How to grow tomato plant in pots? How to plant and care for tomatoes?

watering tomato plants

What are the tips of growing tomato plant in pots? We have brought together tips on tomato plant cultivation and care for you. You can grow tomato plant at home and prepare excellent meals and salads with organic tomatoes. So how should tomato plant cultivation be done? What are the points to be considered in tomato care? In what month is tomato cultivation done? How should soil preparation be? How to care, water and prune tomatoes?


You can use aspirin and eggshells to get efficiency from tomatoes. Aspirin will help immunity, and eggs will help grow healthily. You can put these materials in the hole opened for planting seedlings or seeds and perform the planting. He loves the sun. It can get 6-8 hours of sun during the day.


The taste of eating tomatoes from the branch in season is completely different. Many people enjoy this happiness very much. If you are wondering how to grow tomatoes in pots at home, Here is few suggestions for you.


If you are going to look at the tomato in a pot, you should choose a large pot with deep drainage holes.

tomato plant care


If you use fertilizer and garden soil as soil, you increase the possibility of fertile fruit.

If you are going to plant tomatoes as seedlings, take care to plant them at ground level. Try to use natural fertilizers for fertilization and help the roots to benefit from the fertilizer by giving fertilizer gradually during the fertilization period.

In each fertilizer, the tomato will root and absorb this fertilizer more easily.

Tomato growing season

In which month is tomato planting season done? 

Tomato seeds can take their place in pots and on the balcony at the end of March. Plant the seeds in split vented pots. Keep the soil moist constantly. When you observe the seedlings coming out, move your pot to the sunny environment. If you are going to plant ready-made seedlings, choose those with dark leaves, plenty of roots, thick and short stems.

In tomato care, the amount of water and fertilizer and its application at the right time and periodically are very important.


One of the most important factors to be considered when watering tomatoes is to irrigate the leaves without touching the water. If water touches the leaves, we will cause them to get sick.

Again, another trick is to avoid over watering until the fruit appears on the plant. In this process, the soil should be hoeed. From the moment it bears fruit, it is irrigated regularly at certain intervals.

Care should be taken that the pot you will care for is well drained and does not hold water.

The excess water causes the plant to thicken the trunk and grow the leaves. In such plants, the fruit yield is low and the plant’s immunity decreases and it becomes ill in a short time.

Irrigation should be increased in summer when air humidity is low. Irrigation should be reduced when air humidity rises.

Growing tomato from seed

You can buy seeds from quality tomatoes and grow them for the following year. For this, the first ripe tomatoes close to the root, smooth, large, and solid are selected. The mark is made and detached when it is fully mature and softened.

The seeds are carefully separated and washed lightly in a strainer and dried on a cloth. It crumbles when completely dry. Its genus and characteristics are written on it. It is stored in a place away from moisture.

Tomato seed maintains its freshness for 3 years under suitable conditions. You can store it in a moisture-proof container in the refrigerator.


tomato growing season

It enjoys warm and temperate climates. Although it can grow on any type of soil, you should be careful that the soil where you will grow tomatoes is well drained, deep, rich in humus and nutrients.

Gardening for beginners

It also loves loamy soils and if it grows in this soil, it will yield early. Soils with heavy character, poor water permeability and difficult to aerate are not considered suitable for growing tomatoes.

For normal development, the temperature should be between 16-19 degrees, but the best result is around 27 degrees.

The fringe roots of tomatoes are quite deep. The distribution of the root to the deep and sides reaches 1-1.5 meters. It is also ideal for growing in pots. In particular, you can easily grow the cherry tomato type on your balcony.

How often to water tomato plants

Tomatoes are vegetables that grow in almost every garden. To obtain good yields, it is necessary to apply the irrigation procedure correctly. However, not everyone knows how to properly “water” tomato plants that grow without shelter in simple beds in order to harvest tasty and high quality vegetables. This is what the following article describes.

Transplanting tomato planting seedling

There are different opinions on how to water tomatoes immediately after planting in the ground. Some agronomists believe that irrigation during this period should be excluded for 10-12 days. However, it is important to plant the bushes in highly watery planting holes, ie “dirt”. And for the next two weeks, just perform the so-called “dry irrigation”, ie loosening.

But the overwhelming majority of experts and experienced gardeners are prone to the fact that in the first days after planting tomato plants, on the contrary, the amount of moisture should increase. This will make it easier for them to re-plan changes in living conditions and increase the likelihood of relocation to a new location. Therefore, it is recommended to water the plants every day for the first 12-14 days. The consumption rate at the same time is 1-2 liters per bush. In the future, irrigation is reduced to once every five days. The norm in this mode – 10 liters per square meter.

Growing Roma tomato

What do plants need to grow

Tomato “Roma” is a definitive vegetable crop that can adapt quickly to the surrounding natural conditions. This tomato variety is highly resistant to verticillus and fusarium formation. In addition, the fruits of the “Roman” tomato have a high density, so they can be stored for long periods, as well as being transported over long distances, without fear that they will lose their attractive crop appearance.

“Roma” good taste in medium-ripe tomatoes, as well as excellent commercial quality. Keeping the quality high has a very long fruiting period. The period from the emergence of the first shoots to the ripening of the full fruits is about 4 months.

The ripe fruits of tomato “Roma” have a bright red hue, delicious juicy pulp and an attractive, beautiful plum shape. On average, the mass index of the ripe fruit of this variety is 65-75 grams. The average height of the bushes of the fruit tomato “Roma” is 60-70 centimeters, which makes the plant easier to care for. In addition, this tomato is compact due to the small height of the bushes. On average, the yield index is at least 12 kg per 1 m2 with full observance of all the conditions necessary for the full growth and fruiting of this tomato.

Why is it important to water the tomato plant correctly

Much depends on timing and compliance with irrigation norms at different periods in tomato development. So, if the night shadow lacks moisture, it is fraught with the following consequences:

  • growth and development will be slower than the specified times;
  • there may be a large amount of flowers and lack of ovaries;
  • tied tomatoes grow slowly and gain weight;
  • fruit sizes will be much smaller than typical for the variety.


Question: It has been 20 days since my tomatoes were prickly, but some of them started to fade as if they were thirsty. I’ve lost some of them. What can I do to prevent this and not to lose others?

Answer: In certain periods in tomatoes, the root and the stem start to get dry due to disease, and drying occurs because the liquid is not transferred from the roots to the upper part. You
may need to spray to prevent this . Also, hoe the bottom of your tomatoes and fill them with soil. It makes new rooting from the stems filled with soil and the tomato is saved.


Question: Hello. I grow cherry tomatoes in pots on my balcony for my children. We bought 5-6 tomatoes from the seedlings I planted at the beginning of summer, and there are as many on the way. Unfortunately, something white, cotton-like started to appear in the seedlings. What could it be? How can I take action? Thank you for your help…

Answer: Tomato plant gets diseases as a result of rainfall and excessive humidity in the summer months. In order to prevent them, it is useful to apply weekly medicines with copper oxychloride and chlorothalonil.

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