Ford ships its first F-150 Lightning EVs with a Tesla-saving accessory



Ford began delivering F-150 Lightning trucks in late May, and the first customers are in for a little surprise. As reported by a user on the Lightning owners forum, F-150 Lightnings come with a free Tesla charging adapter, which likely highlights the truck’s two-way charging capabilities (something Tesla lacks).

We sat on this story for a few days because we weren’t sure if it was real. After all, the F-150 Lightning manual states that charging adapters are “sold separately” and inside electric vehicles came to no conclusion after researching the story. But sure enough, a Ford representative confirmed to geek review that “first Lightnings” come with adapters so customers can “lend a hand if needed.”

“F-150 Lightning can charge other electric vehicles using its bi-directional charging capability. We are shipping our first Lightnings with adapters so F-150 Lightning customers can lend a hand if needed.”

Using this charging adapter is quite easy. If an F-150 Lightning driver comes across a stranded Tesla (which is surprisingly rare), they can simply pull the two-way charging kit out of the truck, plug in the adapter, and start charging the Tesla.

The two-way system runs at 7.5kW, which should give a Tesla around 20 miles of range after an hour of charging. That said, I’m making a pretty rough estimate based on the Model S’s specs – we’ll get a more accurate number once customers get to test this out in the real world.

We’re not sure if Ford will continue to give out free Tesla charging adapters. Maybe this is just a nice gift for early adopters, or a way to poke fun at Tesla’s lack of two-way charging. Either way, it’s fine.

Source: lightning owners