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Microsoft Edge’s new search feature is frustrating everyone

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The current iteration of Microsoft Edge started out as a great browser based on the Chromium engine, but over time, Microsoft has added more and more content. Now there’s another new feature that doesn’t seem to be popular: visual search.

Microsoft Edge’s new visual search feature lets you take any image on any website and search for similar images (or what the image represents) using the Bing search engine. Google offers a similar feature in Chrome and it can be absolutely useful, but Microsoft’s implementation in Edge is weird. It can be accessed from the right click/context menu and the sidebar, but a button to activate visual search also appears when you hover over it. any picture.

Visual search in Microsoft Edge image
Do you see the circle pop up when you hover over an image?

The feature first appeared in Edge 95, but has started to roll out more widely, including in the WebView2 framework that some other Windows apps use to render web content (such as Microsoft Teams). Effectively, it’s causing headaches for both people who use Edge and web developers who build sites and web apps for Edge. It’s limited to Edge on Windows, for now.

One person wrote on the Microsoft support forum: “There is a good reason why my default search engine is Google: it has results that Bing doesn’t find, especially images. 99 out of 100 times I don’t get a match when I use Visual Search on an image.” There are also at least