There is a television service medium that has been very efficient in various sites, related to the Movistar company, however many customers are interested in knowing   How to watch Movistar Plus Free? since the general public feels, a great attraction for this recreational medium and the details to achieve this objective are of main interest to many users. For a better understanding of the subject, it is suggested to continue with this reading.

How to watch Movistar Plus for free: best IPTV applications?

There are many devices on the market, which can be used as a basic tool, for the services offered by pay television channels, however, it is important to consider how to watch Movistar Plus for free, since this alternative is totally available, at through certain applications that allow it.

That is why, below, the best applications that can help in this regard will be exposed, on the other hand, the necessary steps to take in each case will also be detailed for the enjoyment of this important television service and also with a great captive audience. Previously, the operation was carried out with applications with the old free channel +, however what will be developed next is a more modern and totally different methodology.

The available applications are presented below:


This alternative represents a versatile tool, with which it is possible to answer a question that says How to watch all Movistar Plus channels for free? However, it is not the only tool for this task, returning to the initial idea it can be established that Kodi offers an operation for enjoyment that is extremely simple and the offer in Streaming Online, where you can enjoy the projection of series, movies and also sports, all available in Movistar Plus.

The process can be achieved by installing an addon (Plugins) that is capable of decoding television services, with that requirement the service is ready to be enjoyed.

Making the task easier for subscribers, the operation of the program is exposed to them and also the types of addons, which can be added in such a way that they can enjoy Movistar for free and for better details there is a complete guide to the operation of Kodi in the following link .


Another application highly requested by those interested, is the one called Wiseplay that is available on Google Play, it can be indicated that the operation is very similar to the previous application that has already been detailed, it is good to note that there is a great opportunity to be able to view a large number of channels, Movistar Plus for free and Movistar Plus for free online.

There is a specific mechanism that allows you to use this platform, but you have to have a list available that, taking it into account, it is possible to automatically access the contents that are available, many will wonder how you can have those mentioned list?

And the answer to that question is that in a simple way the consultation can be made on the internet, where the information that is important for the case is checked and also has the particularity, that they are classified according to the topics it deals with. A start to this activity can be started through the section “Wiseplay Movistar Plus Lists”.

It is a totally free service and any user, when downloading it, can then install Wiseplay and get the list that is to the client’s taste and with a lot of ease in the process, just load it into the application.

How to watch Movistar Plus for free with a decoder?

For many people, what is stated in the title of this section is almost incredible, however it is a complete reality, to achieve what is exposed there, that is , how to watch Movistar Plus for free with a decoder? but it can also be added that it is a completely legal operation, however it is necessary to complement the task by having certain devices within reach, as detailed below:

  • First of all, it is obviously necessary to have a Decoder within reach, which must previously have its CCCAM, specific details that will be exposed in a timely manner, previously in many buildings, there was the resource of a Community satellite dish and in this way the problem was solved. situation, however currently users must solve that technical problem on their own.
  • For this, it is necessary to consult with a qualified specialist, who can achieve an individual installation, where the use of a coaxial cable may be necessary, all in accordance with the technical conditions and specifications.

When the client has resolved all these technological details, the respective steps can be taken to enjoy the service:

  • A first phase consists of having at hand the cable that allows establishing the connection between the encoder and the respective antenna, and then also connecting the decoder to the television equipment, according to an HDMI, or failing that, any other modern alternative. recommended by the technician.
  • Then it is necessary to make the connection to the WiFi and then you must click on the “Satellite search” section, so that you can locate the available television channels.
  • After a few minutes, the client will begin to view on his television equipment a very wide menu of available channels, including of course any specific one that is searched.
  • Initially, the user will notice that there is momentarily no image projection, an aspect that should not present any concern, since what happens is that one last step is missing to successfully achieve the desire that one has.
  • Specifically, an annual subscription is required, with some CCCAM or IPTV, these are rented services, with private servers and there are those who facilitate access to these channels in a completely legal way. On the other hand, it can be established that the prices for this service have certain variations and are generally very close to 20 USD per year.
  • It can also be established that there is a difference between what CCCAM is compared to IPTV, it all consists in the fact that the first option provides a satellite image and for the second case it is another image, but via the internet.
  • That is why when the client requests a service for personal use, it is recommended that they opt for the CCCAM option, this allows them access to the subscriptions contracted and can also purchase a decoder on AliExpress or eBay that has included in its configuration the CCCAM.

From a legal point of view, clients must be very clear that the use of CCCAM, which allows watching encrypted channels, without being the true owner or being the authorized one with the broadcasting rights, is a totally illegal act, as an example they can be cited the typical CCCAM, AliExpress and eBay.

Although, it has been highlighted that everything explained here is a totally free service, it is good to indicate that it is not 100%, however taking into account the costs of the devices and also the payment of the CCCAM, all this represents a much cheaper financial value and also completely legal than any other alternative.

Summing up the broadcasting rights, they must be within the legal framework, on the other hand, some clients contract television services, but in a specific or concrete way (some channels), all this indicates a different alternative that is available to any subscriber ( via internet) who want to know the details to make a service contract.

How to see Movistar Plus in 2021: complete guide?

Movistar started a project, with specific instructions for all its clients, in such a way that it is feasible to be able to enjoy the Movistar Plus service, from the year 2021, all this is exposed in a complete guide, which allows to deepen understanding and achieve, that draft. Initially, the first studies in this regard were carried out in 2005 and for this, the union between Canal + and the Movistar TV company was quite positive.

That moment marked the beginning stage of that pay television, initially owned by Telefónica and there is the possibility of viewing television transmissions through two different ways, the first one is via satellite and there is also IPTV, with this achievement they increased the possibilities to provide a varied service, with many channels and a lot of content.

The client has the possibility of investigating the various devices that are required for the adequate enjoyment of the entire menu of channels in this type of service.

On iPlus

Another interesting alternative is iPlus, which consists of a decoder with an integrated adaptation to the entire service of the television channels, which are part of the Spanish company. Thanks to that, the enjoyment covers all the available content, but there is also the possibility of recording, also playing in HD and even listening to the sound with the same quality that is offered in movie theaters.

On the other hand, it is possible to enjoy videos on demand by simply connecting to the Internet through the Ethernet cable, in that way the quality of the service of what can be viewed by the television equipment, will be presented with a better image than the customer will notice from the beginning.

There is no doubt that this option is one of the most used, since the use required for the domain of the operation is very simple.

How to watch Movistar + on Smart TVP?

In the world of computing, related to visualizations on television equipment, it can be seen that every day the number of applications for Smart TV, is increasing, for example in the Movistar plus application, some special details will be noticed, of course depending on of the characteristics of the television equipment used.

The procedure that has been used for the corresponding installations also influences, but the client must be very clear that it is necessary to have a Movistar Play account at hand and also a connection to the Internet service.

There is a procedure that will be detailed below, through which it is possible to install the application on each Smart TV:

Samsung TV 2015 or higher

For this alternative, the customer can carry out the steps detailed below:

  • First from the remote control, it is necessary to access Home (identified as a small drawing of a house).
  • Next, you must select the “Apps” section and then look for the “Movistar Play” application.
  • The next step is to click on “Install”.
  • After this, after a few seconds you will be able to enjoy the service properly.

 LG 2015 or higher

  • In this case, the first recommended step is to go to Home through the remote control.
  • Second, you must select “LG Store”, it can also be “LG Content Store, or also” LG Smart World “, taking into account that the various names correspond to three different models.
  • Now it is necessary to locate the “Movistar Play” space.
  • What follows is, carry out the corresponding download and of course the installation on the television equipment.
  • Finally, with this last action, the client has already completed all the necessary steps and the equipment is fully available for use.

TCL or Sony with Android TV 2019

  • In this case, first it is necessary to go to the main screen and select the “Apps” option.
  • The next step is to search for “Google Play Store” and once located, press “Ok”.
  • Next you must locate the section “Movistar Play”.
  • Finally, the space must be given to enter and it only remains to wait a few seconds for the achievement of the task.

 Chromecast (for all other options)

This other alternative is achieved by taking into account all the aspects detailed below:

  • In the first place, the application must be downloaded, with the mobile, Tablet or any device that is within reach.
  • Once the download has been carried out, the client must enter the exact name of his user and accompany this with the respective password.
  • You have to locate the content you want to see.
  • The next step is to press the button with the icon so that the content can be shared.
  • In this way it is already possible to enjoy the content on the television equipment

Movistar on PC and laptops

On some occasions, customers are concerned because they do not have a television or, failing that, it has been damaged, which is why at some point, they will establish the question that says How to watch Movistar Plus for free on PC? In this way, in addition to answering the question, an excellent customer service is offered that even having a television at hand, the alternative that has been proposed can be chosen at any time.

On the other hand, some clients have established that, despite the fact that film projections can be viewed using the mobile, the screen of these devices turns out to be very small, which is why the task from the laptop, PC or MAC, in that way it can also be achieved.

For this, it only requires that the client have a user account and that the device also has the minimum requirements for the enjoyment of the projection.

Under these conditions, it is necessary to use browsers that are compatible, with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox and of course establish the complete identification in the internal part of the official website, it is also required to have Windows 7, 8 within reach or 10 for PC, or Mac OS X v.10.6 or higher.

Obviously, the computer used must meet these requirements, so that the content that the consumer likes the most can be enjoyed.

Any user who has some difficulty of access, despite having followed the indicated steps, as well as the corresponding devices, can resolve doubts or unforeseen details using the following link and there is also a special section that is easy to get and allows the possibility of being able to see the videos, series or movies that you want.

Movistar + on Android and iOS: mobiles and tablets

There is always the possibility of loading, in the official application of the service, carrying out this management from Google Play or App Store, of course depending on the Operating System of the device that is being used. But in the case of iOS, or a higher version, the iOS 6 version and in the case of Android there must be a version 5.0 or higher.

Good news for users is that the download of any content selected to view is done efficiently, for example if by chance you do not have the WiFi service or, on the other hand, the gigs of the rate used have been exhausted. There is a good alternative, of being able to continue viewing, any projection without interruption, as you can see this fact constitutes an excellent advantage.

Movistar Plus + content and costs? What programming is there?

It is important to have the information, of what is the cost that it represents for the user, each and every one of the contents of movies, series, etc., which is generally enjoyed as an element of recreation, in reality generally the costs vary in a way constant, that is why customers take the option of consulting the official website of the company and that way they will always have up-to-date information on that subject at hand.

However, below a presentation will be made, as a summary for a given moment, of a list of contents, with their respective monthly costs and that in some way, allow the general public to be located on these aspects, with the intention that a selection is made based precisely on those two parameters, that is, contents and costs, all according to the following textual information:

  • Family basic package: includes the channels Series manía, Deportes and Movistar Liga de Campeones. Its cost is  € 55 / month.
  • Sports selection:  € 10 / month.
  • Motor:  € 7 / month.
  • Football:  € 25 / month.
  • Total Sports:  includes Motor, Sports and Soccer for € 36 / month.
  • Cinema:  € 10 / month.
  • Premium:  includes Football, Series, Sports and Cinema for € 50 / month.
  • M. Series:  € 3.50 / month.
  • Playboy TV:  7 / month.
  • Hunting and fishing:  € 7 / month.
  • Stingray Classica:  € 5 / month.
  • Mezzo:  € 5 / month.
  • Premium Extra: Includes Football, Series, Sports, Cinemas, Channels on demand such as Playboy TV, Hunting and Fishing, Mezzo, Stingray Classica and Bulls for € 65 / month.
  • Movistar Golf:  € 10 / month
  • Movistar La Liga:  € 25 / month
  • Iberalia TV:  € 7 / month.

The aforementioned list shows the scope of the prices in an interval that can easily be adapted to the economic conditions of the users, for example the basic family package, it is possible to contract it, in the company of other channels or packages and in this way, being able to enjoy a personalized experience with a kind of “block” of information.

Sports Channels

In the sports area, a wide menu is presented for the public, where you can comfortably select for example, the favorite football team, perhaps a grand final, on the other hand there is also the excitement that you feel watching Formula 1 races.

Or also Moto GP, another highly requested alternative perhaps in the early hours of the morning, the great NBA game, which is why there are even much more numerous alternatives with their respective channels, therefore a corresponding summary is exposed below :

  • M. Partidazo
  • M. Sports
  • M. Sports 1
  • M. Champions League
  • M. Formula 1
  • M. Golf
  • Eurosport 1
  • Eurosport 2
  • GOAL
  • Bein LaLiga
  • LaLiga 123 TV
  • Teledeporte
  • Real Madrid TV
  • Barça TV

Movies and series

Other people are very fond of movies and series, who spend hours watching this type of activity and therefore Movistar Plus has extensive coverage, on these issues and some channels specifically, they develop great series, even long-term, but with an immense emotion for the enjoyment of users.

Among the content most requested by the public, as well as their respective channels, the following information is obtained:

Series channels

  • M. Series.
  • Mania series

Cinema channels

  • M. Premieres
  • CineDoc & Roll
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Cinema Ñ
  • Disney

Search YouTube for Movistar programs and channels

An excellent alternative, to have enough information at hand, about Movistar programs and channels, is to use YouTube support, since there are always reports on different topics and of different lengths of time, in an updated way, all this allows the user According to the particular conditions that you are at any given time, take the option that at that time seems the most convenient.

For example, for specific channels, you can do a search on those that are the most common on this YouTube platform, for example on the official Movistar channel, there is a lot of content, there is also a menu of programs that have more fans, for example the Resistance or Lave Motiv and are easily located for the satisfaction of what is desired at a given moment.

 Share this service

In these film projection environments, the Netflix platform is often mentioned, where the menu that presents contains movies, series and other types of elements to be projected, there is also the possibility of sharing for free, many of the information that is exhibited there The interesting thing about this information is that Movistar Plus also has this condition where the ability to share is a vital element.

Where even groups of friends or family are created, for joint enjoyment. In this case, there is the opportunity that with a single user, who has their respective password, up to 4 different devices can be connected in a group, with the condition that it is a totally free service.

In addition, the other great advantage is that this free connection can be achieved from anywhere in the world, in other words that shared account of relatives or friends, allows a team enjoyment, between several people.

Another interesting detail is that there is the possibility that a friend or relative may lend another person their username and password, all at no cost, but it must be clear that if the maneuver is carried out as indicated, in a given moment when one of the people is enjoying the service, the others cannot do it simultaneously and in order to use the service, they must wait for the favored user to leave the platform.

Most requested Movistar Plus pages

The catalog that Movistar Plus, makes available to users, is very complete and also easily adaptable, both to the tastes and to the financial capabilities of the users, for this reason the free channels, in different categories and also various plans represent, a highly requested alternative that makes them the most frequently used movistar plus pages by customers.

Below is a kind of summary of those highly requested channels that, in addition to being free, represent an excellent alternative and have been presented highlighting the corresponding topic:

How to watch Movistar channels for free ?: Best alternatives

For example, in the sports area, there are some free channels on the mobile phone, but if the client does not have Movistar, they can choose to take note of the different recommendations that are set out textually below:

  • Watch football for free on mobile
  • NBA full games
  • Where to watch the 2021 Moto GP World Championship and not miss a GP
  • Android and iOS apps to watch BOXING ONLINE live
  • How to watch Formula 1 online and live
  • Where to watch UFC matches live
  • How to watch basketball live and live 2021
  • What is the most reliable site to watch tennis online
  • How to follow the 2021 Olympics live.

Another interesting alternative is represented by the guides to freely enjoy various contents, movies, series and anime that are named below and also written in a textual way:

  • The 10 best apps to watch movies from your mobile
  • The best App to watch anime on mobile legally
  • The best applications to watch series on your mobile or Tablet.

Other platforms more requested than Movistar Plus

There is a bit controversial information, in which it stands out that Movistar services, compared to other similar ones such as Netflix and HBO, the latter are less expensive, which undoubtedly causes savings for customers and also those services integrated in a single pack, which generates a comfort of use and distribution, in addition, accessibility is very comfortable.

There are various links that anyone can locate without major problem and that represent, as stipulated, cheaper alternatives and with some additional properties in terms of comfort.

How to activate the Movistar service for free?

There are several specific steps, with which you can activate the Movistar service for free and which are indicated below:

  • First of all, you need to access: “Television”.
  • Then you can click on “Devices and also on“ Activate ”(all described in a menu).
  • You must select the device, which is available for the service.
  • On the other hand, the client is required to confirm their identification data and also to write their associated email.
  • After doing this, information will be displayed on the screen indicating that the corresponding registration has been made.

In a period of approximately 24 hours, both the user and the password will be registered, which indicates that it is now totally possible to enter the platform and use the connected equipment.

How to watch Movistar Lite for free?

Many people in the IT environment are not aware of Movistar’s on-demand service and sometimes they ask themselves a question according to the following: Is it possible to watch Movistar + Lite for free? The corresponding answer to this question is definitely that YES, where the service is considered with a free trial month and to do the activation, a few very simple steps are required:

  • The first thing the user must do is register on its official website.
  • Then it is necessary to access the company page or also, there is the option to enter the application.
  • In either of these two spaces, the client will be asked for their respective access data.
  • From a certain moment, the customer has the right to a free trial month.

Note:  Many customers wonder how many devices can be connected to the Movistar Plus platform simultaneously, in relation to this question it is recommended to use the link on the Internet to find out the details.

How to watch all Movistar TV channels for free?

In this case, information will be displayed indicating the way to view Movistar TV channels for free, but it must be clear that it is a completely legal way and for this there are the following alternatives:

  • A first option is to access YouTube channels, or also try the free trial versions, there is also a possibility of acquiring a decoder and a special antenna, which is related to the CCCAM or IPTV service, such as a exposure previously.
  • As has been established, these options are totally legal, the clarification is made since, in many unscrupulous environments, installations or supplies of some equipment are made that can capture the respective signals, but in a totally illegal environment.

How to unblock all Movistar channels?

On some occasions, the Movistar signal does not arrive completely and is generally due to the fact that there is an activated parental PIN, which blocks part of the service, however, an unlocking can be done through the following steps:

  • It is necessary to start by accessing Movistar Play and the session must be started using the corresponding username and password.
  • Then at the top, it will be displayed: “My account” and a list of options, in this case it is necessary to select: Parental Control.
  • Now, after having made that selection, parental control should be activated.
  • The system will now request the PIN code for this service and it must be supplied.
  • From this step, it is already possible to see all the channels of the Movistar service.

What can be seen in Movistar?

As indicated, there are many channels in Movistar, for all tastes, as well as first-run movies, sports series, live television, international channels, also children’s channels and also a number of other possibilities. It is very common to listen to programs with a large audience in which it is frequently featured titled La Resistencia and Late Motiv.

Where to get pirated Movistar Plus keys?

In reality, it is referring to a totally illegal process, however it is indicated that to obtain keys, it is appropriate to request friends or family to share their account, since as it is known in the same way the service can be enjoyed with up to 4 devices.

If that option is not possible to crystallize it, there is the alternative of getting the keys in an internet search, although positive results will surely not be found, it is good to clarify that you are touching a dangerous environment with which you must be careful.

Legal Warning

In the computer environment, it is important to respect legal situations, as they can bring serious consequences to offenders, for example there is an organization known as, which has the service of full-time lawyers who seek the legal behavior of the widest possible way.

It is not ethical, to encourage or promote tools, as well as conduct that does not respect national and international regulations, since so-called piracy is a serious crime. This information that is being exposed is of an informative nature only since there is no responsibility, against those who violate the established norms and those people who fall into that crime, will directly receive the legal consequences of the case.