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HOW TO WRITE A COMPOSITION? How to a composition written?

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How to a composition written?

How is the composition written? What you need to know about how to create good essay writing. Essay writing is a type of writing that is shaped around certain rules and needs careful attention.

Generally, students are asked to write an essay as an exam question in schools or they The word composition is a word of French origin. It is based on bringing different parts, objects, or elements together in the best way and creating integrity.

It is especially preferred in literature. So much so that students are often asked to write essays as homework in literature classes at schools. In addition, the essay, which can be asked as an exam question, can be requested from any institution when requesting a scholarship or during application.

How do you write a good essay?

how do you write a good essay? You can also look at what you need to pay attention to while accessing information about composition writing from the content of our news.


HOW TO WRITE A COMPOSITION? Before writing a composition, you should know that the composition consists of three main parts. The composition consists of introduction, development (node), and conclusion (solution) parts. In the light of this information, Choose your subject correctly.

Your topic can be predetermined, or it can be chosen later depending on your research.

Weigh well how much the subject you choose or will choose appeals to your interests and interests, otherwise, your essay about a subject you do not like will be ‘forcing’. Make a draft.

After choosing the topic, create a draft of how you will write the topic and what you will benefit from. Write it down on a piece of paper, if you want, or make this outline in your mind. You can simplify the writing process by creating a thought outline.

In the introduction part of the composition, take care to make a sentence that includes your main idea.

So much so that this sentence you will make is the main idea of ​​your composition. In the introduction, make sure to give succinct information.

How is Try to keep the growth section long

Try to keep the development part as long as possible, where the main lines of your subject will be shaped, as the information containing the main lines of your thoughts will be in the development section, pay attention to this part carefully.

Remember that the development section “what about?” it is the part that wondered. The conclusion part, as the name suggests, is the conclusion part.

Use arguments to reinforce what you described in the development section. Try to keep it short and draw attention to the main sentences that summarize your opinion. The main idea is conveyed to the reader in this section.an be given as homework. So how is the essay written ? Here’s what you need to know about good essay writing …

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