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Consult and Manage the Repuve Login in Mexico

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The Public Vehicle Registry in Mexico is very important since the Government can have legal knowledge of the cars that circulate throughout the Mexican territory, this article will show how to register, know if the vehicle belongs to the owner at the time of a purchase-sale and others, that is why it is necessary to know everything about Repuve Login.

What is Repuve Login, for Cars?

The Public Vehicle Registry (REPUVE), is based on making the public administration aware of and legally tracking all the cars that are traveling throughout the country.

For the year 1977 the Federal Vehicle Registry was founded, in this way it was called before the creation of the new entity, aiming at the public knowledge of the sale of cars, then with its modifications, it now bears the name of Repuve Login.

The Functions of the Public Vehicle Registry (Repuve)

The so-called Repuve login is the name assigned to it since 2004, when Vicente Fox was president of Mexico, with the aim of teaching the legal part of cars, motorcycles at any time, especially in the acquisition processes or any business that has to do with this property.

With this it can be added, that to make a verification without pause, avoiding arbitrary acts with respect to the car, that is why a fair and effective registration must be carried out, improving the procedures that were used to be carried out with the other entity.

The manufacturers of this type of transport are committed to registering in Repuve login, informing the federal government in different situations such as:

  • Granting or withdrawal of Repuve plates.
  • Owner transfer.
  • Issues regarding the owner.
  • Status modification
  • Sanctions or penalties.
  • Theft of the car.

The mission of this entity is to be aware of everything that has to do with respect to the beginning and the end of any type of vehicle in Mexican territory.

It must be emphasized that for any acquisition of a second-hand car, the buyer may not want to perform different roles, although it is mandatory to have a Repuve login.

In this way, make sure that this property is free from any illegality, without having traces of notifications regarding thefts existing in the vehicle registration.

What is the Information that is Accurate to Make the Consultation in the REPUVE Login?

To make a query, the interested parties have a service that works every day and at any time, to make this visit to this site it is important to take into account the following information:

  • The numbering that identifies the vehicle.
  • The serial number that is assigned at the time of registration of the car or the license plate.
  • The day on which the registration was made.
  • Folio number.

With some of this information, it is enough, with having part and you can make the Repuve query . A revision of the license plate can be done, with this the interested party will be sure that the vehicle is completely legal, and is not being reported as stolen.

What is the way to find out if a vehicle is wanted for theft?

When a person needs to inquire about the status of a vehicle, as to whether it is reported stolen or is legal. You only have to enter without having to make a payment for the service, and investigate everything related to that property, in the Repuve login and consulting.

It is a program that is updating the information at all times, showing the data without wasting time after it is entered, this is the reason that citizens can have full confidence in investigating through this means. For this, it is necessary to follow the following step by step:

  1. Access the platform for citizen consultation of the Mexican government.
  2. As soon as the interested party is already on the page, a form will be displayed where they will request everything related to the vehicle that needs to be investigated, it is simple, you just have to enter, answer the security question of not being a robot and press “Look for”.
  3. When the result of the exploration is already shown on the screen, all the information of the car to be verified will appear, at the top of the page three alternatives will be shown.
  4. All the basic data of the property is located. Although, in the other options it shows if the vehicle is marked and the theft report.
  5. If it is presented in the information that the car is in theft status, the “OCRA” subpage will be activated, indicating the exact date that the disappearance of the car was reported and when the theft was made.

In addition, you can see the report of the moment of its recovery by those responsible for the laws, and place the day it was returned to its owner when it is rescued.

Is It Necessary For The Vehicle To Have The Registration Chip?

The device to maintain the surveillance of the car, which has been stipulated, is not an obligation at the time of change of the plates, nor for other management related to transport, the chip is an additional requirement that is optional to be placed in the vehicle and That way keep track of your movements.

It cannot be denied that, as of 2018, the theft of vehicles has decreased, they are easily located and can be quickly delivered to their owner, at the moment the car is stolen. All this is due to the security operations carried out by the entities dedicated to providing security throughout the State.

At this time, the vehicles that travel throughout the country have this device that allows knowing the exact place where it is located, which is placed by Repuve login.

Although all the entities that have to do with the government suggest that it be installed in all cars, and thus shorten the search time for it when it is removed from the owner’s possession, avoiding an increase in the loss due to theft. of this property and gradually decrease the number of robberies throughout the country.

What Happens if a Used Vehicle is Not on the Public Registry?

It is possible that a used car is not registered in the Repuve login, it could be due to different circumstances, such as those named below:

  • The body that is responsible for registering in all federal entities, did not carry out the dispatch of the registration, due to missing some information about the car.
  • The license plate that was transferred does not qualify with the completeness and condition approvals for it to be approved.
  • The car is in the theft reports database, in one of the State Attorney General’s Office at the time the registration was sent.
  • The vehicle identification numbering was altered.

These are the cases that can happen and in this way when doing a search in the vehicle registration database it is not found, that is why all the information is carefully reviewed so that everything is correct, if not the registration process can be canceled.

This situation can occur in different parts of the country, there are reports from CDMX and also from Veracruz, where the vehicle registrations were not approved in the Repuve login, as some of the circumstances mentioned above have happened when the vehicle registration is carried out.

Registration of a Car

It must be remembered that it was said before that it is not a requirement that is demanded, and it is not part of the requirements to complete in any management that has to do with the car, the registration in the Repuve login is diligence that is carried out in the Vehicle Control Office located in different parts of the country.

But, if the registration is not done in an automated way when the reports are sent, there is also the option in person by visiting the Offices that are in charge of Vehicle Control in the Ministry of Finance, on this site the necessary documentation must be kept and clarifying that the car is not registered in the Repuve login files.

And the process that follows is, review all the information of the car that will be registered with the Public Vehicle Registry, and will be sent for later recording of this.

It is a procedure that can last several days for its solution, and in the end, it will be registered in the database, and then when the query is made with the instructions mentioned above, the vehicle information will be displayed.

It is important to know that it is a procedure that is not exclusive to cars, motorcycles can also be registered if the owner needs to have peace of mind with the protection of his property, and at the time of making the report of theft the action takes less time, and the entities in charge will have a location of the disappearance more quickly.

Is the Insurance System Reliable?

It is important to know that the Public Registry integrates Edomex, which is in charge of carrying out all the procedures that are part of the service to the citizens of the Mexican territory.

That is why this program is endorsed by the Government, and all the data they offer is accurate, it is always updated and has a great legitimate assessment when clarification is needed.

The information that is in the Public Vehicle Registry system is always being updated, the data appears immediately after it is transcribed.

At the same time that the vehicle update is placed, a query of a car can be made and in the information, it can be seen that there is no warning or theft report.

It means that this is outside of any negative report, and you can have confidence in the information that it is valid and secure, and that the negotiation if it is the case, is being carried out with all legality.

If the car is not found in the Repuve login database , it is important to ask the owner of the car, to continue negotiating the car, register in the program.

In this way, it will be a safe purchase-sale which is complying with everything required by law and is clean of any illegal act, which later may cause a problem with the purchase.

This is why, at the time of ending a negotiation, making a purchase, a sale of a car or a motorcycle if it is the case in the entire area of ​​the country, a review should be made in the file of the Repuve login platform.

So far it is the only way that ensures that the negotiation that the citizen intends to carry out is guaranteed and supported by the laws, showing that the process that is about to close does not have any problem outside the law that could delay the acquisition.

Requirements to Register in REPUVE

To be part of what governs the laws that the Repuve has, all “Obliged Subjects” have the duty, as indicated in the regulations, to make their conditions take into account, all the documentation and data that are required to make the register and keep all the information updated in the Public Vehicle Registry.

They have the name of Subjects Obliged to:

  • The Bodybuilders . They are those that assemble or make general modifications of the parts that make up the car.
  • The Marketing Companies . It has to do with those who are in charge of making purchases, sales or taking agency or second-hand vehicles from other countries.
  • The National Council of Public Security . It is what corresponds to the largest entity of the National Public Security System.
  • Distributors . It refers to all those who are dedicated to making new car sales, those who arrive from assembly sites or from another country.
  • Assemblers . They are the factories and places that assemble or import unused cars to be marketed.
  • Federative Entities . They are those that are represented by each of the States and Mexico City.
  • Attorney Generals of the Nation . That they belong to each of the States and Mexico City.
  • The Registry . It refers to the Repuve.
  • The Executive Secretariat . that belongs to the SNSP.
  • The Vehicles . In this group are motor vehicles, trailers and also land semi-trailers.

Car factories, assemblers and equivalents, it is important that they place:

  • A VIN or it can be the numbering of the vehicle identification, which corresponds to the component that is identified in the Registry.
  • In the case of cars that are brought from other countries.
  • Where they need to be attached to the office through the Executive Secretary, in a time that can be within thirty business days or before the marketing is carried out, while the requirements that are assigned as stated in the Official Mexican Standards are met.
  • The NIV, is the first requirement of the Repuve login , also the determined particularities of the vehicles by individual.
  • All “Obliged Subject”, have to send to the registration the data that are related to the diligence, the Public Vehicle Registry performs its purposes of giving legal and fiscal protection to citizens.

Where Can You Get the Public Vehicle Registry?

Except for cars that are prior to 2008, where those responsible are the respective entities, through the actions and operations that have been programmed.

As for cars that are years after the date described and are not registered, those responsible are the dealers.

What is suggested is to make an update on the cars that have an assembly date prior to 2008, and are presented at any office that controls State vehicles that has an address, in order to find all the information that the system has operations for the registration of your car.

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