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How to Get the Best Sound From Your Subwoofer Amplifier

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Do you love to crank up your favorite tunes while you’re out on the road? You’re definitely not alone. That’s because a great sound system can make hours spent in traffic much more enjoyable. 

The key to taking your car sound system to the next level is learning how to maximize the quality of your subwoofer amplifier. Fortunately, this article can help.

Here we take a look at important tips for getting the best possible performance from your multi-channel amplifier so that every minute on the highway will be awesome. Keep reading to learn more.

The Basics of Subwoofer Tuning

There are a few things to consider when tuning your car subwoofer. These include the type of amplifier you have in your car, the type of speakers, and the type of stereo. After all, the sound quality of your music will be totally dependent on the quality of these separate components. 

The quality of sound these components produce boils down to your ability to increase volume without creating distortion. This can be challenging, thus you’ll need to understand a few tips about how to adjust the setting on your amplifier.

Adjust the Gain

Let’s start by discussing one of the basic aspects of your amplifier. The gain setting allows you to modify the amplifier’s sensitivity.

When you determine the limits of the distortion in your subwoofer, you’ll be able to identify how much power the speakers can handle and make the necessary adjustments.

The key is to start by turning off all filers and turning the gain on your amplifier to zero. Now slowly turn the stereo volume up and you detect distortion. 

Next, continue turning up the volume while dialing down the gain until the distortion disappears and the sound becomes clear.

Tuning the Bass

Now let’s take a look at the bass level on your subwoofer.

Adjusting the bass is very similar to finding the right gain level. The key is to turn up the distortion while dialing back the bass until the sound quality levels out.

Keep in mind that great bass is the best way to maximize the quality of your music, but too much bass creates distortion that ruins the overall quality of your audio system.


What do we mean by “frequency”? This is a term used to describe your speaker’s musical pitch.

Take a look at your speaker’s casing. You should see a frequency label that tells you exactly how to adjust your amplifier to get the best sound possible.

When you’re ready to improve the audio system in your car, be sure to check out Big Jeff Audio.

A Guide to Tweaking Your Subwoofer Amplifier

It’s no secret that great tunes make a daily community far more tolerable. Fortunately, this guide to getting the best performance from your subwoofer amplifier will help make your favorite playlist sound better than ever.

Please continue exploring the library of articles on this blog to discover more cool lifestyle tips and advice.

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