Show Your Love For Windows XP With Microsoft’s New $60 T-Shirt – Geek Review



Those looking to show off their love for Windows will be happy to learn that Microsoft has a new clothing line. Really. Microsoft recently launched its “Hardware” clothing collection, and in the mix is ​​a retro Windows XP-inspired t-shirt for $60.

If you’ve been looking for a mustard yellow t-shirt with the classic and somewhat iconic background of Windows XP with the green hills and blue sky, now is your chance to own one.

Microsoft hardware XP T-shirt

The nine-piece clothing collection has something for everyone, including shirts, hats, sweatpants, and even a jean jacket. And yes, denim is making a comeback.

While most designs focus on the tagline “creativity is with you, not you,” the element above is a bit more specific. There’s a big pixelated Windows-style mouse cursor near the top right, and below that is the all-too-familiar Windows XP wallpaper.

Here’s what Microsoft had to say about the partnership and the collection in a blog post:

“This collaboration was driven by openness, vulnerability, and the belief that often the most resonant ideas are built from the inclusion of diverse perspectives.”

Microsoft’s new hardware apparel collection will start shipping in August, but if you want that vintage XP t-shirt, you’d better hurry as two sizes are already sold out. Get yours at the hardware store or grab this 1985 MS Paint t-shirt to sport all summer long.

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