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Cancel Claro plan: How to cancel a Claro plan?

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You don’t know how to cancel a Claro plan? Your minutes aren’t enough and you’re looking for how to cancel a Claro postpaid plan? Your internet at home isn’t working well and you want to cancel a Claro home plan? And you can’t find how to cancel Claro’s service? Learn how to cancel your Claro Colombia services.

Canceling the Claro plan is simple and won’t take you long, keep in mind that Claro customer service can advise you to cancel Claro service or to extend your contracted services.

Are your Claro services not working correctly?

You can make your requests, complaints, or claims with the Claro QPR.

How to cancel a Claro plan?

To cancel Claro plan there are several ways to do it, we tell you:

  • If you want to cancel Claro line or cancel Claro internet from your mobile phone, you can do so by dialing #611 and choose the options: 1, 3, 2.
  • Your PQR regarding how to cancel the Claro plan can be done from a physical Claro store or sent via fax to number 7421285 or by certified mail to Carrera 68a #24b – 10 plaza Claro, Bogotá.
  • Other Claro channels where you can receive advice on how to cancel the Claro service is through its Claro social networks .

If you are still not convinced to cancel the Claro plan, you should know that Claro is one of the telephone companies in Colombia with the greatest Claro coverage nationwide and with the best service plans in:

  • Clear Postpaid .
  • Sure prepaid .
  • Of course music .
  • clear video .

If you want to continue being a customer of Claro postpaid plans but want to change your Claro plan, we will tell you how to do it. To access this Claro plan change service, keep in mind that only postpaid customers with mixed plans who have active consumption between 75% and 100% of the data included in the plan have access.

You can receive this type of offer by means of an SMS with the invitation to change the Claro plan.

When a Claro plan change is offered, the customer is given a better offer, the change is made on the cut-off date and a 2G package is granted that is activated when the customer reaches 100% of the data to continue browsing with a validity of 30 days.

The date of payment in case of confirming the change of Claro plan will continue to be made in the corresponding Claro invoice.

clear balance

Did you know that you can advance your Claro balance, check it and transfer it quickly? Like this and more are the benefits that Claro offers you for being a customer.

How to cancel Claro home?

If in your case you are not satisfied with your Claro Hogar Internet service, Claro Fixed Telephony and Claro TV and you do not want to continue enjoying the benefits offered by the telephone company, you can immediately cancel the Claro Hogar service.

To cancel Claro Hogar you have several Claro customer service channels to manage the process:

  • Go to a Claro service and sales center to cancel the Claro home plan.
  • Contact the Claro Bogotá customer service line 7500500 – National line 018003200200.

cancel clear video learn 

how to cancel Claro video.

Cancel Claro subscriptions

As a Claro user you can choose the messages (SMS) to receive day by day on your mobile phone in case you do not want to continue receiving information from companies or services on your cell phone, we will tell you how to cancel subscriptions in Claro.

  • One way to cancel Claro service is by sending the word EXIT to the same number from which you received the message related to content consumption or payment applications.
  • In the event that the Claro client is active in a Claro subscription and each month they will receive a message where they can answer the word NO to cancel Claro subscriptions that are related to the consumption of content or payment applications from the mobile.
  • Another alternative to cancel Claro subscription package is by entering My Claro in the “content subscription” option and then selecting the subscription to deactivate the service.

The company must respond to the message sent by the user confirming that in a maximum of 3 business days it will be blocked or suspended from sending messages inviting the consumption of content and mobile applications.

If after three days of canceling the Claro subscription and the client continues to receive any type of message from it, they can file their request, complaint or claim with the telephone company.

Pay the bill SurePaying the Claro bill has never been so easy before. Now you can do it from online payment, face-to-face payment, payment by phone and other more accepted means.

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