Microsoft Game Pass will allow you to share your subscription



Microsoft Game Pass is a subscription service that provides access to a library of popular Xbox and PC games for a fixed monthly price. While other streaming services are striving to share the same plan, Microsoft is just starting to share.

After some leaks, Microsoft has officially revealed its “Game Pass Friends & Family” plan. It’s only available in Colombia and Ireland right now, but the company says “future countries/regions may be added in the coming months.” In Ireland, the service costs €21.99/month, compared to €9.99/month for individual Xbox/PC plans and €12.99/month for Game Pass Ultimate.

The Friends & Family plan allows one person to share access to Game Pass with four other people (five members total), which seems like a fantastic Deal: Based on Ireland pricing, it’s cheaper than two individual Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. The plan has the same benefits as Ultimate, meaning you can play any Xbox or PC game in the catalog, download titles from EA Play (a similar subscription from Electronic Arts), and stream Xbox games on your mobile device or browser.

There are no significant restrictions on who you can share the Friends & Family plan with, if they are in the same country as you. Each person is also added with their own Microsoft/Xbox account, so there’s no sharing messy passwords or overwriting each other’s game progress. However, there are security measures in place to prevent frequent changes: primary account holders can only invite a maximum of eight people per year, and group members can only join a group twice a year (which includes leaving and rejoin the same group).

If Microsoft rolls out the new plan in more countries and keeps the same competitive prices, it would be hard to pass up Game Pass for groups of friends and families who want to play top-tier games from time to time.

Source: Microsoft
Via: TheVerge