‌4 Reasons To Quit Smoking Today
Photo by Masha Raymers on Pexels.com

Nearly 70% of smokers say that, they wish to quit, but it’s not easy. Making that shift, however, is challenging because of the dependency created by cigarettes. Chemicals like Nicotine in cigarettes makes quitting difficult. It causes pleasurable reactions in your brain, but because these effects are temporary, you crave for another cigarette.

It is tough, but not impossible, to quit smoking. However, in order to get motivated, you must have a strong, personal reason to quit. It might be to protect your family from second hand smoking or to minimise your risks of getting lung cancer, heart disease.

Here are five significant reasons to quit smoking that you should keep in mind every day. It may motivate you to put an end to your smoking habit.

1. Lower The Risk Of Cancer:

Approximately 50% of all smokers who continue smoking die from a smoking-related illness. Of course, the most serious issue is cancer. Smoking has been related to 15 different types of cancer. Additionally, there’s lung sickness, cardiovascular illness, and other smoking-related diseases. It has several harmful impacts on your health that can also lead to an earlier death.

Even though quitting might be difficult, but the improvements to your physical and emotional health are well worth it and it will lower your risk of cancers. Within 2 to 12 weeks of quitting smoking, your blood circulation also improves which reduces your chance of having a heart attack.

2. Better Lifestyle

Smoking can also have a negative impact on your sexual life. It raises the risk of low testosterone in men while decreasing vaginal lubrication and orgasm frequency in women. Smoking causes tooth discoloration, foul breath, and raises your risk of oral infections. Also, Tobacco harms sensory nerves in your mouth and nose, numbing your sense of taste and smell. 

But, within 2 days of quitting, nerve cells start to develop, your sense of taste and smell start to recover and there is a noticeable difference in your mouth within a week. Along with improved breathing and physical activities, the increased oxygen in your body will provide you with greater energy, which will contribute to a healthier lifestyle 

3. Saves Money

Smoking is an expensive habit. All the cash that you spend on cigarettes goes up in smoke. The aggregate? That depends upon your habit. By certain evaluations, on the off chance that you smoke a pack a day, you could burn through $100,000 or more on cigarettes and lighters. Also, throughout the long term, you’re probably going to have higher health costs because of conditions and illnesses caused by smoking. At the point when you quit, your budget gets a break.

4. Protect Friends And Family

Tobacco smoke causes harm to everyone who breathes it in, not just the smoker. Secondhand smoking is harmful and may make you sick, whether you are young or aged, in good or terrible health. Children who live with smokers are more likely to have a cold or suffer an ear infection, and babies born to smoking moms are more likely to have a preterm birth, low birth weight, or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

When you quit, you and everyone around you will be able to breathe easier. Ex-smokers’ clothes, hair, and residences do not smell like cigarettes. Also, better breathing can lead to better sleep at home. Not only smokers are more likely to snore, but so are nonsmokers, who inhale secondhand smoke on a daily basis.


Your health, your family, and your finances – What reason could you possibly have not to quit? At first, all of the side effects of kicking this habit might make it difficult for you to concentrate. The side effects of quitting smoking can be extreme for some and the anxiety caused by the withdrawal can make it worse for you to adjust but, over time, people who quit smoking see many benefits to their health and instant improvements in their lifestyles. Even those who have smoked for a long time or heavily will benefit from quitting.