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What is the best vacuum cleaner on the market?

Cleaning the house is extremely vital and while not a doubt the simplest home appliance on the market can assist you to perform this task quickly and simply, if we cleaned with a brush and dustpan it might become a really long, tedious and particularly exhausting task
For this reason, today we bring you the definitive comparison of the best vacuum cleaner on the market, whether it be for use at home, in the car, or in your business best handheld vacuum.

Tips for choosing a good vacuum cleaner

Therefore, we recommend taking these tips into account when comparing, so that your search is easier and more effective.

  • Type of dirt:  You should consider if what you are going to vacuum is the common dust or if, for example, you need to collect pet hair or if there are residues such as chimney ash that you need to vacuum. By virtue of this, the model may vary.
  • Power: A very important point to compare, at higher power, greater suction capacity, achieve greater efficiency.
  • Mobility When choosing your vacuum cleaner you should make sure that it is easy to handle and that it moves easily. In this way, the task of cleaning will be less exhausting and faster.
  • Brand :  It is important to take into account the endorsement of a recognized brand, since vacuum cleaners are devices that require the application of technology and good quality materials. 
  • Price : There are cheap, mid-range and high-end vacuum cleaners on the market. Whose price can adapt very well to your budget and allow you to obtain a product with an excellent quality-price ratio.

How much money should I spend on my vacuum cleaner?

The variety of vacuum cleaners is such that, after comparing, we can get from very cheap products, to what exceeds hundreds of euros. However, a tip that you should take into account is that for this type of product it is better to make a slightly higher investment, since something very cheap.

Vacuflo Maxum 7 Central Vac
  • Low range (less than $ 100) – They are effective, but usually do not have as many accessories and the filtering system is not always the best. In this group, it is difficult to get a suitable vacuum cleaner to collect pet hair.
  • Medium range (between $ 100 and $ 200) –  They offer the best value for money on the market. They are easy to use and come with different capacities to suit the size of the area you want to clean. 
  • High-end (over $ 200) – In this range are the models with the latest technological innovations, such as ultra-quiet vacuum cleaners, or robot vacuum cleaners designed to collect pet hair. Its use is highly recommended in very large sites with high traffic of people.

Holife Best Handheld Vacuum Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner 


The power of the motor will indicate its suction capacity, making it a key feature in our best handheld vacuum.

But we must have an idea of ​​what we are going to do because it will not take the same power to absorb crumbs as it does to catch dust or pet hair.

The maximum power can be between 60 and 100W and a voltage that exceeds 12V. Below these encrypt we could not be sure that we are dealing with a versatile vacuum cleaner, capable of capturing all kinds of dirt.

On the contrary, and although we can choose vacuum cleaners with higher powers, it is very important that in these cases we make sure they include the ability to regulate the power, so as not to overspend the battery unnecessarily.

Battery duration

Cordless best handheld vacuums no longer make sense. Currently, we find really powerful vacuum cleaners that run on battery power, giving us more freedom to cover all our cleaning needs.

As a general rule, this type of vacuum cleaner uses Lithium Ion batteries because they charge quickly. Of course, they are shock-sensitive batteries, so they are devices that we must take care of with care.

Ideally, the battery should last between 25 and 30 minutes at least and should not take more than 5 hours to fully charge. Anything that improves these times will be an important point in favor of the model in question.

In addition, and although not all have it, it is recommended that these vacuum cleaners have a base to recharge them. It is the most comfortable way to use them since, if they are stored in the base, they will be loaded whenever we want to use them.

However, we will also find them with plug chargers, to store them where we are most comfortable.

Now, keep in mind that the battery life will largely depend on its power. And at higher power, higher battery drain.

What do they allow to aspire?

Not all vacuum cleaners are prepared to suck up all kinds of debris. Normally, they can all absorb the crumbs that may remain on the floor when eating bread, for example.

However, some are capable of sucking up dust or even allergy-causing agents (such as mites).

We will even find vacuum cleaners that can suck liquids, to face spills of water or soft drinks that may be in the home.

But beware! Let’s note that this last capacity does not depend only on the power of the device. If we want you to be able to vacuum liquids, we will have to make sure that the manufacturer explicitly states so.

Vacuum cleaner filters

With the filters, the vacuum cleaner ensures that the debris it has sucked does not come out of the tank.

There are several types of filters, depending on the needs that we want to cover:

  • HEPA filter : They are the most efficient since they capture the smallest particles and even mites or other allergenic agents. They are more expensive filters (usually between $ 15 or $ 20), which must be replaced regularly (approximately every 3 months, depending on their use). These types of filters are only recommended in best handheld vacuum cleaners for very specific cases. For example, when using the handheld vacuum cleaner as a supplement to maintain cleanliness at home or when it is used generally and there is a baby at home, if it is used as a spot vacuum cleaner for spills or very localized dirt, it is advisable to go to other cheaper and more practical options when it comes to maintaining them.
  • Multilayer filters : They are also quite effective when it comes to sucking up dust or absorbing allergenic elements. However, they are not as expensive to replace as HEPA filters (about $ 10 or $ 12).
  • Washable filters : They are the cheapest option (usually around $ 9) and extend the life of each filter. On the contrary, as a general rule they will not capture allergenic agents.

Headed head

It is important that the head is designed to collect debris in a directed way and with a small nozzle. In this way, the suction will be concentrated improving its effectiveness.


As a tip, it is important that hand vacuums have an easily removable tank because that will allow cleaning to be simple and fast, without being a hassle best handheld vacuum.

It is also important to know, obvious as it may seem, that the larger the tank the less often we will have to clean it. So, if that is a value for us, we should opt for large deposits.

Vacuum cleaner dimensions and weight

This type of vacuum cleaner is designed to operate with one hand. So its size and weight should matter to us.

Although the dimensions should be easy to handle with one hand, the weight of the vacuum cleaner should not exceed 1.5kg.

Otherwise, we will end up forgetting this best handheld vacuum cleaner due to the difficulty or discomfort of using something that weighs so much or is not easy to handle.

Additional features

Some handheld vacuums contain interesting extras such as accessories to hook onto the nozzle. In this way, we can reach all corners and vacuum on all kinds of surfaces.

Some accessories will even allow us to vacuum the hairs of our pets.

Most best handheld vacuum featured is Holife

This best handheld vacuum cleaner has all the necessary features to meet the goal of always having our rooms at home or in our car clean.

The main virtue of this model of the Holife brand is its suction capacity, something basic in these devices. Thanks to a power of 100 W it provides a strong cyclonic suction that is capable of absorbing even coins. So dust, crumbs, or lint remains are easy prey for this vacuum cleaner.

It has small dimensions (40 cm. Long x 11 cm. Wide) and a weight that does not exceed a kilo and a half, making it very light when using it. Being wireless it can be used in hard-to-reach places such as corners or under tables or chairs.

As for the autonomy of the vacuum cleaner, the lithium battery that it has has a duration of approximately 30 minutes, more than enough time to clean a room or to leave the car in perfect condition.

Another highlight of this model is its versatility. This best handheld vacuum cleaner comes with three accessories: a tool to reach the remains that remain in the corners and reduced spaces, a dust brush that serves to collect dirt on delicate surfaces and a nozzle to be able to clean unexpected liquid spills, although not more than 100 ml.

Finally, the motor does not make excessive noise and the vacuum cleaner comes with two removable and washable filters.

BLACK + DECKER Dustbuster

BLACK + DECKER Dustbuster

A very versatile vacuum cleaner and from a manufacturer like BLACK + DECKER that is always a guarantee for the consumer. The tip of the appliance has the function of rotating up to 180º to reach the most difficult areas to vacuum.

Its 16V of power make this model have a very good suction capacity and be very useful for collecting waste in the kitchen or in the living room.

It has a cyclonic action that helps keep the vacuum cleaner filter always clean. In addition, the bagless container where dirt is deposited is transparent so it can be easily checked when it is completely full. Comes with a slim rotating nozzle for a variety of applications best handheld vacuum

When this happens, this BLACK + DECKER vacuum cleaner is easily disassembled to be able to throw away the remains and wash it with water for later use.

The counted lithium battery charges in about four hours and uses up to 50 percent less energy.

Dyson V6 Total Clean – best vacuum cleaner

Dyson V6 Total Clean - Opinions

We are facing one of the vacuum cleaner brands par excellence in terms of quality, you will not find anything like it, it is usually very well valued by the OCU.

The Dyson V6 Total Clean model has been created to make your life easier , it gives you 30 minutes of power without loss of suction and with twice the power of a normal vacuum cleaner.

It’s Dyson V6 digital motor makes it the most powerful and energy-efficient cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, it has a power selector to choose the suction capacity we want, efficient filtering to separate dirt, hair, and air and it is also a 2 in 1 since it is a cordless vacuum cleaner and in turn the best handheld vacuum cleaner.

We recommend that you enter Amazon, where you can buy it taking advantage of the best discounts.

Homasy Portable Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

With a price similar to the first two vacuum cleaners, this Homasy brand model can be a good choice. It has 100 W of power and a suction power equal to the favorite of this comparison.

It is ideal for vacuuming food debris, pet hair or those tiny particles that remain on sofas. It comes with three different types of accessories and is capable of sucking up to 100 ml of liquids.

It has a high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that allows you to use the vacuum cleaner for 30 minutes. Fully charges in 3-4 hours. In turn, the portable vacuum cleaner comes with a 600 ml waste container, a size more than generous for storing dirt during that half hour of continuous use.

It can operate up to 500 times with a lifespan of up to five years.

JackMo Best Handheld Vacuum

JackMo Handheld Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner that stands out above all for its power. This model from the manufacturer JackMo uses an ultra high power motor of 120 W with suction of up to 7Kpa, one of the most powerful on the market. Its charging time is similar to the previous models described (3-5 hours).

This appliance has three filtration stages to offer an excellent filtering and dust cleaning effect. The HEPA filter can be easily disassembled and cleaned. This means that the filter is more durable and improves suction power.

It comes with three types of accessories. The portable vacuum cleaner helps clean sofas, corners and other hard-to-reach places. In addition, it has an ideal brush-nozzle to clean narrow areas. And finally it has an accessory for liquids.

 Bosch Athlet Cordless- best vacuum cleaner

 Bosch Athlet Cordless- Reviews

This cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner comes with an innovative rotary brush that removes dirt on any type of surface, including delicate ones, achieving great efficiency. Its lithium battery gives it autonomy for up to 60 minutes. In addition, thanks to its Sensor Control technology that detects when the filter is full , this vacuum cleaner allows you to save energy and always maintain the same level of performance. 

It is very comfortable to handle, since it is ultralight, weighing just 3 kilos . And its articulated brush makes it possible to place it even in a horizontal position , so you don’t have to bend down when vacuuming under furniture. Its Easy Clean system makes both the tank and the brush removable and very easy to clean, and you can always have your vacuum cleaner ready to use. 

Its parking position makes it easy to store it and recharge the battery quickly, in just 3 hours. It comes with 3 levels of suction so you can adapt it to your cleaning routine.

You can search this vacuum cleaner on Amazon, and take advantage of the best offers on the market.

 Rowenta Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner – best vacuum cleaner

 Rowenta Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner - Reviews

This is a very efficient vacuum cleaner that works with a power of 700 W . It is very resistant since and stainless steel and high-quality plastic. 

its double filtering system guarantees effective cleaning, which collects all dirt. It is very easy to manipulate since it comes with a 6.2-meter cable and its wheels are rotatable in 360 degrees. It does not require a bag, and its removable tank is very easy to empty.

Enter Amazon now, and take this vacuum cleaner at a very affordable price.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Best Handheld Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

A different model for its size and design and with a more adjusted price thinking of those who want to make a smaller outlay to have a vacuum cleaner of this type.

This model of the manufacturer Bissell is perfect for those who have pets and have to collect the hairs they leave in the homes. But it is also very useful for cleaning upholstery and stairs.

It has a special rubber mouthpiece that makes it easy to pick up the hair that dogs or cats leave both on the floor, on carpets, or in the upholstery of sofas or car seats. Also, bring another nozzle of a different size to collect larger waste. best handheld vacuum for pet.

Best vacuum cleaner Buying guide in the market

You and I know that you would love to have the house always perfect, and the problem comes when it comes to dedicating the little time you have to housework, the hours of the day are very limited, we have a thousand things to do and sweeping the house is not usually be one of our priorities right?

Well, start to change that very easily thanks to a vacuum cleaner, here we compare all kinds of vacuum cleaners to bring you the models that help you clean your home in record time and that your visitors are never surprised for bad.

We take into account things like ease of use, its power, the tank, autonomy, its lightness, and much more. We will take a look at the main things recommended by the OCU (Organization of consumers and users).

What should you take into account to buy your vacuum cleaner?

There are many points in common between the different models of the vacuum cleaner on the market, here we bring you the most interesting ones that you should consult before buying your vacuum cleaner:

1. Appliance power

The power of the vacuum cleaner is essential , it will help us to know the suction capacity of the product, the higher the cleaning capacity it will have.

You should keep in mind that depending on the manufacturer, this suction power can vary depending on the manufacturer, sometimes it is not well used, the power is not exactly the suction power, so sometimes if the brand is not of quality it may be somewhat worse for the vacuum cleaner.

2. Vacuum filter

These filters are important, since they are the ones that make sure that when vacuuming the dust everything ends up in the tank and does not end up around the house again if the filter is not good this vacuum cleaner loses efficiency and the result is having to pass the Vacuum several times, making us waste more time on homework.

The most widespread type of filter in quality vacuum cleaners is the HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particle Arrester), it is a filter that traps most of the microparticles of dust, ensuring that the air in the room is ready and does not end as when it is I was using a feather duster, with all the air in the room full of dust, it’s very important if you have allergies.

recommended by the OCU classification of filters for vacuum cleaners :
  • EPA Filters: They are high-efficiency filters, they are usually of 3 classes; E10, E11, and E12.
  • HEPA Filters: They are very high-efficiency filters and the most widespread next to EPA, it is subdivided into 2 classes: H13 and H14.
  • ULPA Filters: They are ultra-low penetration filters, they are for areas of a maximum level of cleanliness, such as hospitals, residences or similar, you have 3 classes: U15, U16, and U17.

3. Ease of use: size and weight of the device

When buying a vacuum cleaner, some aspects that the OCU recommends are very important, such as the space you have to store it, if you have space on your terrace, perhaps a sled vacuum cleaner is a good option, on the contrary, if the place where you plan to put it It is a closet, the best would be a vertical vacuum cleaner or a robot type.

Another important aspect is the weight if your house is very large and it is heavy it can make the cleaning task much more complicated, especially if you have to go up and downstairs.

And finally, the mobility of the vacuum cleaner is essential if it is not easy to use and above all comfortable, you will use it twice and you will leave it abandoned, for this you have to take into account things like:

  • Does the appliance have wheels? If it has wheels, to facilitate its movement, lifting it to transport it can be fine for a while, but if you are cleaning the entire house, some wheels will help you a lot.
  • Is it wireless or wired? If it has a cable, it is important to know the number of meters it has, to know if we can clean comfortably or will limit ourselves to the outlets in the house, if it is wireless, autonomy is something to take into account also depending on the time we spend Cleaning.
  • How high is the vacuum cleaner? Keep this in mind, since if you are very tall and the handle of it is low it can make you be in an uncomfortable posture, better not to have to bend your back.

4. Autonomy and battery of the vacuum cleaner

When we use a cordless or cordless vacuum cleaner, the cleaning task is much more comfortable, however, you have to take into account the autonomy of the appliance, it is not a good idea that 20 minutes after starting the battery it begins to lose and is lost vacuum power, it wouldn’t give us time to clean the whole house, right?

many times you will see cheap vacuum cleaners that seem to have everything, but when you look at things As suction power or autonomy they leave a lot to be desired, try to have a minimum of 20V.

While you are cleaning your home, also keep in mind that the higher the power, the lower the battery of the same, it is the same thing that happens with the battery of the mobile when we raise the brightness of the screen.

Another thing that is usually recommended in wireless vacuum cleaners is the classic charge indicator that will help us know if we will have enough time to finish cleaning or not.

5. Device noise

Depending on where you live, sometimes it is advisable to take into account the decibels that your device has, since if you are in a chalet it may not be necessary, but in a small apartment where you can disturb the neighbors if it is something to keep in mind and in what the OCU emphasizes.

You have many models that take great care of this aspect, being silent vacuums, they continue to emit sound, but this is much less, so from one room to another it does not bother as much.

Types of vacuum cleaner accessories

  • Vacuum cleaner bags: This is a typical consumable if you use a bag vacuum cleaner, you will often have to purchase this type of product.
  • Nozzles: These are accessories that will allow you to reach different areas of difficult access for the vacuum cleaner.
  • Brushes: They will allow you to work on different types of floors to achieve better results and not damage them, you have different types, such as, for example, the turbo brush for carpets or carpets, the parquet brush or the two-position brush that will serve both for floors hard as carpets, rugs, etc.

How to use your vacuum cleaner? Learn how to vacuum your house

If you already bought your vacuum cleaner, here we bring you some very useful tricks so that you get the most out of it, and your home is impeccable.

  1. Read the instructions – Although it can be tedious, you need to get familiar with the parts and take into account any risk in the operation of the vacuum cleaner. So we recommend you read the manufacturer’s manual.
  2. Prepare the spot – It is important that before you start vacuuming, clear the entire area as much as possible, making sure to remove small objects from the floor that can be sucked and damage the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Vacuum direction – You must move the head from back to front and vice versa, since it is at the time of backing up that the vacuum cleaner performs the function of sucking.
  4. Use the accessories – Use the different nozzles as indicated in the instructions, since, in this way, you will achieve better results and with less effort. Do not use the traditional brush to vacuum areas other than the ground. 
  5. Clean the Canister – The best way to maintain the performance level of your vacuum cleaner is to empty the canister frequently, if possible, at the end of each cleaning routine. 

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The operation of a vacuum cleaner consists of sucking the air near the nozzle and with it, the dust that is there. This process is carried out thanks to an electric motor that allows a constant flow of air. This movement causes dust particles to enter the apparatus, which are retained in the porous filters, causing the air to return clean. This cycle is optimized thanks to the telescopic tube and flexible hose, as well as the shapes of the nozzles, which modify the level of suction to trap dirt in more difficult places.

Parts of a vacuum cleaner

1. Port of entry

It is the main part of the vacuum cleaner, it is the area where all the dirt or water from the floor and carpets will enter, it is the area of ​​the nozzle and it will depend a lot on it and its power to vacuum the dust.

2. Filters

Its function is to retain as much dust as possible inside the tank and thus preventing the vacuum cleaner from being damaged if this dust reaches the motor.

The most recommended are HEPA filters and are usually important to extend the life of the product or improve the speed of the vacuum cleaner.

3. Port of departure

It is the area through which the air is expelled after the dust particles fall on the tank of the vacuum cleaner, this port is usually located at the top of the appliance.

4. Deposit

It is usually the largest and heaviest part of the appliance, it will accumulate dirt, depending on the type of vacuum cleaner, sometimes it is a bag that must be changed or it will be a removable tank that you will empty in the trash.

5. Engine

It is located in the main area of ​​the vacuum cleaner, normally above the tank or tank, and will be in charge of making the turns and suction of the vacuum cleaner, the motor works based on the power and voltage of the vacuum cleaner.

What is better a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner?

Bagged vacuums are slightly easier to operate as dirt from the sucked air passes directly through the tube into the bag. Obviously, once it is full, the suction begins to decrease. The main disadvantage of bagged vacuums is the ongoing expense you’ll have to spend on disposable bags. Although there are models that have reusable bags, they must be washed and dried before using them again.

Bagless vacuums work with a cyclone air system that sucks up dust, traps it in a filter, and returns clean air, debris gets trapped in a removable and easy-to-clean container. Obviously, this mechanism will save you money buying bags, however, you should keep in mind that these vacuum cleaners require emptying the filter frequently, since having no bag, the particles can go directly to the motor mechanism and damage it.

Which is better an upright or sled vacuum?

In terms of power and results, both models offer a wide range of products that are of very good quality. So choosing an upright or sled type vacuum will depend on other factors. One of the most outstanding is the space, that is, upright vacuums usually take up less space when storing them, thanks to their parking position. Therefore, they can be a good option if you do not have a lot of storage space.

For their part, sled vacuum cleaners do not need to be loaded, so you can always use them. Just plug it in and you’re done. By contrast, upright vacuums require charging the battery.

What is better a cordless or cordless vacuum cleaner?

A cordless vacuum cleaner has the biggest advantage, allowing you to get around more easily. So they are highly recommended for large homes. Since you do not have to worry about the length of the cable, and having to disconnect and connect it many times during cleaning.

However, vacuum cleaners with cables currently offer designs that are also very comfortable, such as cables with large lengths, as well as rotating wheels, which help to mobilize the equipment in a practical way. Plus there’s always the fact that corded vacuums don’t require recharging batteries.

Types of Vacuums

Many times it is difficult to find the type of vacuum cleaner that we need, there are different classes and all of them have their good things and their bad things, after all, nothing is perfect but thanks to this guide I am going to help you choose the vacuum cleaner that you need so you can make the right purchase.

1. Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Modern technology advances very fast and vacuum cleaners were not going to be left out, this is one of the biggest leaps in quality in terms of home cleaning, we are talking about robot vacuum cleaners, these are smart vacuum cleaners that can be programmed to clean in a certain area of ​​your house, they have sensors that allow them to avoid obstacles to avoid colliding and they have an advantage with which the other vacuum cleaners cannot compete and that is that they work alone, you do not need to be aware of them, simply Turn it on and enjoy a good book or movie while the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market cleans your house for you.

2. Broom vacuum cleaner

Broom vacuums are also known as upright vacuums, these are vacuums that have much more powerful suction, very useful for carpet floors and ideal for large families, their brush is very useful for removing hair from carpets so if you need a vacuum cleaner for your pet these types of electric brooms are ideal, very easy to use.

3. Hand vacuum cleaner

These are very light vacuum cleaners that do not need a bag, they are useful to clean any spill and for specific areas of the house, such as the sofa, they are also perfect vacuum cleaners for the car and even to clean your computer inside.

4. Bagless vacuum cleaner

We enter swampy terrain since it is one of the most important decisions when choosing a vacuum cleaner with or without a bag, the models of vacuum cleaner without a bag are nowadays the most popular because they accumulate dirt in an easy deposit. cleaning that makes it much more comfortable and a cheaper option, however, you should bear in mind that if there are allergy sufferers at home, it may not be the best option, so if you have asthmatic or dust allergic family members, it is better you looking for a vacuum cleaner with a bag.

5. Cordless vacuum cleaner

Known as cordless vacuums or electric brooms, they can often be considered broom vacuums as well, it is a rechargeable battery-powered vacuum cleaner that does not need cables, perfect for quick cleaning of the most used parts of the house, such as the kitchen or living room are highly recommended for older people because they are very light and easy to handle.

6. Vacuum cleaner for car

If you are looking for car vacuum cleaners, the best option you can find are undoubtedly Best handheld vacuum cleaners, perfect for small areas and very manageable so that you can clean any area of ​​your vehicle, here are some of the best car vacuum cleaners.

7. Industrial vacuum cleaners

If you need an industrial vacuum cleaner because you are a professional and at certain times you must take care of cleaning both liquids and solids, here are some models that will be very helpful.

Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Dyson vacuum cleaner

From its origin, this brand is a pioneer in technology and innovation. This in order to create a device that does not lose power as it accumulates aspirated waste.

It has thousands of engineers, from different countries and experts in various disciplines, working to improve Dyson’s designs and materials day by day. The result is a wide, versatile, and competitive range of world-class vacuum cleaners. Cordless, sled, upright, handheld, and even robot vacuum cleaners are part of the product catalog with Dyson’s innovative seal.

Rowenta vacuum cleaner

Born in Germany more than 100 years ago – in 1884 with another name, and with the current one since 1909 -, the history, prestige and quality distinguish this legendary brand that worthily bears the legacy of Robert Weintraub, its founder.

In addition to the power and durability that distinguish the brand, Rowenta vacuum cleaners are distinguished by their energy-reducing technology. Its entire range requires only 700 or a maximum of 900 watts to function properly. In doing so, they adapt to current environmental care requirements while being practical and efficient vacuum cleaners.

Roomba vacuum cleaner

When the first model hit the market in 2002, the world went wild. Now, after a decade and a half of constant development and improvement, the line designed by iRobot continues to lead the market and surprise locals and strangers with its models.

If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner with the best features — intelligent cleaning, programming, HEPA filters, maneuverability, independence. without a doubt, a Roomba of the latest series will meet your expectations.

Bosh vacuum cleaner

This century-old and prestigious brand founded in Stuttgart, Germany, after 1886, has a long history of innovation, quality and success. Always linked to the vanguard in terms of engineering applied to the home, its current line of vacuum cleaners is no exception.

From bagless or bagged, cordless or corded, sled, or hand-held vacuum cleaners; all have the best technology, class A energy efficiency and the confidence of belonging to the Bosch family. In addition, its new bags with special technology increase the performance, durability, and elimination of allergens of its models.

Frequent questions

Is there a vacuum cleaner that goes alone?

The future is today. That of a small robot cleaning your house automatically is no longer science fiction.

Although not all, more and more leading brands are launching their own robot vacuum cleaners, so the offer of robot vacuum cleaners is likely to only grow and diversify.

Which vacuums do they scrub too?

Currently, there is more than one option to choose from in the market and some are certainly better than others, although it seems difficult that one will disappoint you completely or be useless. However, like all of them, I do have a personal preference. This is the Cecotec Conga Excellence. This vacuum cleaner has two types of tanks, which allow it to clean in four strokes: sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing. The floor is very clean and without lifting a finger.

Do you recommend a vacuum cleaner for the particular car?

The options are varied and it is difficult to choose. A car vacuum should be versatile, light, with proper accessories and good power. Although there are several that meet those characteristics, I recommend the Electrolux ZB3013 vacuum cleaner. I recommend it because it is a 2 in 1 that, in its hand vacuum mode and with the brush accessories, can easily fulfill the function of vacuuming your car, but it is also a vertical vacuum cleaner that will serve you for other tasks. So you have a great vacuum cleaner for your car and, incidentally, a vertical one for your house.

Are there vacuum cleaners that run on water?

Although at first, it may seem a little strange, they do exist. They usually use the water either for their filter or to fulfill the mop function. A couple of examples are the Hoover SSNV 1400 vacuum cleaner – with water tank and steam regulator, for mopping function – and the two-speed Taurus Speedfight 29.2 – with water filter.

Who invented vacuum cleaners?

As in almost all inventions, there is controversy over who was the inventor of this technology. It is common for the British Hubert Cecil Booth or the American James Murray Spangler to be named as the first to unveil precursor technologies of what we now know as vacuum cleaners. However, patent documents have a prior registration to any of the two mentioned above. This is Daniel Hess from Iowa, the United States, who in 1860 patented a suction-based floor and folder cleaning system. This is the oldest record on a vacuum cleaner patent. However, it would be fair to say that it was the first advance and that the vacuum cleaner as such emerged with the passage of time and the subsequent developments of other people.

Stores where you can buy a vacuum cleaner

  • Amazon vacuum cleaner store: Today is one of the best places to buy good vacuum cleaners at very good prices, probably the best platform to buy this type of product online.
  • El Corte Inglés vacuum cleaner store: A good online store to buy all kinds of products, the prices are usually somewhat higher than Amazon and they have fewer products available in their store, but it is still a valid option.
  • Worten vacuum cleaner store: This store grows more and more in Spain every year, it is a good option if you want to buy your vacuum cleaner in a physical store, perhaps for the online part Amazon is much better.
  • Carrefour vacuum cleaner store: The French giant, this store in addition to being one of the main supermarket chains in Spain also has a wide range of products in general, the truth is that as a store for household products it is somewhat weak if we compare it with the good conditions that others like Amazon may have.

Advantages of having a vacuum cleaner at home

In addition to being able to use them dry or wet to clean your home, they stand out on special occasions such as:

  • Absorb spilled liquids on floors or carpets, such as a coke or if the water runs out of your washing machine.
  • It is used to carry out a fairly quick cleaning of work offices.
  • Very useful to clean your car inside.
  • If a glass or any glass object is broken we can collect those crystals more easily, safely, and efficiently than with a brush.

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