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WhatsApp images folder has disappeared from the gallery: how to fix it?

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Your quick reply:

  1. If your WhatsApp images are not showing, you can simply go to “My Files” and from the “WhatsApp” folder.
  2. Select all the images inside the “Private” folder and move those images outside or to another folder.
  3. Then the existing photos will be immediately visible in your gallery.
  4. Now, to save all the images in your gallery (the ones that appear), just activate the “Medium visibility” by sliding the button to the right.

If you have just received some photos on WhatsApp that you can see on WhatsApp but they are not visible on your mobile gallery, then you need a solution. This is going to be a really quick and easy guide to doing it.

If you just disabled the “Medium Visibility” feature in WhatsApp settings, you won’t see any of these photos in your gallery. Those photos or videos will only be visible in WhatsApp chats, however, you can make changes that will instantly show those media files in your mobile gallery.

Now, in case the photos are not visible to the contacts that are not saved on the phone, you need to tap on the images in that chat to see those images there and in the gallery.

Find WhatsApp images if they do not appear in the Gallery

If you do not see the images in the gallery that are received on your WhatsApp, you need to perform simple steps on your iPhone or Android to find and view them.

To view WhatsApp private images in your gallery,

🔴 Steps to follow:

Step 1: First of all, open “My Files” on your mobile device.

Step 2: Then find the folder called “WhatsApp”, below that look for “WhatsApp Pictures/Media”.

Step 3: Now, from the images folder, see the folders section ‘Private‘and within that folder, select all the images or files by simply tapping on the ‘Select All’ button.

Step 4: Finally, touch the ‘Move on‘to move those images to the SD card or out of the private folder.


Step 5: Once you finish moving those WhatsApp images, the images will instantly appear in your mobile gallery.

WhatsApp images disappeared from the gallery:

If you have seen that some of your WhatsApp images have disappeared from your gallery, then they must be there some reasons that make the situation happen. Now, if the images just disappeared from the mobile gallery, find the reasons below:

1. WhatsApp Auto Delete Feature:

According to the new policy of WhatsApp, if the person in another hand has just activated the auto-delete function, your old images or chats will be deleted after the scheduled time and the same photos or media will also be deleted from your gallery. .

2. Your media visibility is disabled:

WhatsApp offers its users the option to show or hide images in the chat so that they appear in the mobile gallery and if you do not see any images or videos that have been received on WhatsApp on your mobile, simply check the box media visibility option if disabled.

to chat
look at the whatsapp images in the gallery

To display images that are received in chats, make sure the feature is ‘Switched on‘in your WhatsApp.

Videos on WhatsApp Images that are not shown in the Gallery: