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Home printers are no longer just printers, now its functions include scanning, photocopying, and even printing photos. Many tasks reduced in a smaller and smaller space and trying to be easier and easier to use. Models like the Epson Workforce WF-2750WF best all in one printer allow you to print from anywhere in the house thanks to its Wi-Fi connection.

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When buying a new printer, more factors must be analyzed. It is important to know the print quality, if they have Wi-Fi connection, if they print with photographic quality or if they have a screen to be able to photocopy without turning on the computer.

we want to help you choose the multifunction printer that best suits your needs. We present a comparison with the 4 most valued models on the internet, breaking them down one by one by experts and users.

The recommendation of the experts is the Epson Workforce WF-2630WF multifunction printer that manages to bring home the printing qualities of professional machines at a very competitive price that does not exceed $ 3,000.

The second option is the Brother DCP-J562DW that has conquered the experts for the large capacity of its inbox, 100 sheets no less.

The 4 printers analyzed have extraordinary technical characteristics. It should be remembered that they are the best valued by users, so it is advisable to read the analysis of each model.

Epson Workforce WF-2750WF best all in one printer

Epson Workforce WF-2750WF best all in one printer

The Epson Workforce WF-2630WF MFP stands out for its high print quality. It gets to print images with 4400 x 1200 inches per point, which is professional quality.

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This Epson model not only prints, but also scans, photocopies, and faxes and receives, making it the perfect choice for freelance and freelance home offices.

The type of printing is typical of this range of printers, inkjets. Thanks to its automatic document feeder, up to 30 pages can be placed to be scanned, copied or faxed independently.

This Epson printer has Wi-Fi connection with automatic configuration and a wifi direct button to make a faster configuration with all the devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi without creating a network. It can also be connected to the PC through a USB connection.

This connection makes it possible for there not to be as many cables in the office area and, more importantly, you can send a print from anywhere that wifi connection arrives. Although a priori it may seem unnecessary, the truth is that it is a very useful function and one that makes the most of it when we get used to having it. Especially when we use it with mobile devices.

Epson is compatible with various printing applications such as Scan-to-Cloud, Email Print and the Epson iPrint3 application. The WF-2750WF is also compatible with Apple AirPrint4 and Google Cloud Print, allowing you to print seamlessly from almost any smartphone and tablet.

On the other hand, the Epson multifunction printer has a backlit LCD screen from where you can control the functions of the printer without having to turn on the computer. So you can photocopy or send a fax without any device connected.

One of the great advantages of the Workforce WF-2750WF is its low printing costs. XL cartridges can be used which can reduce printing costs by up to 35 percent. It also uses independent color cartridges so that they only have to change the color that ends.

The price of this printer is around 90 dollars, a very very good price for the great technical characteristics it has.

Brother J985DW 2nd best all in one printer

Brother J985DW best all in one printer

The Brother J985DW printer has a 100-sheet capacity tray in addition to a manual slot and the ability to generate automatic two-sided prints of up to 20 sheets per batch. This large size of supply means that we do not have to worry about putting paper in the printer every time we send a document to print.

Brother has managed to equip this MFP with a performance of 2400 black and white and 1200 color prints. One of the drawbacks of this printer is that when printing high-quality photos there is a fairly high ink consumption.

One of the great advantages of this model is automatic two-sided printing. This type of printing means significant paper savings and space savings when storing printed documents.

This printer has Wi-Fi connection, Wi-Fi direct, mobile connection and cloud so we can send to print from any point and at any time. From the application that Brother provides, any document or photo located on our cell phone or Tablet, we can send it to the printer and print it with total ease and in simple steps.

It also has a 2.6-inch touch screen where we can operate all the functions of the device, and even connect to Facebook, Flickr, Evernote, Onenote or Dropbox among others to upload or download information that we need to print.

It even has the possibility of connecting to the Amazon keypad, measuring the toner level and activating the order when it is very low.

The biggest drawback of this model is its price, around 149 dollars.

Canon PIXMA MX532 3rd best all in one printer

Canon PIXMA MX532 best all in one printer

Canon Pixma printers have long been a great benchmark for multifunction printers with Wi-Fi connection. With this model, the MX475, the brand manages to bring home the qualities of a large office printer in a small size.

One of the great advantages of this model is the top-loading paper system. This automatic document feeder has a capacity of up to 30 sheets and makes scanning, copying or faxing large documents easier and faster.

Print quality is very high, 4800 x 1200 dots per inch, resulting in near-professional finishes. XL ink cartridges can be put in, reducing the cost of printing while delaying the cumbersome time to change cartridges. These extra large cartridges can offer up to 50% savings per page compared to their standard equivalents.

It is also a fast printer, so that we can get an idea, a color A4 page is copied in about 24 seconds.

The Wi-Fi connection system gives you the flexibility to print from any device in the house, and the printer is compatible with the entire game apple and with Google Cloud Print. Canon’s PIXMA Printing Solutions app is easy to download for printing from any computer or device. Like the Epson, it has a front USB that allows you to print them directly from the pen drive without the need for a PC.

If we scan multiple images, from the printer we can save them directly to the USB without prior step by the computer.

The Canon Pixma MX475 multifunction printer can be purchased for about $ 67.

HP OfficeJet 3830

HP OfficeJet 3830

The HP OfficeJet 3833 printer is the cheapest in the comparison. For about $ 46, you can buy this multifunctional model that prints, scans, forums, and faxes.

Black print quality is 8.5 pages per minute, enough for colorless document printing. While optimal color printing achieves up to 6 pages per minute. Of course, this highest quality occurs when the job is sent from a computer and printed on HP photo paper.

Hp has provided this model with an input tray of up to 60 sheets, although curiously the output tray can only hold 25. The automatic feeder is located on the top of the printer and can hold up to 35 pages.

Thanks to its WiFi connection we can print from any device that is connected to our internet. Whether from a fixed or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can send documents to print. One of the great advantages of this printer is that with its mobile application “Hp All-in-One Printer Remote” we can manage printing and scanning tasks remotely without having to be at home. This technology allows great time savings and avoids forgetting.

It also has a 2.2-inch touch screen that allows you to operate directly with the functions of the printer, copy, scan, send a fax … without the need to connect any device.

As a disadvantage, it does not allow us to print from a USB device and it does not have a tray to print photographs.

However, another of the strengths of this Hp model is that it is silent. There is an optional silent mode that helps keep noise to a minimum.

Why a multifunction printer for the home?

Gone are the days when multifunction printers were huge exclusively office machines. Today we can have a multifunction printer at home without exceeding 100 dollars (unimaginable a few years ago).

And if you want it for work, you’re sure to know which are the best multifunction printers for your office.

But what is a multifunction printer?

It has been raining a lot since Hughes invented the first telegraph printing system, (1855), and almost by chance, he invented the first telegraph printer looking for a mechanism that would transcribe musical notes while listening to the piece of music.

In 1959, Xerox manufactured the first photocopier and in 1973, Canon appeared the first color copier, 5 years later, the first printer was created, called “daisy” although only, it could write letters and numbers, yes, with enough quality for The time.

A multifunction printer, in addition to printing, is used for photocopying, scanning, and in some cases, even with a fax option.

With this small device, you can also print via WIFI without having to be physically connected to them from your tablet or mobile.

How to choose a multifunctional printer?

The first thing we have to know the use we are going to give it, are we going to print daily? Do we need to print in color? These two points are essential to decide between “laser” printers or “ink-jet” or ink printing printers.

If you are going to have a significant workload, we always recommend a laser multifunction, although, for the price, ink printers are usually cheaper, in the long run, “toners” are more profitable if you print more than 1500 pages per month

Advantages of Ink printers:

  • Better print quality, if you are going to print images, photos, etc … and you are looking for the highest quality, you definitely need an ink printer.
  • Lower entry price, ink printers are cheaper than lasers.
  • Printing on various media, you can print on different types of paper, satin, textures, etc …
  • They do not need warm-up time.
  • They are usually smaller, lighter, and easier to maintain than lasers.

Disadvantages of Ink printers

  • The inks are water-based, making them more susceptible to liquid damage
  • Ink cartridges need frequent cleaning and there is a risk of drying out if they are not used for some time (one of the most typical queries in our printer technical service).
  • They are somewhat slower than Laser printers.
  • Because they are designed for medium-low work volumes, the paper input trays are lower and typically do not exceed 100 load sheets.

Advantages of Laser printers

  • They are faster than ink, if you need to print many copies, you will notice the difference (even if they need more warm-up time to start)
  • Better results in Black printing, if what you are going to print are above all texts, documents, invoices, etc … without a doubt, you need a Laser.
  • In the long run, they are cheaper printers. Laser printers, although they are more expensive, toners print more sheets and do not waste the content, so that in the long run, they are more economical if the workloads are large (Especially for companies and offices, which is very important to keep in mind. bill).
  • Larger paper trays are customary printers at high volumes, over 2000 pages per month, and it is not difficult to see drawers of 500 – 1000 pages

Disadvantages of Laser printers

  • They need a warm-up time to start, around 30 seconds (depending on the model)
  • Although the Laser toner or cartridge is cheaper in the long term, the initial purchase cost can be somewhat high.
  • You cannot use different types of paper or textures, no material that is sensitive to heat, prints in a laser printer.
  • Laser printers can handle simple graphics or images, but they are not intended to print photographic or quality images (or Color Lasers).
  • Although there are compact laser printers, most printers are larger, heavier, and bulkier than ink-jet printers.

Another thing that is most looked at when buying a printer is connectivity, whether it has WIFI or not if it has double-sided printing … Did you know that all these functions can be read on the printer models? Have you ever wondered what the letters mean in the references of the printers? we tell you in this post in detail, you will be surprised: the meaning of the letters of the printers

As every user has different function needs, we show you this comparison of All in one printer. what we consider to be the best multifunction printers of 2020 for home.

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