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Can you split screen on iPhone?

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Splitting the screen can make multitasking a breeze, letting you use apps side by side without having to constantly switch between them. It’s easy to do on most PCs, Macs, iPads, and even Android. But what about the iPhone?

Unfortunately, you can’t split your iPhone screen to use multiple apps at once, at least not in the way you’re probably expecting. However, you can use features like picture-in-picture and quick app switching to multitasking. We’ll show you how to access these options on your phone.

Warning: You can find articles on the internet that talk about screen splitting methods that involve jailbreaking your iPhone. Doing so voids your phone’s warranty and may cause other software issues on your phone. We do not recommend that you do that. Instead, use the methods below.

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Use Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on iPhone

If it’s a video you’d like to watch while doing other tasks, you can use your iPhone’s picture-in-picture mode to do so. This mode separates your video from its original location and floats the video on top of your screen. In the remaining area of ​​the screen, you can use your other apps.

iPhone PiP mode is only available in iOS 14 and later. You can enable it by going to Settings > General > Picture-in-Picture and toggling on “Start PiP automatically”.

turn on "Start PiP automatically".

Then launch a PiP-enabled app, play your video, and tap the PiP icon on the video. Now you can drag the floating window of your video and place it where you want on your screen.

iPhone Picture-in-Picture Compatible Apps

Most video apps support iPhone picture-in-picture mode. These apps include many official Apple apps, such as Apple TV, Safari, FaceTime, Podcasts, Home, and Music. Some third-party apps include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, FOX NOW, HBO Max, Hulu, SHOWTIME, Tubi, Vudu, and more.

Also, all web browsers support PiP mode, so you can use the feature while playing a video on a site. You can use this method for YouTube as the official YouTube app does not support PiP mode without Premium subscription on iPhone.

Quickly switch from apps to multitasking on your iPhone

Another way to multitask on your iPhone in the absence of the split screen feature is to use quick app switching. You can quickly switch between open apps on your iPhone and multitask that way.

To do that, swipe left or right from the bottom of your iPhone screen. It will navigate between the launched applications.

Swipe left or right from the bottom bar of the iPhone.

And that’s how you can use a couple of ways to multitask and be more productive with your iPhone. Enjoy!

In case you don’t already know, Apple offers Split View on its iPad and Mac devices. So it could eventually come to the iPhone. If that happens, we will post a how-to guide that will teach you how to use the feature.

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