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Google Drive will “delete” your duplicate files

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In an effort to streamline Google Drive and help optimize your storage space, Google is rolling out a feature that is bound to drive division among its users. Soon, it will replace all your files and folders stored in multiple locations with shortcuts.

Previously, you could store a single file or folder in multiple locations. For example, if you had a “Weekly Expenses” spreadsheet, you could store it in a folder called “Personal Finance” as well as in your “Yearly Budget” folder. Now, with these changes, the original version of that file will stay in one location, but you can put a shortcut to the document anywhere else in your Google Drive.

Google’s goal here is to “simplify file and folder structures by replacing included files and folders in multiple locations with shortcuts.” These shortcuts should (hopefully) make it easier for you to navigate and find your important files and folders.

This replacement process will start this year and Google will notify you a few weeks before it starts with your unit. Google will make a replacement decision “based on the original ownership of the file and folder, and will consider access and activity in all other folders to ensure as little disruption to collaboration as possible.”

Neither folder ownership nor sharing settings will be affected by the change. The replacement process is automatic and there is no option to unsubscribe. If you’re not sure how to use the shortcuts in Google Drive, there’s a helpful help page to guide you.

If you want to find a particular file or folder after the replacement process is complete, it’s not too difficult either. Simply open Google Drive and type “is:replaced” in the search bar at the top of the page, then press Enter. Of course, you can still move the remaining original files as you see fit, and hopefully this change simplifies Google Drive for you.

Source: Google via PCWorld

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