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according to a Business Insider Report, Facebook parent company Meta has been secretly testing a live streaming service for the past two years. Dubbed “Super”, the platform is in development with less than 100 creators recruited by Meta.

Reports indicate that Super resembles the Amazon-owned live streaming service Twitch in many ways. Creators host interactive live streams and have multiple monetization options, including direct donations, tiered subscriptions, and corporate sponsorships. Currently, beta creators keep 100% of their earnings through the platform. Masable reports that some creators are paid up to $3,000 to stream on the platform for half an hour.

Meta has been developing Super under the radar for at least two years. according to a Bloomberg 2020 report, Super was a Cameo-inspired tool for celebrities to earn some extra cash. It now appears that Super has evolved into a player in the live streaming market currently dominated by Twitch and YouTube.

Although Super is currently in Beta mode, you can join the service by signing in with your Google account. Potential creators can apply to join the service through the website’s early access page.

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