best wireless earbuds Bluetooth headphones of 2020

best wireless earbuds bluetooth headphones

Are you thinking of buying AirPods type wireless headphones? If yes, here are some of the best wireless earbuds Bluetooth headphones of 2020.

It is enough to go outside to verify, without a doubt, that wireless headphones have become one of the accessories most used by users today. For this reason, it is not surprising that there are countless models available on the market. Of all the alternatives that we can find, the Apple AirPods the rival to beat and imitate, since they are probably the best sellers and the ones that will set the trend for the future of best wireless earbuds Bluetooth headphones.

How could it be otherwise, there are alternatives to the AirPods, imitations, and Chinese versions of these wireless headphones. In addition, the main competing brands, such as Huawei or Google, also have their own best wireless earbuds Bluetooth headphones.

By characteristics, we are talking about headphones that fit perfectly inside the ear and that are not as bulky as the headband or sports headphones. In addition, they stand out for not having any type of cable, so that they are completely independent and not linked together.

To help you get your bearings and some reference, here are some of the best 2020 AirPods in-ear wireless earbuds headphones you can buy right now. There are them in various price ranges so you can choose the option that best suits your budget.

Favorite: best Bluetooth headphones

Holyhigh best wireless earbuds

Holyhigh best wireless earbuds

One solution is wireless Bluetooth headphones. Experts have spent several hours going back and forth with several of these devices to finally recommend the Holyhigh wireless headset as their favorite.

bluetooth headphones

If we like this type of headphones, the Holyhigh performs very well with their in-ear headphones function and they are around $ 1,750, something quite economical in this range of products.

Every time we store them in the case they will charge and we will have the headphones ready for 4 hours of uninterrupted music. They are clearly headphones designed to make some trips with good music, but due to the battery life they are not ducks if we intend to be with them all day.

The case is very practical, because we make sure we can transport the headphones safely; And as we mentioned before, they are themselves the charging device, so we do not need extra bases. The base is very easy to connect, through a mini and USB port, even to the same computer.

Practical and easy to use, among its functions we can play, pause and change music, regulate the volume, make contact with the voice assistant of the cell phone and answer calls using the integrated microphone; all from a single integrated touch screen button. The disadvantage is that we cannot regulate the volume from the headphones.

We can also monitor from the phone, in case we have it linked, it is the state of its battery, since it will appear as one more indicator at the top of the main screen.

Holyhigh best wireless earbuds bluetooth headphones

It includes HI-FI Stereo Sound technology , which helps keep bass sounds balanced and good treble performance.It is linked via Bluetooth and has a maximum connection distance of 10m, although some experts claim that around 5m were already beginning to lose signal. It will also depend on whether other objects are interfering with the signal.

Carrying them is very light, weighing only 4 grams, like many helmets with cables. Some experts have tried them for sports and it has worked wonders since they have protection against sweat thanks to their IPX5.

They are compatible for both Android and Iphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots Bluetooth headphones

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots best wireless earbuds

Today, the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots are among the most popular wireless in-ear headphones. Without going any further.

The secret of their success is very simple: they offer the functions that users need with reasonable quality and at the lowest possible
price: for only $25 they are yours.

For this price, the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to offer a fast and stable connection, provide a True Wireless experience and have a long-lasting battery: 4 hours on a single charge (headphones only) and 12 hours with the charging case. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds best wireless earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The next alternative to Apple’s AirPods that we recommend is the Samsung Galaxy Buds (2019), the most current generation of the South Korean brand’s wireless headphones.

They are signed by the AKG label and offer good sound quality. It is possible to carry out various settings, such as adjusting the equalizer, configuring notifications, or activating and deactivating the ambient sound from the app. They also have a sensor to detect if you are wearing them so that playback starts or pauses automatically. 

They are also compatible with any Android device and also with iPhone, so they are an alternative for AirPods even among Apple users .

Currently you can buy them for about $135  .

Sony WF1000X best wireless earbuds

Sony WF1000X best wireless earbuds

Another major brand in the world of sound is Sony, which not only has quite a few high-quality headphone speakers and headsets, but has fully entered the small-size Bluetooth headphones industry with the WF1000X, a very to consider.

It is not the only one, although it is one of those with the best balance between cost and benefits. They cost about $119.99 , although it is possible to buy them at a quite discount in some online stores.

They have noise cancellation, NFC chip, and different voice modes that will allow you, for example, to hear announcements over the public address system if you are in a station, all without stopping listening to your music.

In addition, from the Sony application, you can manage the equalizer and turn them off remotely, although autonomy should not be a problem because here we are already talking about a more than respectable amount: nine hours of battery.

Bose SoundSport Free best wireless earbuds

Bose is another brand to consider when buying in-ear headphones , as it is one of the most prominent manufacturers of audio and sound products.

The Bose SounSport Free is one of the best compact Bluetooth headphones that are available right now on the market. They have a robust design that adapts very well to the ear, they are very light and they are also resistant to water (splashes and sweat, they are not submersible) and dust. They are especially aimed at athletes. 

Bose SoundSport Free bluetooth headphones

Sound quality is one of the strengths of these wireless headphones. They have an equalizer that improves the quality of the audio according to the volume, and the manufacturer has perfected the circuits to adjust the position of the antenna and obtain the maximum intensity of the Bluetooth headphones signal.

To get the most out of it, you have the Bose Connect app, where you have the possibility to unlock functions and customize the settings. This model offers up to five play times on a charge, and up to ten more hours on the charge case. 

bluetooth headphones

If we are willing to invest a little more, with the Bose in- ear headphones we enter the high range of this type of device, since the brand has a history in sound equipment.

This model is the first to be developed by the brand and they have done nothing wrong, although some experts have detected that on certain occasions they may lose connectivity during calls.

Implementing “StayHear + Sport” technology, they have designed a conduit that fits evenly around the ear. Imagine the typical earphone that hooks to the ear on the outside with a hook, well Bose has given it one more turn of design and have made it possible for this hook to be internal, adapting to the entire cavity and the ear shell. All this development makes them ideal for sports, for the support they provide, hence also its name.

bluetooth headphones

Like the Holyhigh, a single multi-function button for music and calls, simplicity, and practicality at the same time. On the other handset, the ability to turn the volume up and down; making this model an all-in-one unlike the Holyhigh. What if it would be very good as an improvement, is that the buttons are a little softer when operated.

Sound specialists could not offer less than the possibility of equalized volume for optimal sound quality.

They are covered on the outside with a mesh that repels water keeping the interior dry, more in favor for athletes.

In its case to transport them, we can also carry out a quick recharge of 15 minutes, giving us an autonomy of 45 minutes; its full charge is 5 hours for a range of 10 hours.

We can use your APP “Connect” to receive product notifications and others, but the most outstanding feature of the application is to be able to track the last connection of the headphones using a map, in case one of them gets lost, using the Mobile GPS as long as we have it activated.

The price of the Bose SoundSport Free best wireless earbuds is $199 on Amazon.

Why wireless Bluetooth headphones

Mainly for the convenience of not having to be tied to a cable. It is much more comfortable to be able to go from here to there without any kind of ties or jerks.

We would even avoid the annoying situation of untangling the headphones before each use, and that they do not get tangled we know that it is inevitable.

Technology today allows us to have headphones with a very good sound quality, without the need for them to be connected via a cable, as perhaps happened before, since not being so developed, the sound quality was slightly lost.

There are wireless headphones for all tastes and budgets, the most common and sold, logically for their price, are those of smaller size that are worth to go from one place to another without even realizing that they are with us.

But we should also know that there are specific headphones for professionals in the music world such as those used by producers, musicians or DJs. If you are a fan, there are headphones for gamers and audiophiles; also for travelers and athletes.

In the article perhaps we will focus more on the rest of the mortals who prefer to do without the cables, enjoy good musical company and that the pocket does not hurt as much. The complexity is left to the audio sybarites.

To consider

Technology: There are several issues that influence the sound quality and all of them from the handset technology. We will explain them clearly and concisely:

  • Sensitivity : Refers to the output power of the sound, measured in decibels (dB). It is recommended not to exceed 100dB to avoid damaging the ear.
  • Impedance: measured in ohms (ohm), it indicates the passage of electric current and affects the intensity of sound produced by the headphones. How many less Ohms greater volume. Ideally, it should be in the 16 to 32-ohm range on small devices; and between 25 to 70 ohm on the largest headphones.
  • Answer : It is measured in Hertz (Hz) and has to do with the frequencies that the earpiece reproduces. A good parameter is that it provides frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz, which are the frequencies that the human ear can pick up.
  • Power : is nothing more than electrical power and is measured in milliwatts (mW)

External isolation: The sound quality will depend a lot on the cost of the earphone, the most expensive ones will surely offer us a better balance of bass and treble; but a lot will also depend on the ability they have to isolate the external noise, there is no use in an earphone that listens very well to what it reproduces, but also listens to the exterior very well.

It will depend largely on the shape of the earpiece : those that are called closed canopy, have a casing that covers them, as an insulating material. Those that are called open pavilion, lack this case and those around us will witness what we are listening to. Although it may seem a contradiction, open canopy models provide better sound quality, because they have fewer reverberation problems than the closed canopy.

It will also depend on the technology they incorporate, some models offer a system that neutralizes outside noise.

Support : They are very small devices and with a bad movement if they do not have a good support it can come off. Some models usually use tweezers or some similar system that adapts to the ears, others instead adapt to the inside of the ear; being the first most voluminous.

A good reference to decide this question, is to take as a parameter the helmets that we use daily. If we are one of those who have problems with it being in the ear, better to opt for wireless headphones with a clip or a restraint system.

There are models that allow alternatives to adapt, be it combining one system or the other, or the possibility of adapting the earpiece to the ear.

Battery autonomy : It will depend on how much time we allocate to its use, if they will actively accompany us throughout the day, or only on journeys such as going to and from work. If the use that we are going to give it is intensive, we will have to do with some long-lasting ones, of course this will impact on the size of the battery and therefore on the weight of the handset.

Another alternative if we are not willing to resign size is to carry the loading system with us, with which we must consider that it is small and transportable.

Here the parameters and calculation are very simple, we must ask ourselves, how many hours does the battery last, how many hours will we have them in use and how long does it take to charge.

Size: One of the things that like this type of headphones is that being much smaller than others, they are easy to transport and go virtually unnoticed during use. Remember that the clamping system and the size of the battery will have a lot to do with the size.

Here are two big differences:

  • The circumambulates (Over-ear), are those that are used covering the ear and are usually the typical wireless headphones that are used inside the home. It is very common that they communicate with a base that is connected to the electric current and that is also in charge of emitting the signal so that we can listen. Regarding insulation and sound quality, they are undoubtedly the best wireless earbuds.
  • The supra-aural (On-ear), are the compact version of the circulars, giving up a bit of isolation and sound quality. They do not cover the entire ear but are placed over it. They are usually used outdoors and do not connect to any base but use Bluetooth or WiFi technology to pair with a mobile or other devices. It is also true that there are more complex models that already include the music player itself.
  • The in-ear, are the ones that give more war to hold because they go inside the ear canal, of course, it will depend on the size of our ear, how fixed or not they are. They are much smaller and lighter, something that our ears usually appreciate. Due to their size, they are much more portable, but we must be very careful with sudden movements since they could fall to the ground and in the worst case get damaged.

Ergonomics: Hand in hand with size and support, comfort in use must come. If we are going to be part or all day with the earpiece placed in the ear, ergonomics is crucial, since we will avoid feeling discomfort.

Handling: All very nice, but where do we handle the volume and song selection in something so small? The answer is simple. Some devices bring it with them, of course, perhaps this can increase its size a little; others use the device to which it is connected; the most advanced, and obviously more expensive, use voice commands.

Scope: Part of the efficiency in handling the headset will be limited by the scope of the headset compared to the device. They usually use Bluetooth technology and we already know too much that depending on the device to which the headphones are connected, their pairing will be better or worse.

Design: If technologically we already have everything we want in a headset and they also hold well, we will have to choose one that is attractive to us in terms of design. It is not that it is a minor issue, but we are not worth a super nice earphone, but that we have to relocate it all the time because it falls off, or that allows us to listen more to what the one next to us says than our own music playing.

Extras: best wireless earbuds, especially those that are linked to the phone, carry a microphone so that we can answer calls during use.

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