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How to Look Great in a Medical Scrub Suit

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A medical scrub suit is a professional uniform that’s commonly worn by nurses and student nurses during their internships. Yes, it is formal wear, but it doesn’t really have to be boring. There are ways you can do to spice things up and make everything fun and fashionable yet comfortable as you work. Read on to find them!

1. Select the Right Scrub Suits that are Comfortable

The first key in finding the best scrub suit is one that’s perfect for your body type and essentially comfortable. With this being said—the scrub suit doesn’t have to be deeply fitted to the contours of your body because, most often, they are uncomfortable. It needs to have at least a few inches wide to promote airflow and keep you cool and comfy.

2. Consider Complimentary Colors

When you buy a pair of scrub suits, both the shirt and trousers are often the same colors. It is basically the standard. However, such an instance does not mean you no longer have the freedom to experiment with colors.

However, the main point you have to take note of is you have to be certain that the color combination of the shirt and trousers complement each other.

3. Consider Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone also plays a huge role in selecting the right scrub suit for you. To look your best, the scrub suit you are planning to avail should match the complexion of your skin.

And to determine whether the color of the scrub suit blends well with your complexion, hold the attire side-by-side with your face. Now, if the scrub suit somehow gives you a warmer tone, then it should work perfectly fine for you.

4. Designed Scrub Suits

If the health and medical institution you are working to don’t mind, you can wear scrub suits with designs to upsize your overall style. Again, you need to be sure that the scrub pair matches and complements each other. This also includes your skin complexion, as mentioned in the previous section. You can also add your personal touch to your uniform by embroidering your initials on it. 

5. Long-sleeved Undershirt

A common accessory to scrub suits is the long-sleeve shirt that is typically worn underneath your upper and lower attire. Aside from giving your attire’s style an extra boost, it is also an extra layer of protection, especially if you are working in a highly contagious environment.

6. Minimal Accessories

Of course, you can still wear your accessories like bracelets, wedding rings, or necklaces. But be sure that they are only minimal since it’s likely that you are going to work with medical equipment that may interact with it negatively.


As mentioned, although scrub suits are basically professional attires, you can still add your personal touch to them and wear them confidently. And to boost your style, you can choose custom scrubs in order for you to choose the best possible attire that matches your preferences.

Lastly, it is best to wear your scrub suits with a smile and a positive attitude since you are meant to provide service to the sick. How you treat them and present yourself will ultimately have a positive impact on their well-being which should somehow help them ease their worries and anxieties.

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