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How to Set Your Device “Find My” Location on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s “Find My” service not only helps you keep track of your devices, it can also help your friends and family keep track of your location, if you let them. If you recently switched iPhones or have multiple devices, it’s important to set only one device as your personal location. Here’s how to do it on iPhone or iPad.

First, decide which Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) you want to represent your personal location. Presumably, it is a device that you always carry with you wherever you go. On that device, open the Settings app.

In Settings, select your Apple ID name at the top.

In iPhone Settings, tap on your Apple ID name.

In the Apple ID settings, tap “Find My”.

In iPhone Settings, tap "Find me."

In the “Find My” options, scroll down and locate the line labeled “My Location.” If it doesn’t say “This device” next to it, tap the option called “Use this iPhone as my location” or “Use this iPad as my location” below it.

Play "Use this iPhone as My Location."

After tapping, the option to set the device as your location will disappear. Also, “My Location” will change to say “This Device.”

Once changed, "My location" would say "This device."

In the future, if you want to set another Apple device as your Find My location, repeat these steps in the Settings app on that device. Good luck and happy travels!

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