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How to Add a Google Map to Your Google Document

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If you want to give your readers a quick and easy way to see a location or get directions, you can use a Google Maps smart chip to add the place to your Google Document.

In your company documentation, you may want to display the location of your headquarters. For a brochure or newsletter, you can display each of your business locations. Or, for an invitation or announcement, let guests get directions to the event.

Add Google Maps to Google Docs

Head over to Google Docs and open your document. Select the place in your document where you want to insert the location. Then go to Insert > Smart Chips and choose “Place” from the pop-up menu.

Places in the Insert menu” width=”581″ height=”378″>

You will see a Type to find places box appear prompting you to enter the location.

Type to find a place in Google Docs

As you type, you’ll see suggestions as a list. If you hover over a suggestion, you will see a small map on the right.

Location suggestions and a map as you type

Choose the correct location from the list and your name will appear on your document with a location symbol.

Location name of a chip in Google Docs

Hover over or click on the location name to open the location’s smart chip.

Google Maps smart chip in Google Docs

If you want to remove the location from your document, simply select and delete the name like any other text in your document.

Use google maps chip

Google Maps smart chips offer some useful features that you and your readers will enjoy. Open the smart chip and do one of the following.

Select the name of the location to open Google Maps in a new browser tab directly to the place.

Smart Chip location name linked to Google Maps

Use the Copy button to the right of the name to put the Google Maps link on your clipboard and paste it wherever you like.

Copy button for a Smart Chip location

Select the Directions icon to open the location in the right sidebar, ready for you to enter your initial location.

Directions and input button in the sidebar

Click on the map on the chip to open a preview in the sidebar. You can then view a larger map with options to zoom in and out, click “Directions” to get to the location, or save or send the location to your mobile phone.

You can also expand the bottom to see the details of the location, including hours of operation, address and phone number, reviews, photos, and any other information provided by Google Maps.

Google Maps location information in Google Docs

Google’s smart chips have come a long way in a short time, from embedding a contact card to using interactive dates in this Google Maps integration. Take full advantage of this handy feature in your Google Document!

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