Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review | A smartphone just for some!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is one of the best smartphones you can buy right now. End. Although it is not a smartphone suitable for all users.

That is, the Note 10+ is a terminal with an added value called SPen. If you are really looking for something identical to this SPen, then you will be more than satisfied with this gadget. Otherwise, there don’t seem to be several justifications for getting it. This is because of the Galaxy S10 +, example gives us basically the same as this Note 10+.

Strengths of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

  • Excellent build quality
  • Extreme quality cameras
  • AMOLED screen that fascinates with contrasts
  • Top of the range specifications
  • Water and dust resistance (IP68)
  • SPen (pen)
  • Excellent autonomy

Weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Do you really need a Note?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

This is the question you need to ask before buying this smartphone. 

That is, apart from SPen there is not much to be desired. The screen is identical, the autonomy too and the build quality is her.

Samsung failed to highlight the Note as it managed to do so. This is because this year we had an excellent Galaxy S10. As simple as that. That is why I believe that the combination of the “Note” range and the “S” range would be the best way.

Build quality and design choices

There’s not much to point out with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The smartphone is large and of sublime build quality. Samsung knows how to make smartphones and I know you won’t be sad about this terminal.

As always, take into account that it is made of glass. That is, it is much more elegant, however, it is also more fragile. allows wireless charging. Something that we are already getting used to in a top of the range (of OnePlus).

The ergonomics of the equipment is not the best, however, you must realize that this is a Note! That is, this is a cell phone to use with both hands. SPen itself example.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ screen is worth looking at with a magnifying glass!

There is no better screen than Samsung’s. (Who knows the LG?). I honestly like both. Samsung creates panels that are impossible to resist and this Note 10+ is just that.

That doesn’t look like glass! It looks like a sheet of colored paper that interacts as you touch it. There are few screens like that and there is no day that Samsung does not fascinate me with this feature. This screen also has the possibility to use such SPen that I promise to talk about next.

SPen, an eternal desire … but only for some!

To understand where I want to go with SPen I have to tell you a short and quick story.  I tried to use SPen. However, it was “unnatural” for me. I wasn’t in the habit of taking it off and didn’t see much purpose.

However, I show a smartphone to my Dad, who is a curious artist. The man was paralyzed in time! Whenever (but always) he asked me for the cell phone it was to take out the SPen and interact in some way with the equipment. Many times I saw him “steal” his smartphone just to doodle a little more!

I have no doubt, this Note 10+ is his dream and that of many who love this accessory. That’s why I say it. It is not for any user.

DeX and computer connection

The idea of ​​DeX technology is interesting. You connect your cell phone by cable to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and you have a computer there.

That is, it is still an Android. He didn’t turn a Windows PC overnight. This means limitations to what you want to do. It is perfect for editing documents and working in a browser, but little else.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ cameras won’t let you down

The new phone from Samsung gives us 4 cameras in total. However, only 3 have an active function. In other words, we have a “normal” lens, a “zoom” lens, and a “wide-angle” lens. The last is a ToF, or “Time of flight”. This lens serves to give us a greater sense of the distance between the smartphone and the object and helps other lenses in that measure. This lens is perfect for Augmented Reality or to help “portrait mode” photographs.

The other lenses, on the other hand, will make photography with a formidable quality. Situations at night the Huawei (P30 Pro), in my opinion, remains ahead, yet the Note 10+ has all the merit.

Sensors chosen for the rear camera:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ rear camera
  • 12 MP, with optical f / 1.5-2.4, (normal) 27mm , image stabilization
  • 12 MP, f / 2.1, 52mm (zoom), 2x optical zoom
  • 16 MP, wide angle f / 2.2, 12mm
  • 3D TOF

Front cameras:

10 MP, wide angle f / 2.2, 26mm

User Interface is second only to Bixby

The Samsung One UI is better than ever. User Interface is simple and practical. Personally, I only lose by Bixby, which is located in the left corner of the smartphone. Icons are elegant.

I believe that if Samsung gave us the option of having Google Discovery it would be more advantageous for the user. Especially because Bixby is far from perfect. Furthermore, the amount of advertising in the news is also not the most advantageous aspect.

Sublime performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is a flagship and there is no question about it.

The smartphone gives us everything we can wish for at this moment and will be a purchase that will last you a good few years until it starts to slow down.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Specifications in a glimpse:

  • 6.8 ″ inch Super AMOLED screen
  • Resolution QHD + 1440 x 3040 pixels, HDR10 +
  • Exynos 9825 processor running 2.73GHz
  • 12GB of RAM
  • 256GB / 512GB of internal storage
  • Memory expansion up to 1TB
  • 4300 mAh battery
  • 12MP + 12MP + 16MP rear camera
  • 10MP front camera
  • Dual-SIM or SIM + MicroSD card (up to 1TB)

Extras to consider

Finally, it is worth noting that the equipment is water and dust resistant with IP68 certification. Something that will make you feel more relaxed after watching it fall into the water.

Conclusion, this phone is not for everyone

We reached the same conclusion as the review title. phone designed for some users only. If you want a smartphone because you want something new, the Note 10+ may not be worth your investment. Jump to an S10 + and you’ll be happy. However, if SPen is going to improve your life in any way, this is the only smartphone you should look at right now.

Score (from 0 to 10)

This score is questioned in relation to the value of the smartphone. We cannot judge all equipment by quality, but by what they offer at the price they offer. For a smartphone to be approved you will need to obtain a score equal to or greater than 7.5.

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