Amazon Almost Fixes Its Big Echo Display Problem


OBS Studio - How To Fix Audio Echo
OBS Studio - How To Fix Audio Echo
Josh Hendrickson / Geek Review

This week we learned that Amazon’s Echo Show smart displays are getting a feature previously limited to the 15-inch model, and that’s digital photo frame mode. It’s still not as good as Google’s Nest Hub in this area, however, and will stop displaying photos after a few hours.

According to the edgeStarting August 5, all Echo Show screens can be turned into a digital photo frame. Owners have wanted this for years, and now it’s finally available on more than just the biggest Echo Show. Amazon’s dedicated photo frame feature now works on Echo Show Models in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Australia.

Amazon smart displays have a lot of great features that could be even better if Amazon got out of its own way. Basically, the company almost fixed a big Echo screen problem by offering this feature on all screen sizes, but everyone still has the same problem.

Users have to ask Alexa to do it, rather than make it a default option to display images 24/7, and it only works for three hours at a time. Why only three hours? Because after that, you’ll be back at the Echo Show home screen filled with recipe suggestions, Amazon Prime order recommendations, the latest Fire tablet, or a new Alexa skill to try.

Our Echo Show 15 review can be summed up by saying that while the hardware is great, it’s “a little too much Amazon.” These big-screen devices are still too busy trying to sell stuff instead of just letting owners enjoy the hardware.

So while we love that all Echo Show models can now function as a digital photo frame, you’ll still have to wrestle with time limits and other issues.

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