Planting Sunflower: [ Cultivation, Care, Irrigation, Substrate, Pests ]


Planting Sunflower: How do sunflower grow,

[ Cultivation, Care, Irrigation, Substrate, Pests ]

Planting sunflower is perhaps one of the easiest flowers to grow in the garden. They are very easy to grow, because of their cheekiness, it can grow themselves among other plants you plant, which does not mean they should be kicked out of the adult garden. Sunflower grows from dwarf varieties that can be as small as one and a half to 2-2.5 meters in height. You can find sun rays in colors ranging from very pale yellows to dark, burgundy reddish red, yellow, red, and orange tones. Sunflower also has a variety of leaves. The single leaf sheet is still the most common, but you can find quite a few sunflower varieties with double and teapot leaves. When you plant Sunflower in your garden, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • They need sun and make sure the location you choose for their sunflowers gets full sun.
  • Second, you don’t have to worry too much about the soil.
  • Sunflower is not picky about soil conditions. They will make better and more delicious fruit in good soil.
  • Third, the sunflower seed coat contains a substance that is toxic to grass. So, before the seeds start to fall, you will either have to harvest the sunflower heads or put your lawn somewhere you don’t want to be near the killed grass.
  • Remember the height of the sunflower variety you choose. As the growing season approaches, you can collect your sunflower heads and use some seeds to feed the birds for the winter.

Planting Sunflowers are among the most striking and characteristic flower species in the world. With their dark center and yellow petals that open prodigiously to welcome each new day, they can adorn any environment. Planting sunflower can be planted in pots or directly in the garden, enjoying in both cases the beauty it transmits.

Do you want to plant sunflowers in your garden and see how its flowers revolve around the sun?

  • When? In spring.
  • Where? In a place with access to sunlight, it can be in a garden or pot.
  • How do we prepare the land? With a perfect amount of organic matter.
  • How should we water? With little water because it does not get along with excessive humidity.
  • How often do you have to water? Once or twice a week, as the soil dries up.
  • What pests and diseases does it have? Caterpillars, larvae, and fungi are generated from high humidity.

When is the best time to planting sunflower seeds? Planting sunflower season

The ideal time for sowing sunflower is when winter has ended and the spring days are well into place.

This is a species that gets along well with hot climates and it is necessary to offer appropriate temperatures for the seeds to germinate.

sunflower planting

Where to planting sunflower?

When to plant sunflower seeds

The sunflower can be sown directly in the garden or in a pot, but it must be considered that its flowers have a considerable height and must be given space.

This height, in some cases, is capable of reaching up to 2 meters, so if you have it in a pot in a place with air plants, they may collide.

You also have to take into account that you need to receive a good amount of sunlight a day because it is part of your life cycle

How to grow sunflowers and prepare the land for growing sunflowers?

Sunflower does best with soils that are well nourished, so it is advisable to apply a fertilization prior to sowing.

This can be done with manure and after sowing, when it is already a certain size, reapply it.

It is also necessary to clear the planting area of weeds to avoid depleting the nutrients available in the soil.

Regarding the texture of the land, it is necessary that the drainage be at appropriate levels, since it is a species that does not tolerate flooding.

For this reason, specialists recommend that it lean more towards the sandy than the clayey.

How do we water to Planting sunflower?

The irrigation is necessary to work it with precision, taking advantage of a watering can place the amount of water that is needed.

It is better not to apply so much water that it leads to waterlogging because this can cause stains on the stems.

How often do we water the sunflowers?

The best thing to do is that the waterings be carried out once or twice a week depending on the amount of heat that exists.

If temperatures are low and evaporation is not so high, it can be reduced to 1 watering per week.

Sowing sunflowers step by step?

When to sow sunflower seeds

  1. Sunflower sowing is done through the seeds, which are one of the easiest to germinate.
  2. To advance in this process, the following steps must be followed:
  3. After having prepared the soil with enough organic matter, select the space where the seed will be placed.
  4. Bury the seed and cover it with a thin layer of soil over it, enough so that it does not blow away if there is a wind current. Ideally, the seed should be about 7 cm deep.
  5. As the seedling grows, it may be necessary to help it with the support that allows it to stand upright without complications. It is a species that grows tall and does not have as solid a base as in the case of trees. This action is especially useful in places where the wind hits with great force and that could affect it.
  6. Water with enough water to moisten the soil throughout this growing stage, ensuring that the soil dries out before applying the next watering session.
  7. Sunflower germination in seedbeds is also possible, but it must be taken into account that it creates a family of very broad roots. This condition demands greater attention towards the right moment of transplantation to prevent them from drowning in such a small space.

And if the transplant is to be done in a pot, it must be large enough to allow comfort at the base.

sunflower plant

How to take care of Planting sunflower

As we have already seen, providing a good amount of organic matter will help it to grow healthier and bloom better.

In addition, sunflower pruning is generally done to remove flowers that will be used for other purposes, such as indoors .

Being a plant that does not grow with many branches and whose leaves tend to be few, another type of pruning is unnecessary.

What pests and diseases affect sunflower?

In relation to diseases, the most common is that it is attacked by fungi that occur from excessive humidity in its environment.

Therefore, it is a preventable condition with the correct application of irrigation and the use of natural products such as kola extract of horse.

Regarding pests, caterpillars are the species that most tend to affect sunflowers, especially when they are still young plants .

Thanks to Bacillus Thuringiensis , both the caterpillars and the larvae (if they appear) can be controlled without major inconvenience.

The sunflower plantation not only responds to an ornamental use, although it is a fact that in itself it offers very good results around that.

It is a plant that is also harvested for industrial uses, such as the manufacture of oils, cosmetic and even medicinal products .

Sunflower seeds are very valuable in the kitchen because they can be eaten toasted or added to different preparations.

All this has given the sunflower a leading role in the lives of many farmers around the world.

When Does Sunflower Open

Sunflower Care To keep aquatic soils moist but soggy, Sunspot sowed sunflower seeds frequently. Water saplings frequently direct the water into the soil about 4 inches from the plant. Once the sunflowers are well established, you can water deeply but rarely to promote deep, healthy roots. As a general rule, watering once a week is sufficient. Avoid soggy soils as sunflowers are drought-tolerant plants that are prone to rotting if conditions are too weathered. Sunflower doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer and can form too many weak, curved stems. If your soils are poor, add a small amount of general-purpose garden fertilizer to planting time soil. You can also apply a well-diluted, water-soluble fertilizer several times during the blooming season. Flowering is usually 2, 2, after planting.

When is Sunflower Collected?

Sunflower can be collected 50-60 days after the climate, soil, and maintenance conditions are met and after flowering. When the sunflower is formed, the stems, leaves, and the area where the flowers of the flower are located begin to dry. It turns brown. Sunflower seeds should not be wet after drying. Sunflowers that are not harvested on time begin to fall off gradually, so they should not be delayed. Sunflower is harvested in late August and September. Average life is 120 – 140 days

How to Grow Sunflowers in Pots , Planting sunflower seeds in pots

You can also grow sunflower in pots. If this beautiful-looking flower likes its place in the sunny window, it will bloom with the sun. No flower smiles on your face as easily as a sunflower. If you do not have experience with planting sunflower, you may have some questions about how to plant sunflower seeds and when to plant sunflower seeds. Your sunflower seeds need to be sown directly into the ground after all danger of frost has passed. In other words, you can plant towards the end of March, until the beginning of May. Sunflower takes between 70 and 90 days to mature the longest flowering varieties; so you probably need to plant sunflowers about three weeks before the last frost date. After selecting your sunflower seeds, you should keep them in a sheltered place out of the wind. Sunflower roots grow deep and wide, so your pot should be wide and deep. Before planting, hoe the soil. Don’t forget to add fertilizer. It is necessary to fertilize at certain intervals, it is important for the good nutrition of large flowers. When planting a sunflower into a pot, it is recommended to open its depth up to a glass of water. Then place 2 seeds in the soil, just cover them with soil. Give me living water. Water it well and keep the soil moist. In a week or two, your seedlings will grow rapidly from now on. A sun-drenched window likes nowhere as much as he likes the front. When planting a sunflower into a pot, it is recommended to open its depth up to a glass of water. Then place 2 seeds in the soil, just cover them with soil. Give me living water. Water it well and keep the soil moist. In a week or two, your seedlings will grow rapidly from now on. A sun-drenched window likes nowhere as much as he likes the front. When planting the sunflower into a pot, it is recommended to open its depth up to a glass of water. Then place 2 seeds in the soil, just cover them with soil. Give me living water. Water it well and keep the soil moist. In a week or two, your seedlings will grow rapidly from now on. A sun-drenched window likes nowhere as much as he likes the front.

Sunflower seeds

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Sunflower seeds contain vitamins E and B and various minerals, including selenium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc. There are 22 grams of protein in 100 grams of sunflower seeds.

According to experts, sunflower seeds make the person feel comfortable and safe by reducing the possibility of depression.

Experts state that seed wrapping is good for depression. Saying that the core meets the need for love in the person, Psychologist Yasemin Kamalı says, “The person who fences the core feels comfortable and safe, so it is good for the core depression . 
It is known that the kernel, which people do not leave without finishing, has numerous health benefits. The kernel, which is consumed by everyone and known for its addiction among the people, besides its many mineral and vitamin content, according to Kamalı, it meets the need for love and is good for depression.


“We do not think of anything else when we are cutting the core fences”
Psychologist Yasemin Kamalı from Medipol Mega University Hospital said that people only focus on it and that movement has a positive effect on people as they know that movement. Kamalı said, “People usually say that they will not eat again when the kernel in their hands is exhausted, but it is not like that, a new package is bought immediately, we all experience it. We continue to eat the core with that feeling of trust,
“The core meets the need for love” Core Indicating that the core enclosure is good for human psychology and that it meets the need for love in such a way,

Satisfaction is the point where the human being meets the need for love most clearly. For example, the baby first meets the love from breast milk, it provides satisfaction by eating. They do something rhythmically at that moment. they receive love in the way, so it is good for core depression
There are 22 grams of protein in 100 grams of kernel

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