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Strawberry plant care

In patios it is necessary to cover the ground with mulch or with an opaque plastic with holes to help control weeds and prevent strawberry plant from coming into direct contact with the ground. It is also known from various studies that strawberries grown in mulched soil may have a higher concentration of sugar, anthocyanins and flavonoids, compared to those strawberry plant crops grown in soil covered with black plastic. If unnecessary new seedlings begin to appear, the stolon should be cut as they appear to induce the plant to increase strawberry plant production.

Taking care of strawberry plant

The strawberry, whose scientific name is Fragaria x Ananassa is a hybrid plant native to France during the 18th century, this being the cross between two wild species from the Americas, one of them is a type of Fragaria virginiana and the other a species of Fragaria chiloensis. Thanks to the size of its fruit and its high productivity, it is one of the most widely sown hybrids around the world. In this article you will learn how to plant strawberries , as well as their care and harvest, but first let’s learn a little about the characteristics of this plant.

How to grow strawberry plant

The strawberry is actually a pseudocarp or false fruit since it is the result of the growth of the tissue present in the receptacle that contains the ovaries of the flower. The fruits of the strawberry are actually its seeds , while its fruits are of the achene type (a kind of dried fruit), containing a single seed. A flower can have many ovaries and each one generates, when fertilized, an achene.

Strawberry is a short-lived perennial that can reach a height of 10 to 30 cm. Its leaves are trifoliate (each leaf has three leaflets, like clover) in addition to being edible, especially when the leaves are still young. The strawberry plant in general can be used for multiple medicinal purposes.

Taking Care of Strawberry Plants

Strawberry tree care

Before commenting on the care of this shrub, it must be said that as it is a wild species, it is to be assumed that it is very rustic and undemanding, as we will see that is the case.

Let’s see before what are your requirements in terms of climate, soil, etc.

strawberry plant care

Strawberry growing tips on how to strawberry plant

The strawberry plant needs good direct sunlight every day to grow well. In very hot regions they can be placed in shady areas during the hottest hours of the day. Keep in mind that when it comes to how to plant strawberries, it is an essential requirement to look for an area with direct sunlight since otherwise the strawberry production will be greatly affected.

Strawberry plants in winter

Suitable climate for growing strawberries in winter or planting strawberries in the fall

Preparing strawberry plants for winter

The strawberry plant is capable of growing very well in different temperatures, being able to be cultivated in warm regions, however it is always necessary to have a period of low temperatures during winter. Being its ideal temperature 22 ° C (on average) at least during the fruiting period. It is also considered that this plant can produce better strawberries if it is under sunny days and cold nights .

In regions with a temperate, subtropical or tropical climate, the strawberry crop can grow relatively easily, while in regions where the temperature is high during the winter, seedbeds can be used to later place them in a refrigerated room with a temperature ranging between 4 ° C during the 15 to 20 days before sowing proceeds.

Much of strawberry crops are very sensitive to the length of the day or the number of hours the day lasts. Among these crops, there are varieties designed to grow adequately on long days and others for short days. Long-day strawberry crops grow best in high-latitude regions, where the duration of sunlight varies greatly throughout the year. Other species are not sensitive to photoperiod. A big step to take into account when planting strawberries is choosing the right crop for your region.

Planting Strawberry

Soil to be used when strawberry plant

A tip on how to plant strawberries is that the soil must be well-drained, in addition to being fertile and rich in organic matter. The ideal pH being between 5.5 and 6.5.

Irrigation for strawberry

Another point to keep in mind about how to strawberry plant is that watering must be done in order to keep the soil always moist, but preventing it from puddling.

Best time to plant strawberries

Strawberries are usually planted in late summer or late autumn, depending a lot on the climate of the region (in colder regions it is done earlier, quite the opposite in hot regions). Those so-called long-day strawberry crops that grow in temperate regions are planted in spring.

The process used in what refers to how to plant strawberries begins with the planting of the stolon, since this part of the plant is a creeping stem that will eventually grow producing the appearance of roots and shoots, giving rise to new plants. A seedling supplier should be sought at the beginning of planting, while seedlings can be obtained from stolon in the next few years. Cut the stolon from the seedlings when well developed, reducing the length of the stolon by half. Some gardeners wait for the small seedling to begin to root before separating from the mother plant, others cut when the stolon has 3 to 5 leaves. The separation between the plants can be 20 to 35 cm.

The Strawberry plant can be sown from the seeds, however this method on how to sow strawberries is not used because the seedlings sown from the seeds do not have the same characteristics as the mother plants. Also, growing from seeds can take a much longer period of time to develop and begin to bear fruit. Seed sowing is usually done by people interested in getting new varieties of strawberry.

Best time to plant strawberries

Growing strawberries from seed

Although it is obvious that the planting has to be carried out from adult strawberry plants or, in any case, from the suckers that root at the end of the stolons, it is frequent that many people want to start the cultivation by sowing the seeds that they have acquired in a trade, that they have extracted themselves from the fruits or that someone has given them to them.

Well, if we start from seed we will talk about sowing and, in this case, we can do it throughout spring and summer, in a protected seedbed while the outside temperature is cool and outdoors in summer. When the plants are about 8 cm we can transplant them to the final place.

That said, strawberry plant does not usually give very good results . The seeds are tiny and often do not germinate unless special care is taken.

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How to planting Strawberry, Growing Tips, Techniques and Care

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