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What are Cells and Genes? Know About them now

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Cell is the smallest independent component found in all living organisms. It is responsible for carrying out all the necessary life processes of living beings. Whatever food we eat is converted into energy by the cells and that is what helps us run our day. 

The number of cells found in body vary from organism to organism. Also, the shape and size vary from one living being to another. There are different organelles present in the cell which are responsible for different activities. 

One of the major organelles present in the cells is the nucleus. Nucleus is the primary component responsible for the growth of the cells. Another important organelle is Mitochondria which is responsible for the survival of the cells by providing energy. 

There is a fluid present in every cell called the cytoplasm that contains proteins and other vital minerals. 

What is a Gene?

The traits that we inherit from our parents are carried by the genes. Similar characteristics of children and parents are possible due to genes. We inherit a lot of things from our parents, many physical attributes, behavioural patterns, even certain inheritable diseases sometimes pass down from parents to children causing different generations to suffer from the same disease.  Moreover, you would have seen parents and children both having the same hair color, eye color or any other trait, these all traits   are all carried by genes. 

You won’t believe: that one cell in the human body consists of approximately 25,000 genes and they are all microscopic. Genes are present in every living being found on this earth, they are made of DNA and the size of the gene varies based on the number of DNA bases it has in it. The structures on which genes are found are called Chromosomes which come in pairs. 

What is Cell and Gene Therapy?

Both these terms are new and many people are not aware of them as potential research is still being carried out by the scientists in this field now. These therapies are meant for treating many deadly diseases. 

Continued research is going on to explore the potential of these therapies more so permanent treatments for such diseases can be developed by altering the patients’ cells and genes. Thermogenesis is a leading company doing research in this field.

If the results of these research are successful, patients don’t have to take so many medications anymore to treat such diseases and they will be thus able to avoid the adverse side-effects of the medicines as well. Cell therapy involves the modification of cells outside the body and then it is injected inside the patients’ body.  Cells are altered or modified to treat diseases and that is what the purpose of cell therapy is. 

On the other side, gene therapy involves introducing genes into cells to fight against diseases. This therapy is carried out either inside or outside the patient’s body. 

Thermogenesis Holdings is a market leader that develops automated cell processing technologies which are used in the cell and gene therapy field. This company also works in other areas such as automated clinical bio banking, point-of-care applications, CAR-T immunotherapy etc. There are various products that the company has built which are used in the areas listed above. 

If you are an industry partner or a part of any institution looking for effective analytical solutions for clinical or research work, you can contact thermogenesis and they will provide you with the required solutions, assessing your needs in the best possible way. 

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