in this section we will go over the most common questions about them.

What exactly are security alarms?

A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusions, unauthorized entry or other types of hazards in a home. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial and military properties for protection against theft or damage to property, as well as for personal protection against third parties or intruders.

What are security alarms for?

Today, security alarms are the best method to prevent situations of danger or risk, both for people and for material possessions. The main advantage is that they act as prevention and alert systems, allowing the user to take action in an emergency. Among the most popular uses are the following:

  • They detect unauthorized people or intruders in specific areas.
  • They alert about the presence of smoke or fire, preventing fires.
  • In cars, they help protect forced or violent entrances.
  • If they are combined with video surveillance cameras, they allow viewing specific areas to monitor objects or people.

What are the most popular security alarms made of?

Naturally, over time these devices have evolved and incorporated features and components that improve efficiency to detect hazards. We can mention the following parts:

  • Premises Control Unit (PCU): This is the “brain” of the system, which reads the inputs from the sensors, keeps track of the assembly / disassembly status and signals the intrusions. In a modern system, it is typically one or more computer circuit boards inside a metal case, along with a power supply.
  • Sensors: they are the devices that detect intrusions or dangerous situations. The sensors can be placed on the perimeter of the protected area, inside it or both. They are installed for the purpose of monitoring doors and windows, or monitoring vacant interiors for movement, sound, vibration, or other disturbances.
  • Alert devices: these are responsible for indicating an alarm condition. Most commonly, they are bells, sirens, or flashing lights. Alert devices serve to warn homeowners and potentially scare intruders. They are also used to warn occupants of a fire or smoke condition.
  • Keyboards: They are normally wall mounted and function as an interface between the user and the alarm system. In addition to the keys, keyboards typically have indicator lights, a small multi-character display, or both.
  • Interconnections between components : basically, they are the different cables that go directly to the control unit or wireless links with local power sources.

How do security alarms do to notify of dangers or intrusions?

Security alarms are often accompanied by surveillance services. In the event of alerts, the local control unit contacts a central station. Operators see the signal and can call owners, notify the police, or send security forces. Signals are transmitted over dedicated alarm circuits, telephone lines, or the Internet.

What are the advantages of GSM security alarms?

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) security alarms stand out for having a communication module that, like mobiles, uses a SIM card to send and receive signals. Thanks to this form of communication, these types of alarms do not require connecting to the fixed telephone network or the Internet to function.

One of the main advantages of GSM security alarms is that, in the event of possible sabotage due to line outages, they are not affected in any way, since they continue to transmit signals. Operation is simple: upon detecting an emergency, the GSM alarm automatically dials a number and sends a short SMS to the owner to alert him.

Among the advantages mentioned, we can add the following:

  • No installation work is needed; just place the sensors and cameras (if any) in the right places.
  • Its use is very easy.
  • The user or owner knows, at all times, wherever he is, what is happening in his home or office through his mobile phone or a tablet with an Internet connection.

What types of sensors have security alarms?

Sensors are probably the most important components of security alarms, since they are responsible for detecting any type of anomaly or irregularity in a given area. Now, not all these devices are the same or detect the same activities. In the following table we show you the most typical:

Sensor typeWhat does it consist onPerformance and benefits
Hermetically sealed reed switchTwo-piece sensor that works with an electrically conductive reed switch. Combined with an electric current, it allows a central alarm to detect a fault in that zone or circuit.They are very common and are found, either directly connected to an alarm control panel, or in wireless door or window contacts as subcomponents.
Passive infrared sensorSensor of the most common. The term passive refers to the fact that the detector does not generate or radiate its own energy, but works by detecting the thermal energy emitted by other objects. This quick change activates detection.
Ultrasound sensorThe working ultrasound sensor detects sound waves at frequencies below 20 hertz, inaudible to the human ear.Every time an intruder tries to break into a home, he uses tools at openings or applies pressure, thereby creating low-frequency sound vibrations. These actions are immediately detected.
Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectorsThey protect against the risk of fire through different detection methods. Carbon monoxide detectors help protect against the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.These ionization sensors create an electrical current between two metal plates that sound an alarm when smoke enters the chamber. They can quickly detect small amounts of smoke from fast-burning fires, such as kitchen fires, or those fueled by paper or flammable liquids.
Motion sensorSensor that uses various forms of technology to detect movement. The technology typically found in motion sensors to trigger an alarm includes infrared, ultrasound, vibration, and contact. Dual-technology sensors combine two or more forms of detection to reduce false alarms, as each method has its advantages and disadvantages.These devices are typically installed to cover a large area as they commonly cover up to 15 square meters with a 135 degree field of view.

Is it beneficial for security alarms to be complemented by video surveillance cameras?

Yes, and in fact, it is the most common. These systems include computerized monitoring and control.

Audio and video security alarms provide security companies, police and property managers with more reliable data to assess the threat level of an activated alarm. The data is sent over an Internet Protocol (IP) network to the central station where the monitors retrieve the images through proprietary software .

best home security system Purchase criteria

At some point in our lives we need reliable security alarms to protect something of value. It can be our own home, but also a store, a premises, offices or a certain area that we want to monitor. Fortunately, there are alarms of all kinds that adjust to different needs. These are the criteria that you should take into account.

  • Presence of video surveillance cameras
  • Type and quantity of sensors
  • GSM technology
  • Installation and monitoring

Presence of video surveillance cameras

Security alarms are useful to alert, using a siren, of possible dangers or intrusions. But if they are also complemented by video surveillance cameras that provide images and audio, the effectiveness is much greater. In addition, having the possibility of monitoring activities by the camera will allow you to observe the real danger and prevent more risky situations.

Type and quantity of sensors

Sensors are the devices that make security alarms reliable. Without them, it would be like walking blind. Therefore, the more sensors your alarm system has, the more intrusions it can detect. Among the most popular that cannot be missing from your model are the infrared, ultrasound and motion models. Don’t forget smoke detectors, either.

GSM technology

For some time now it has been proven that GSM security alarms have greater advantages than the rest. Above all, because they cannot be affected by sabotage or line outages, a mechanism that many try to try to deactivate the alarm. Therefore, make sure you have such an alarm system to always have everything under control. Christian GutCEO of Prosegur Alarmas”In addition to the support of 24-hour monitoring and early detection of an event, today it is possible to have the Smartphone as a valuable ally, which allows you to know what is happening on the property in real-time, 24 hours, from anywhere.”

Installation and monitoring

If your security alarm system is very complex to install and use, they will end up being less intuitive and you will stop using them. In accordance with the latest technological trends, try to find models that base their use on applications for smartphones, tablet, or computers. This will guarantee safe control over your home and always at your fingertips.


Security alarms are extremely useful devices to warn, notify, and prevent intrusion hazards and unwanted activities. The best home security system are installed mainly in homes, offices, and shops. Security alarms work by emitting some type of signal that alerts the owner of irregularity and, at the same time, tries to ward off the intruder.

Security alarms have all kinds of sensors to detect intrusions or dangers in a property. The most popular are infrared, ultrasound, and motion. Smoke detectors are also widely used to prevent fires. Video surveillance cameras are one of the best allies of alarms since they offer very reliable data.


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