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Facial treatment: what if I tried the lip mask?

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The action of beauty masks on the skin is undeniable. Don’t forget your lips and indulge in a lip mask.

A beauty mask is a moment of relaxation where the mind rests, and the skin rests. Masks can nourish the body or the face, not to mention the lips. Your mouth is a crucial element of your seduction. Think of her with a mask.

A lip mask, why?

The lips, like all parts of the body, can suffer from dryness. They are particularly exposed to the outside elements, cold or heat, dehydration, small anxiety bites, or cold sores. If you want to have a fuller mouth, a mask can give you the essentials. The lip mask doesn’t differ from a mask for the rest of the face. Depending on the mask, it sits on the lips and can be kept for between a few minutes and a few hours. There are some on the market in the form of patches that are easily applied to the lips. Lip masks moisturize your mouth, plump it up, treat chapped skin, and above all, or use Lip Mask by BioRepublic SkinCare.

Prepare your lips before putting on a mask.

A beauty mask cannot be placed on the skin without preparation. Otherwise, it is less effective. Before applying a mask to the lips, first scrub your mouth to get rid of dead skin. This is an essential step if you want the mask to have its effect and penetrate perfectly to have healthy lips. For the lips, choose a gentle exfoliation, the skin being delicate and fragile. Gently erase with your fingers or a soft brush. You can make a lip scrub yourself with a teaspoon of honey and powdered sugar. A cotton ball soaked in hot water can gently exfoliate your lips, or use BioRepublic Pout Perfecting Lip Mask; it will Remove both outer layers, then apply middle layer gel patch to lips and smile region while smoothing the mask patch for a perfect fit. Wear a mask and relax for 15-20 minutes, or until serum is fully absorbed. Remove mask, massage excess serum into skin. No need to rinse!

No question of pouting in the face of the cold. Just protect your lips back and forth all day and nourish and repair them at night. Tubes and tips to keep them soft all winter long.

Why is this area so fragile? Quite simply because the skin of the lips is five times thinner than that of the face and that it has neither sweat glands nor sebaceous glands. Clearly, without a stratum corneum and with a minimal protective hydrolipidic film, the mucous membrane is almost “completely bare.”

As a result, the lips are exposed to irritation and dryness, which can quickly turn into crevices, cracks, and cracks, especially if you have the lousy reflex of moistening them with your tongue when they pull. If saliva hydrates and relieves, it is only an illusion of momentary comfort. When saliva evaporates, it increases the dryness of the lips, mainly since it contains enzymes that dehydrate them.

Daytime protection

During the day, the lethal weapon is the lipstick to be drawn all day long, long before having chapped lips. We start in the morning with a layer before even putting on your lipstick. Its composition is natural and straightforward: fatty substances (olive oil, shea, jojoba, argan …) to nourish and soften, beeswax, honey, and hyaluronic acid for a barrier effect, vitamins to heal, and even petroleum jelly championing hydration while reducing evaporation causing dryness. The UV filter is justified in the case of altitude and sunshine.

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