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iPhone keeps asking to share WiFi password – FIXED

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Your quick reply:

  1. The main problem is when you share the password for the first time after that change, it keeps asking to share your MacBook WiFi password and every time you close that notification, it comes back.
  2. If you are on your iPhone or Macbook, we have a solution that fixes the problem for all your Apple devices and this content is about that detailed description.
  3. If you are getting errors like shared WiFi password popup, first make sure this is not done via third-party tools.
  4. A password manager on your MacBook can easily manage all your passwords and protect your device in a more convenient way.
  5. Remember that this means that you should use a password manager to protect your passwords from being hacked instead of changing the settings on your MacBook.

Apple has a default feature that is iOS or macOS, every time you connect to a Wi-Fi network, it keeps asking how to “Share Wi-Fi password” every time you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Let’s talk some more.

If you want to fix “Share WiFi Password” popup on your iPhone,

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: First, open the iPhone settings and from there select ‘wireless‘option.

Step 2: Now from the wireless option tap ‘Reset wireless settings‘and then confirm and complete the process.

To disable “Share WiFi Password” popup on MacBook,

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: First, you just have to restart.

Step 2: But, in case it doesn’t resolve, go to System preferences >> Net.

Step 3: Then remove and re-add that WiFi SSID

🔯 Dashlane Password Recovery:

Dashlane is the premium password manager that comes with a VPN to protect your WiFi security key, so Dashlane should be your first choice with all the other features.

the plan begins @ $3.33 per month. Additionally, Dashlane offers a free version where you can store up to 50 passwords and enjoy a 30-day premium trial.

🔯 Password recovery of 1 password:

1password is another good password recovery for your MacBook and if you want to protect all apps on your MacBook or iOS then 1password would be your best option.

1 password

The downside is that there is no free plan, but you can get 30-day free trial.


If you are sure that the popup is not caused by other applications but from the internal configuration, we solve this problem with going into macbook settings.

To solve the problem of disabling “WiFi Password Sharing” on your device, the The first thing you can do is remove the WiFi network from your device and this will fix the problem instantly..

However, you need to take several actions to fix the problem permanently to disable WiFi password requests on your Macbook and iPhone.

Sometimes solutions may not be necessary as this problem occurs with iCloud and Contacts, if you can force other people to sign out of iCloud or turn off WiFi of their nearby devices, you can solve the problem very easily.

Under what conditions does such a situation arise?

If you are having problems with “WiFi Password Sharing” from source on your Macbook or iPhone, then you have some situations that actually lead to that problem on your device. We have listed the top three factors that actually create that problem.

  1. First, the situation only occurs when you are connected to a WiFi network, if you are not connected to any wireless network the problem will not occur. When your device scans and finds a wireless network in your area, that’s when you see those requests on your Macbook or iPhone.
  2. The second thing you will find as long as you are connected to the same iCloud network or connected to the nearby wireless network where other devices are available while you are signed in to iCloud.
  3. You will see such issues occur with your device and disabling iCloud from other devices in your room can fix the problem.

Video on iPhone WiFi password sharing not working:

How to fix Macbook keeps asking “Share WiFi password”?

If your Macbook continually asks you to share the Wi-Fi password when connecting to the network, then the situation we have already described. Now let’s talk about the features that you can adopt to overcome these problems on your macOS and that can be solved by following a few simple steps:

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: You must first go to the apple logo >> System preferences, and from the list just select the option ‘Net‘and under the network you will find the WiFi option.

Step 2: Now we need to do two things where all you need to do is disable your WiFi and enable it once again and connect to that network once again.

Step 3: If the problem persists, you can remove the network from the list by clicking ‘– button‘and you can reconnect to that network by entering the secure Wi-Fi passcode.

macbook prompts you to disable shared wifi password

This is the simple solution that you can take to fix the problem; however, if you just share the network with your devices that are available at your fingertips, you can try to connect the network on the device and if you don’t need it, it can be forgotten so that your MacBook can solve the problem.

Remember: Every time you remove the wireless network from your Macbook, you need to re-enter the passcode to reconnect. That’s why you should have saved your password so you don’t forget it before performing this action.

How can I fix iPhone that keeps asking “Share WiFi Password”?

If you are facing the same problem on your iPhone, then you need to perform the same type of action on your mobile device to get rid of such requests.

First of all, consider checking your device if such default has been set on your iPhone when adding network settings. Restoring default mode can fix this problem instantly.

To take immediate action, you need to disable WiFi like you did on your Macbook and then you can reset wireless settings to fix all wireless issues.

To do this, just follow the simple steps:

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: First of all, open the settings and from there select the wireless option.

Step 2: Now from the wireless option, tap on “Reset Wireless Settings”, then confirm and complete the process.

iPhone Recovery Network

These tweaks can fix the issue on your iPhone to remove WiFi password sharing requests. Don’t forget to save the network password if you need to remove the SSID from the list of wireless networks.

How to fix if “Share WiFi password” option is not working?

If you are getting such errors on your device that they cannot connect to the WiFi password network, then the problem is with the device.

For quick fixes, you can do two things that will quickly fix this problem, first of all, simply reboot the device that you want to connect to the wireless network.

Now try to scan the WiFi networks to connect and if the problem persists then you need to remove the WiFi SSID from the iPhone network list and start connecting again the first time. This is all you need to do to fix this problem.

The bottom lines:

If you’re on your Macbook, you don’t have that setting that actually disables messages on your devices, but you have these solutions that can really help you get rid of such issues and your additional prompts will be disabled in these fixes.

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