Thermal capsules to shelter for homeless in German city installs

thermal capsules

German city installs thermal capsules to shelter the homeless

German city installs thermal capsules to shelter the homeless, People who are homeless are in danger; above all, they are helpless when winter comes. In the city of Ulm, Germany, they created Ulmer Nest, a futuristic project to help them. More and more we realize the privileges that not all people have: basic services, housing, and more. And it is the commitment of the people who can enjoy these benefits, help, or collaborate in some way with those who do not have the same possibilities. One of the biggest concerns is the safety of those who do not have a home; especially when it comes to places where temperatures are extreme.

In order to offer protection, thermal capsules have been designed so that the homeless can have shelter.


Ulmer Nest is a project that is being implemented in Ulm, a city in Germany. In this area, during the winter the temperatures are quite low; even less than 0 degrees centigrade.

This project is about the installation of capsules with thermal insulation, which have solar panels and can be used without any type of requirement; they have enough space to house and protect 2 people. The idea is to be able to offer people who live on the streets a safe place to protect themselves from the low temperatures of winter, especially during the coldest hours, which are usually those at night.

These capsules are made of wood and steel . They can be used from January 8, 2021; providing shelter for the neediest people in society.

thermal capsules to shelter


While it is true that, with the arrival of winter, concern grows for people who have nowhere to live; They are the ones who are most defenseless against low temperatures, which can affect health quite seriously. It is also true that a temporary shelter is not the solution to this social problem. That is why the Ulmer Nest project goes much further.

The capsules do not have cameras, but they do have sensors that facilitate their opening; as well as sending a notification to Ulmer Nest or the charity association Caritas Ulm-Alb-Donau, who come to offer help to the person who has occupied it . This in order to provide an opportunity to people who are homeless and who need it so much.

Front view of homeless man outdoors with help sign and cup

Likewise, once the capsule is vacated; Those in charge of this project carry out an exhaustive review of it and carry out repairs or cleaning if there is a need for it. Likewise, as the project managers have informed, these capsules will be constantly updated to offer greater benefits.

In this way, the Ulmer Nest project represents a true alternative to protect homeless people and at the same time, a way to reach them, to try to offer more lasting help over time.