How to install and watch Disney Plus on Vizio Smart TV

Install your favorite Disney Plus on Vizio Smart TV and start streaming your favorite Disney videos.

Disney + is a streaming service platform owned by The Walt Disney Company. On Disney +, you can find content from PIXAR, MARVEL, Disney, STAR WARS, and National Geographic. Disney is responsible for making ever-successful movies like The Lion King, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Pirates of the Caribbean, and much more. The standalone Disney + app can be installed on most smart devices. You can also add Disney Plus on Vizio Smart TV.

Subscription to Disney +

Disney + has two subscription plans. You have a free trial for seven days.

  • Monthly package costs $ 6.99
  • Annual package costs $ 69.99 ($ ​​5.83 per month)

How to install Disney Plus on Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio has two types of smart TVs. Vizio Smartcast TVs, Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) TVs. On Smartcast TVs, you can install any additional applications. On VIA TVs, the Google Play Store is pre-installed on it. You can use Play Store to install applications.

How to install Disney Plus on Vizio Internet Apps TV?

(1) Press the V button on the TV remote control to open the app store.

(2) Search for the Disney + app . Use the arrow keys to navigate between the applications.

(3) Click the OK button to install the application on your VIA TV.

(4) When the application is installed, it will be available in the My Apps tab . Open the app.

(5) Log in with your subscribed Disney + account and start watching Disney movies and series.

Tips: Make sure to update the Vizio Smart TV apps regularly to get the latest features.

How to stream Disney Plus on Vizio Smartcast TV?

Although you cannot install any application on Vizio Smartcast TVs, you can cast the content of the application from your smartphone. Since the SmartCast TV has built-in Chromecast and AirPlay support, you can cast on both Android and iOS smartphones.

(1) Open the Disney + app on your smartphone.

(2) Click the Cast icon at the top right of the application screen.

(3) The Vizio Smartcast TV will appear . Touch it to do the casting.

(4) Now, play any video. It will be broadcast on your Smartcast TV.

If you have a VIA smart TV, install the app. If you have a Smartcast TV, launch the application from your smartphone. Disney + is only available in the Americas, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand.