JBL glued a touch screen on its new “Smart Case” headphones



It’s safe to say that most wireless earphones look the same these days with an AirPod-style stem or a large in-ear circle. The cases are also mostly identical, which is why JBL’s new Tour Pro 2 wireless earphones mix things up by coming with the “world’s first smart charging case” with a built-in touch screen.

JBL’s new Tour PRO 2 wireless headphones feature what JBL calls its best-in-class adaptive noise cancellation, which is more customizable than before, Bluetooth 5.3 LTE, and have large 10mm drivers compared to just 6.8mm on the front. previous generation. These new headphones promise to offer a much improved audio experience.

However, the first thing you will notice is the case. That’s because it has a new “smart wireless charging case” with a tiny 1.45-inch LED touchscreen.

JBL Tour Pro 2 Touchscreen Case

The idea here is likely to differ from others on the market. And while at first I thought this didn’t make much sense, it does have some benefits. The JBL Tour PRO 2 charging case’s touch screen allows quick and easy access to various settings. And while yes, you can do this with the companion app, in some cases, it will be easier to grab the case if it’s nearby.

On the touchscreen, owners can quickly enable or disable ANC, adjust noise cancellation levels, and activate ambient sound mode. Plus, see the battery status of your headphones and case. It’s almost like a little smart watch that displays playing time, a clock, and other information.

In addition to the earphones, the case offers music playback controls, you can take and answer calls, view text messages, phone notifications, and more. Again, it’s like a simplified smartwatch.

JBL says the new Tour PRO 2 wireless headphones should last around 10 hours per charge, with an additional 40 hours from the charging case. The Tour Pro 2 wireless headphones will go on sale for €249 / £220, but JBL did not share a release date. However, there’s a good chance they won’t make it to the US market. If you want something new and different, keep this in mind.

Source: JBL