Delicious Strawberries and 11 Types and Varieties of Most Famous

Delicious Strawberries

11 Types and Varieties of Most Famous and Delicious Strawberries

Delicious Strawberries came to Europe from the United States in the 19th century. The crossing of this variety with the Chilean Delicious Strawberries gave a product with a wonderful flavor. The Delicious Strawberries is currently grown in several Spanish regions, such as Huelva, Extremadura, Valencia, and Barcelona, ​​from where it is exported to Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland.

Other producing countries are Italy, Israel, and the United States. The main varieties of this delicious fruit with the following:

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Camarosa Delicious Strawberries

Of Californian origin (USA), with large and firm fruits, it is the most consumed in Spain. It is considered the most cultivated strawberry variety today.

It is a precocious fruit. Planted in October it will bear fruit in December. It produces fruits seven months a year. 

It adapts very well to different climates, from humid subtropical regions in Florida and Argentina to the Mediterranean and temperate regions. Its color is extremely bright and it has a rich flavor. Very popular: it accounts for almost 60% of the world’s strawberry production.

Queen of the valleys Delicious Strawberries

As its name indicates, it is the queen of production in the Spanish market. It blooms only once a year, at the end of May.

They are small strawberries whitish red to bright red, with an oblong shape.

Sweet pulp, sometimes slightly acidic, juicy, aromatic. In Spain this variety appeared in Aranjuez, by the hand of the Bourbons.

Tudla strawberry

Of Spanish origin, they are also found in Sicily, Italy. Large and elongated fruits, early production, intense to dark red color on the outside and inside, it has a good flavor. It has the advantage that it grows better than other varieties in less acidic soils.

Wild Delicious Strawberries

It is the summer strawberry, we find it from July to September in the market. It needs a temperate climate to grow. Very sweet. It is considered the strawberry of cakes, sauces, competes, and jams. 

Charisma strawberry

Large conical fruit, it has a less intense red color, softer than the other varieties; adapts to all types of soils and climates.

It is a very productive and vigorous early strawberry variety, which is recommended to be planted in autumn as a fresh plant and in summer as a preserved cold plant.

Bird strawberry

Heart-shaped fruit, vigorous plant from California. Uniform and bright red color. Large fruits. It is the best tasting strawberry of all those that exist in the trade.

Candonga strawberry

Rustic Spanish plant of great vigor. Great characteristics of taste, texture, temperature, smell and bright red color.

Medium-large fruit with an elongated conical shape. Also red pulp with a lot of sugar content. Resistant leather ideal for transport. High productivity.

Chiflon strawberry

Spanish plant of medium vigor. Early in maturation, so good productions can be obtained in the first months of the season.

Bright red color, homogeneous red pulp, good flavor, aromatic and slightly acidic. Elastic leather resistant to transport and handling. He loves the Mediterranean climate.

Big Bear strawberry

It is a variety of Californian strawberry with dark foliage and good adaptation to temperate climates that has a tendency to split.

It is a vigorous plant, with good adaptation to temperate climates. Its fruit is large, red-orange in color with a flattened wedge shape and good flavor. Good resistance to transportfruto.

Cartuno strawberry

Precocious than a big bear, it is a perfectly conical strawberry with a bright red color and a sugary flavor. Vigorous plant, with important foliage and prominent flowers . Adapted to autumn and summer.

Chandler strawberry

Grown in Sicily, this variety of strawberries is of Californian origin; it has good flavor, elongated and flattened conical shape. Red and aromatic pulp, it is a variety very resistant to transport. 

Due to its characteristics, it has been taken at the University of Malaga for a study aimed at improving the quality of strawberries in search of better agricultural results. 

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