This LEGO City truck transforms into an amusement park



If you’re a fan of LEGO City building games, your city is about to get even better as LEGO just released a transforming amusement park ride truck. The new LEGO City Space Ride Amusement Truck set is perfect for kids or amusement park fans.

Whether you’re trying to build a huge LEGO city with all the different sets or you want to collect all the LEGO trucks, this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Like any attraction you’d find at an amusement park or fairground that folds up as the fair travels from city to city, the LEGO City space truck does the same. The buildable semi-trailer comes with a detachable trailer that folds up and transforms into a fully functional space-themed amusement park ride.

LEGO City Amusement Truck

Kids can build the truck, assemble the trailer, and create the entire ride one piece at a time. The entire set measures over 13.5-inches long, 6-inches high and over 8-inches wide. Then, when you’re ready to enjoy the ride, open it up and give it a spin.

The new LEGO City Space Ride amusement truck comes with three minifigures, a ticket booth, a photo booth, alien hats for customers and even collectible mugs just like you’d find at a typical amusement park.

And while this latest version of LEGO City is a bit on the pricey side, considering it only comes with 433 brick pieces, it’ll still be a nice addition to any kid’s LEGO city. Get yours today from the LEGO Store for $49.99.