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How to boost your PC speed and battery with a simple app [SPONSORED]

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There’s a lot going on on your PC: emails, documents, spreadsheets, the twenty (or more) tabs currently open in your browser, maybe a little extra gaming. Each window clutters your desktop and forces your computer to work harder or freeze under pressure. Take the stress out of your PC with the new Performance Optimizer included in the latest version of CCleaner Professional.

In case you haven’t heard, CCleaner is a well-established PC maintenance tool that’s known for helping desktops and laptops run smoothly by removing useless clutter. However, the service has evolved far beyond its roots and has expanded to include a robust set of features, such as the new Performance Optimizer available in CCleaner Professional 6.

When enabled, CCleaner Professional’s Performance Optimizer looks for unnecessary background tasks and puts them to sleep, thereby freeing up vital resources to help your machine run more smoothly and efficiently. If one of those background tasks is suddenly needed, Performance Optimizer will automatically turn it on so all your apps and programs continue to work exactly as expected.

This automatic switching of active tasks sounds simple enough, but the results are amazing. Based on internal testing with Microsoft Performance Analyzer, enabling the Performance Optimizer results in 30% longer battery life, 72% faster startup speeds, and a dramatic 34% increase in overall performance. That means the same PC you’ve been using for years won’t just run better; it can also extend its life by reducing stress and demands on the system.

How to use the performance optimizer in CCleaner Professional 6

CCleaner Performance Optimizer Image

Now that you know what Performance Optimizer can do, let’s see how to use it. Activating this function is quite simple. From the CCleaner Professional 6 application, find the “Performance Optimizer” tab in the left column and select it. Follow the prompts to the “Search Programs” icon and click it.

From there, CCleaner will scan your PC for any apps that might slow down performance. Depending on how many programs you have installed, you will have a few or many potential candidates. Once the initial scan is complete, you will have the opportunity to scroll through the list and select the apps you want Performance Optimizer to target. That is all! CCleaner will now take care of turning these applications on or off, depending on your needs.

Please note that these settings are not permanent. If you find that Performance Optimizer is being too aggressive or if you’ve changed your mind about putting certain apps to sleep, you can always navigate back to this interface and revert any of the options you’ve selected.

Try Performance Optimizer for free today

Improving your PC’s performance without costly upgrades sounds like a lot of promise, we know, but you can actually try it out for yourself, free of charge. Try Performance Optimizer when you activate a free 14-day trial of CCleaner Professional 6. You No You don’t have to enter your credit card information to prove it, nor do you need to provide your email address or any other personal information. Simply download the CCleaner Professional app and enjoy unbridled access to all its features for two full weeks.

If you want to continue using CCleaner Professional after your 14-day free trial has expired, you will have the option to subscribe for $29.95 per year. If you No If you want to subscribe to an annual subscription after the trial period, your CCleaner account will revert to the free version, which you can use for as long as you like. Note, however, that the free version doesn’t include CCleaner Professional’s robust feature set, such as Performance Optimizer, full system cleanups, and Internet tracker blocking tools, all of which will be hard to give up once you use them. have tried.


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