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Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner: 5 Things to Consider

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Carpets have gained much popularity in today’s age of architectural advances and home décor experiments. Many homeowners in Canberra are opting for carpet flooring to give their space a classic and stylish makeover. 

However, one downside to this is cleaning and maintenance. 

Regular vacuuming removes dirt, but what about pollens, bacteria, and other harmful chemicals? Hiring a professional carpet cleaner Canberra ensures deep cleaning and revival of lost glory. 

That said, getting one onboard could be a daunting task. No worries: here are some tips to make things easier!

  1. Research Properly 

Your carpet is often the focal point of your space, so it’s essential to research cleaning companies and do a bit of vetting before making calls. Visit the agency’s website, read customer reviews and then make a list of service providers. 

Background check is mandatory when choosing a reliable and relevant company. That said, you can also take references from your relatives, neighbours, friends or colleagues if they know about a good carpet cleaning service. However, still do your research. 

  1. Experience is key 

Adding to the research part, you must check their experience in carpet cleaning. Be sure to look for the years companies have been in the business and how good their reputation is.

Undoubtedly, your carpets are expensive and hiring a novice does not necessarily mean a bad outcome, but why take the risk? Someone with feasible experience knows what they are doing and how to tackle different kinds of stains. Here you are assured that the job will be done well.

  1. Ask About Cleaning Supplies 

You must be aware of different cleaning supplies to ask about them from carpet cleaner Canberra providers. While consulting, please take note of the cleaning products they will use. Because there are various chemicals involved in the cleaning process, not all boast of goodness and safety

For instance, some chemicals have a high alkaline level, leading to fading or yellowing. Therefore, it is best to set some things straight from the start. 

  1. Request for Pre-Quote Survey 

Instead of taking quotes over the phone, you should ask companies to come for a pre-survey and look at your carpet to deliver an exact estimate. It will ensure two things – appropriate quote and elimination of pricing dispute that usually occurs after cleaning. 

Besides, be specific regarding cost: hire a carpet cleaner that offers quotes by the square footage of your home, room, or carpet area to be cleaned. 

  1. Compare Multiple Service 

Just because you have a feasible quote from the first carpet cleaner Canberra on the list does not mean you hire them. It could be possible that you might find a better-priced one when you explore the list further. 

So, talk to at least one or four of them, take estimates from each, and after comparing their price and other things, come to a decision. 

Be aware of cheap ones as they may charge less but might not deliver effective results. 

The Bottom Line 

Cleaning your carpet once or twice a year is a must if you want to keep it in excellent condition for the long run. Though you regularly care and dirt are removed, it does not mean your carpet is wholly clean. For this, deep cleaning is essential, and you need a professional. 

So, when it is time to ring in the experts, you must be smart and confident in exchange. Luckily, these tips will empower you to hire the best one for the job. 

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