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Five Unique Finds For The New Arrival

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When the time comes that you have to give birth, you will likely want to go through several things, but most importantly being prepared for the new arrival. Of course, every mother knows that this includes buying an ample supply of baby clothes and necessities, including diapers, blankets, toys, and others.

Also known as baby gifts or baby shower gifts, the baby hamper delivery in Singapore comes with a number of things that you can choose from to make your bundle of joy feel at home. And while most people opt for generic designs and gifts, it’s important to note that there are unique finds out there that show how much thought and effort you’ve put into this momentous occasion.

So, if the time has come for you to have a baby, here are some unique suggestions that you can consider to give your child a great start.

Five Unique Finds For The New Arrival

1. Pandan Baby Hamper

Are you a fan of pandan, the tropical leaf used to make all sorts of desserts and baked goods? Then, this baby hamper delivery in Singapore is for you. It contains a delicious pandan cake and a cute chocolate pudding pie with a unique design that features an elephant holding a baby girl – something that almost every mother will love.

What’s more is that this baby hamper delivery in Singapore contains other goodies, too! These include the much-needed diaper bag to help you carry things around quickly and easily as well as a set of pajamas for your child. These are perfect for infants up to age 24 months because they are snug yet comfortable to help your child feel relaxed.

2. Pigeon Travel Set

If you want to give your baby shower gifts that are functional, this is the way to go. This pigeon travel set contains a variety of goodies perfect for traveling with your child – a stroller bag, a diaper backpack, and a baby carrier. The best part is that all of these fold up into small cubes that you can easily fit inside your diaper bag or luggage when not in use.

3. Grandparents And Grandchildren Board Game Set

Are you looking for something fun to do with the new grandchild? Whether you want to bond with them or have a fun time with your friends, this grandparents and grandchildren board game set is perfect. It contains six items that you can use to play games such as Pictionary and Ludo and a box to store all of these in.

4. Baby Gym Set

Looking for baby hamper delivery in Singapore that will keep your child entertained? This baby gym set from Fisher Price is perfect – it contains a soft fabric mat that you place over the floor and attaches various instruments. These include a mirror, a tadpole toy, and even a bead chaser that will stimulate your young one’s senses as they grow.

5. Baby Bean Bag Chair

Looking for baby hamper delivery in Singapore that your child will enjoy for years to come? This bean bag chair from Oeuf is perfect in more ways than one. Not only can it be used as a regular seat, but you can even attach this on top of the changing table and let your child sit there while you change their diapers.

Bottom line

While a normal baby hamper delivery in Singapore typically includes kid-friendly items such as clothes and toys, these unique finds will surely make your child feel at home. Remember that most of these need to be used with children who are yet to reach their toddler years which is perfect if you’re looking for baby shower gifts, especially for new parents.

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