Google Photos enhanced memories experience launches today


Google Photos Redesigned Memories
Google Photos Redesigned Memories

Fans of Google Photos’ “Memories” feature are in for a treat. Google is rolling out an improved Memories experience that adds more fun and flair to your slideshows. Plus, a new “Collage Editor” lets you put photos together into a cute digital scrapbook page.

Right away, you’ll notice that Memories includes more videos (and short video snippets). Additionally, Google now uses a subtle zoom trick in Memories slideshows to make photos feel more alive. Users can also jump between slideshows by swiping up or down on their screen. (Google also plans to add music to some Memories in October.)

New collages in Google Photos.
New collages in Google Photos. Google

Google Photos also gains two new types of memory slideshows. First, there’s Cinematic Memories, which uses Google’s Cinematic algorithm to separate a subject from its background and animate a 3D-like clip. And a new Styles slideshow lets you frame your photos with illustrative layouts.

Users can also create their own collages using groups of photos. More like scrapbook pages, these collages let you choose from a variety of cute layouts and frames. It’s a neat feature, especially if you use Google Photos to order prints. (This feature also works on iOS, to be clear.)

The enhanced Memories experience launches today. It should arrive on your device by the end of the week. Make sure you’re using the latest version of Google Photos to get these new features.

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