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Essential Tips for Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

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Bathroom and kitchen renovations can make a huge difference to how your house looks. However, planning for luxury bathroom & kitchen renovations can be daunting. You must decide on the splashback for your kitchen, the right colours and various other factors. On the other hand, for bathroom renovation, you must want to create something completely different to achieve a fresh and modern look. So, if you’re bored of the outdated look of your bathroom and kitchen and want to give them some much-awaited makeover, the following are some tips.

Bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovations include changes in the basin, bath, wall design, storage space, tiles and the overall layout. You must uncover your ideas and develop a design concept to give a luxurious makeover to your bathroom. Following it, you can plan your bathroom renovation project and have in-house installers make your dream come true. Here are some additional tips to consider if you’re looking for a complete bathroom renovation:

Go for high-quality and appealing fixtures.

While focusing on aesthetics, many tend to give lesser importance to functionality. But you don’t have to compromise as you can get quality-working and appealing fixtures that can last you several years. 

Have proper ventilation

The right ventilation system is an absolute must for your bathroom. If your previous bathroom didn’t have one, ensure you get it right this time. You can get a wide variety of ventilation fans in the market with a humidity sensor, motion sensor, overhead lighting, built-in heater and several other modern features. 

Consult your designer about the size of your bathroom, as the model of your ventilation fan will depend on the bathroom’s size.

Kitchen renovations

For kitchen renovations, you need to decide on the size of the island, the kind of splashback you want, the colour of the cabinet and the handles on the cabinet. So, before you visit the showroom for luxury bathroom & kitchen renovations, consider the following:

  • Get expert help

An extensive kitchen renovation cannot rely on DIYs. Therefore, you must contact designers that are experts in luxury bathroom & kitchen renovations. The designers can help you better understand the overall process, the costs you can expect to incur and the estimated time for the completion of the work.  

  • Check the area

Do you want ample kitchen space? Or, do you want to add some fixtures or more cabinets? In that case, you need to ask your designer if the existing space is enough to accommodate the things you want to add. And if not, measure the area to know how much space you need to add to the kitchen. 

It is also essential to consider your home’s design, colour and style. For example, an ultra-modern kitchen might not be the best choice if you have a country-style home. But the change can look seamless if you incorporate similar styles and colours into your kitchen. 

  • Know your budget

Budget is a vital consideration when renovating your bathroom and kitchen space. It can range between $10,000 and $50,000 based on your bathroom and kitchen size and your chosen materials. For example, if you wish to have a Caesarstone benchtop for your kitchen, you must be prepared to spend a generous amount.  

You can’t take any chance with your bathroom and kitchen renovations. Hence, it’s best not to take upon the mammoth responsibility on your shoulders. Instead, you can use the assistance of an efficient designer who can guide you in every aspect of your renovation and minimise any unpleasant surprises after the project’s completion. 

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