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Password of a Cantv ZXHN H108N router

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In case you have a ZTE ZXHN H108N Cantv router, this short article will help you, because we are going to help you strengthen the security of your WiFi network through a few simple steps, for this we will teach you how to change the password of a Cantv router in a fast and easy way.

Password of a Cantv ZXHN H108N router

Probably having purchased a Cantv router, the safest thing is that they have given you the ZXHN H108N model, as it is the traditional model and one of the best that this company provides in fact, despite the fact that it works normally and its configuration is Simple, not many know how to do it themselves, mainly in the case of their WiFi network password.

This is a simple process that can be known by reviewing the installation guide for broadband internet (ABA) that the device brings with it, there should appear a section that says “configuration option for the name and network password”, which we It says that you must access the default IP address that is, there appears a box asking us for a username and password where we must place the following information:

  • User: user
  • Password: 850xxxxxx (serial number of the WiFi device).

However, most of the users had problems when entering with these data because they were not correct, searching the network could and can find the correct data to access the administration panel of our Cantv ZXHN H108N router.

The data are:

  • User: admin
  • Clve: c @ ntvwifi2000

You must enter them in the box and then click Ok to enter the settings panel.

Once we have accessed the panel, we can make all kinds of modifications to our WiFi network, the best thing to do here is to change, first of all, both the access password to said panel and the WiFi network password. The steps are shown below:

To change the password to the settings panel

To do this you must click on the Adminsitration section, then on User Management, there you will see a section that tells us that we can change the access password to the router settings.

All you have to do is type the current password and then type the new password and also confirm it. Once this is done, we just click on submit for the changes to be applied.

To change the password of the router Cantv – WiFi

For that we must locate the Network section, then we go to the WLAN tab and then to SSID Setting. There it will open a section that says Chose SSID, in the part that shows SSID Name, we must change the user name, it can be a combination of letters and numbers, although there is our own preference. From there you can also hide the signal, for this we click on the Hide SSID box.

To change the WiFI password, we go to the Security tab and where it says WPA Passphrase, we can change the password for a new one. Once the password of our WiFi network has been changed, we click Submit to apply the changes.

Once this is done we will have applied the basic security that every router needs, remember that when changing the WiFi password you must retype it on the devices that you had connected to it.

On the other hand, if you have problems understanding the options of your router, use the options of your browser to translate the page into your language. If you have a new version of this router, the steps are similar:

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