How much money does 1 million YouTube views make?


Are you trying to find a side hustle and bustle that involves the things you love? A second source of income is always welcome, right?

Only 0.25% People Know This About Y...
Only 0.25% People Know This About YouTube Money

Well, YouTube is the perfect platform for anyone who has something to say to the world. And one of its best features is monetizing the engagement you get.

But how much does 1 million views on YouTube earn?

Should you leave your 9-5 for when you get to that number? Or will this result alone give you the financial freedom to upgrade your daily black coffee to a great Frappuccino?

How much money does 1 million views make on YouTube??

For starters, a million views on YouTube does not equal a million dollars. Not the same number of subscribers.

So how much will 1 million views on YouTube earn?

It depends on many factors.

Many influencers believe that the more followers, the greater the controls for their engagement. However, that’s not true. A YouTuber with 20,000 subscribers can have higher earnings per million views than an account with 80,000 followers.

Another important question is how exactly the earnings from videos work.

We mentioned followers, but let’s dig a little deeper. It turns out that your subscriber details also determine how much money you make per million views on YouTube.

For example, if you want to attract boomers with your content, you’re in for a surprise. Boomers aren’t exactly known for spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen. In addition, there are not many channels that can add value to them.

This makes them a more difficult audience to reach. And so brands are willing to pay more to reach 60-year-olds.

The same goes for niche content.

Let’s take SemideCoco as an example. He has around 230,000 subscribers and is dedicated to scalp massages, acupressure and other wellness procedures.

How much does a YouTuber like her earn for 1 million views?

Around $3400.

Not bad, right?

Now, we’ve invited one of my personal favorites, Ali Abdaal, to help me with the basics.

Ali makes videos on how to manage your money and be more productive. From time to time, he gives some advice on books and he does it without ceasing to be a real pleasure.

If we want to know how much money accounts like yours make, let’s take a look at their content. That’s right, he even made a video about it.

On average, a million views on YouTube are worth about $2,000.

However, YouTube does not pay per million views.

To be eligible for monetization on the platform, you must reach 1,000 subscribers and have 4,000 hours of viewing. Ali shares that it took her 6 months to create 52 videos and gain 1000 followers.

In 2021 he said that he now earns $12,000 every month from his YouTube channel, which has around 2.7 million subscribers.

As you can see, 1 million views on YouTube can earn you some decent money.

But if you think you can start making big money after a week or two, think again. It takes dedication and, when you find the right strategy, consistency.

However, there are some tricks to speed up this process.

How to make money with YouTube successfully?

The Internet has introduced people to work after dark. Youtube has put the icing on the cake by allowing us to earn money simply by sharing our lives with others. Advertisers can now reach their target audience much more easily. Consumer feedback is instant and easy to filter.

Let’s see how you can start making money on YouTube.

YouTube Partner Program

Your videos must follow the site’s guidelines and have a total of 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months. Also, you must get 1,000 subscribers and live in an eligible country. Therefore, you need to link a Google AdSense account. Once these requirements are met, you can apply by clicking on your profile and visiting the “Monetization” section.

The average rate you will get is between $0.10 and $0.30 per ad view. However, as your channel grows, the amount you receive will also increase.

You can withdraw once your balance reaches $100.

If you don’t want to apply for the Partner Program, you can see how much companies are willing to pay for 1 million views on YouTube.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing could be a game changer on how a million YouTube views can be turned into cash. The best part is that you don’t have to hit a thousand followers or have 4k hours of content viewing.

All you need to do is find a company with an affiliate program. For example: Amazon.

Is that how it works:

Include the company’s products in your videos, and be sure to paste your custom affiliate marketing links in the description field. Every time someone uses your link to make a purchase, you get a commission.

It will be better if you have many subscribers, but the most important thing is to have followers willing to interact with your content. In this way, your YouTuber salary grows.

YouTubers get paid for the ads they run during their video. If their followers click on the ads, the content creators get paid.

It works great for advertisers because they know they are paying for a real person who chose to see their ad and is therefore a potential buyer.

Imagine how much 1 million YouTube views could earn if they came from followers interested in the ads they see.

This is why YouTubers choose carefully who they collaborate with. The relevance of the ads is of great importance.

As a content creator, you can advocate for a certain brand throughout your videos. This will increase how much you get for a million views on YouTube. Sponsors often pay among YouTubers $0.035 and $0.15 per view.

Don’t forget to specifically mention that your video includes paid sponsorship.

Brands often contact YouTubers related to them. For example, a company that sells tableware is more likely to do business with a cooking channel than a fashion YouTuber.


Some YouTubers develop their channels as a brand. They often sell their own products such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc. Many followers would buy these items just because they bring a sense of community that belongs to that particular channel.

Other content creators already have businesses and have started making videos just to promote their products.

You can see that your YouTube revenue per million views can increase dramatically if you add product sales.

product reviews

Product reviews are another way to earn money on the platform. We’ve seen some pretty interesting cases.

Imagine that you are an 8-year-old boy whose job is to check toys.

That life!

Or maybe you’re a beauty enthusiast and hundreds of brands send you free products to try and get paid for more.

If you look back, 1 million views on YouTube doesn’t just mean money. Many potential business partners may also be watching you. And even if they don’t offer a collaboration, there’s always the option to get free stuff. Some companies like to submit products on a regular basis in the hope that they will be reviewed.

To wrap

So maybe you’re ready to get involved and start building a YouTube channel. Or would you like to share your creative side with others. All of this is great, especially when it also helps you pay your bills, right?

If that’s your goal, YouTube could be the perfect place for you.

Please note that the platform is not a joke. People can be mean and critical, and some followers believe they have a say in the personal choices of their favorite vloggers. And they won’t hesitate to make fun of you if they don’t like what they see.

However, if you continue to vlog consistently and stay focused, all that hard work will pay off.

While questions like how much money 1 million views on YouTube make are definitely important, sometimes you just have to focus on your content.

If you have fun, your followers will too.

Don’t compare yourself to others and remember that YouTube is likely to pay you less money per million views than a business.

Also, try not to get upset when you can’t think of something new and fun today. As Gary Vee says: “Document, don’t create.” Your seemingly boring daily life could inspire someone all over the world. Or your future self.