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How to make a success of your wedding fireworks?

First, it is important that the timing is right, that the regulations and safety rules are respected, and that the equipment used respects the standards in force. Here is our expert advice:

When is the best time of the wedding for the fireworks?

As soon as night falls , depending on the authorization of the prefecture and the neighborhood, we can ask the guests to go out for the surprise. Usually we fire the fireworks between 10 p.m. and midnight . At the end of the meal, the ideal time is very often just before the arrival of the Wedding Cake !

What are the pyrotechnic regulations in weddings?

First of all, it is important to check with the prefecture that fireworks are allowed in the town you have chosen that evening. It will also be necessary to check your room or domain rental contract, in order to verify if there is no clause concerning fireworks and noise pollution. In addition, the person who will buy and handle the explosive must be of legal age.

Safety instructions for your wedding fireworks

What are the pyrotechnic safety instructions at weddings?

  • Once purchased, the equipment must be stored for a maximum of 15 days in a dry place.
  • The shooting boxes must be fixed to the ground and between them with an adhesive tape of the “gaffer” type .
  • Launchers should be spaced and turned on from farthest to closest to you .
  • You must have plenty of water near the start of the fire. (for example a garden hose with sufficient flow)
  • You must wear protective gloves for any handling
  • Wait 30 minutes after use, then wet the box after use.
  • Leave a space of 25 meters minimum between the compact (shooting area) and the public.

Type of wedding fireworks formulas:

We offer 2 formulas adapted to weddings: the first formula lasts 2 minutes, and the second is a longer fireworks display lasting 4 minutes. These are the perfect times to amaze your guests and take superb photos in front of this beautiful show, whether or not with music of your choice broadcast by our host.

What is the price of a fireworks display for a wedding?

How much does a Fireworks animation service cost for your wedding party?

Depending on the size of the rockets, the quantity used and the duration of the show, the price will vary from $ 500 to $10,000. For most weddings, the bride and groom generally allow a budget of between € 500 and € 1,500. The more expensive formulas are generally reserved for town halls and communities.
Our wedding entertainment company offers prices and formulas that are fair and perfectly suited to your needs: get in touch now for free!

End the evening in beauty and light

If you want to wait until the middle of your wedding to make a good impression, we can take care of setting up the fireworks for you at the end of the meal, just before the start of the dance: atmosphere guaranteed! At the end of the meal, after having installed the pyrotechnic system and the sound system outside, we will invite your guests to leave the room and meet outside, we send the music of your choice and start the fireworks for you: You will thus have your own sound and light to celebrate your wedding! Remember to inquire about our video capture service: you will be sure to keep this memory in pictures long after the end of your marriage. The fireworks display lasts 3 minutes during which, snuggled up against your spouse, you will be able to savor the happiness of being together and celebrate your union by enjoying the spectacle that the sky will offer you that evening.

Make your wedding unforgettable with fireworks

Your guests will be amazed! They expect three unfortunate rockets spaced 10 seconds apart. They will have an intense and high-end fireworks display. They will tell you that it was better than the fireworks of July 14 of their commune.
Future married, you are preparing your wedding, you have found a reception hall, a wedding planner and you are looking for a competent pyrotechnician? It is thanks to all the know-how and the requirement of Millétoiles, specialist in fireworks for weddings and his team.

Want a firework display written on your favorite music ?

Look no further, we will meet your needs in a complete way, by organizing your fireworks from A to Z, without you having to take care of the administrative procedures.
We offer you a complete show, a magical, unique moment that will never be reproduced elsewhere because it is entirely custom-written. With Millétoiles no boxes or automatic fire. This is a real pyrotechnic show composed for you and your music.


Planning a wedding is the best time to let your imagination run wild and give free rein to your most fleeting desires. You are looking for a totally unique activity that will provoke a host of emotions for you, but also for your guests, Sparklers invites you to end this incredible evening with an explosive fireworks display of originality and conviviality.

The spectacle offered by these pyrotechnic devices offers a magical moment suspended out of time very appreciated by the guests, but also by the photographers who will be able to immortalize this magical moment by capturing incredible images or by videos to the glory of newlyweds.

These devices do not require the intervention of a professional or the authorization of the town hall. Its use can be done by amateurs of the required age and having assiduously acquainted with the instructions and safety rules.


Arranging the decoration of a wedding is often a laborious business, to help the bride and groom in the development of their theme and its arrangement, big-shotter fireworks uk offers a full range of decorations and essential accessories for weddings.

The tables in the reception room must be decorated in harmony and if you go with the idea of ​​closing your union in a real deluge of sparks, then you can recall this theme also on your tables with the help of giant sparklers and of cake fountains.

The arrival of the show or the opening of the ball can also be part of the show by sublimating them with stage jets arranged in the four corners of the room. The surprising result of these twinkling lights will propagate until the start of the majestic fireworks display which will close this ceremony in total apotheosis.

All shows or special events such as a New Year’s Day, a concert or a birthday, will enjoy with delight these surprising pyrotechnic effects, minutes during which the hearts of the guests will beat in unison, their eyes shining with joy and gratitude.


Dinner is the most fateful moment of a wedding, your tables must be impeccable and the guests under the spell. It is also one of the most complex preparations for the future newlyweds, between the choice of providers, the development of the seating plan and the decoration, we are easily overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made. big-shotter offers you some ideas and assortments of products that will help you see a little more clearly.

First, it is important to define the atmosphere you want for your wedding. Keep in mind that this day must be like you and that it must be as you always imagined it “fairy”.

Table runner, decoration, balloon, glassware…, big-shotter helps you to make your tables with quality products and to perfect your decoration while remaining at affordable prices.


The current trend is rustic, and honeymooners are often looking for a picturesque reception venue, your decoration must be in harmony with the chosen place. big-shotter offers you country-style products and some ideas to have a perfect table.

If your reception area has beautiful wooden tables, leave them uncovered, use an old- fashioned burlap or doily lace table runner, adorned with wildflowers and verdant ivy. The detail makes all the difference, also find cardholders in small logs or cardboards that you can engrave in the name of your guests.

Also opt for the elegant gold table numbers that are easy to arrange on your table runners. The bride and groom are overwhelmed by the endless number of preparations and the seating plan turns out to be a real headache, especially since your guests drunk with happiness will not remember the name of their table, so choose the table. ease with these trendy table numbers.


Have you been in a dream and have been floating in a cloud since you said yes, and you want your marriage to reflect the undying love you have for yourself? Opt for a romantic and warm atmosphere. After decorating the room with all kinds of candles for the mystical and subdued side, sprinkle your table with rose petals, the little extra, and match the rose petals to the bows of your chairs, golden dream, love rose or passion red big-shotter offers a wide choice of colors.

You can also decorate your room with giant balloons, solid color or adorned with small hearts. Don’t forget to fill them with confetti and invite your late night diners to explode the balloons in a swirl of color to the glory of your infinite love.


You want a refined and refined decoration, then drape your tables with long white and vaporous tablecloths, cover your chairs with elegant covers and wow your guests with ease. With our stylized cardholders of metallic branches or our golden place cards with geometric shapes, your guests will take their place with charm and distinction. Arrange our glasses dressed in lace for the occasion, delicately accompanied by pretty organza pouches that you will have previously filled with sweet treats or little inspired words.

To complete this decoration, add banners bearing the effigy of your wedding and decorative rosettes on the walls. You can also amuse your guests with letter balloons and improvise a little game for them.

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