oil pastel drawing

Create magic drawing with oil pastel

Oil pastel, Discover an artistic medium that will take you through a spiral of color and creativity,

and that will make your fingers capture all the magic on the paper right before your eyes.

The crayon has evolved a lot over time

and is now better than ever when it comes in the form of large oil pastel sticks.

These wonderful magic wands let even the most curious imaginations push their limits through

a mixture of hues and hues that emerge from each color of the rainbow.

Oil pastels offer both beginners and professionals the opportunity to transfer their feelings from chalk to paper.

Reeves’ comprehensive range of oil pastel colors will ignite your creative spark and take it to unthinkable heights,

letting your ideas take off and out of

your imagination to get from your fingers to chalk and from chalk to paper.

Let your inspiration fly on paper, cardboard, canvas or board. All media are perfect for creating oil pastels to be proud of.

They say that good things come in little jars, and this little magic tool has a great personality with many features.

Oil pastels come in a diverse variety of vivid colors and will suit a large selection of media.

These creativity bars allow for the development of many techniques and offer artists the opportunity to explore new ways of creating art and to improve their methods.

The diversity of oil pastels is one of the main features of the tool. It’s amazing that they can be used for drawing and painting, double duty! Oil pastels can be used dry for drawing or mixed with turpentine and wet for painting. This dual role is amazing and almost always gets the spotlight.

Oil pastel instruction, Oil pastel blending

Oil pastels may look complex, but there is nothing to fear as it is easy to understand how they are used.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with oil pastels before adding them to your art kit.

Once you understand their composition and how they work,

putting them on the support will be like putting the final piece of a puzzle.

The smooth and oily composition of oil pastels allows them to blend beautifully on paper and they can be easily mixed and spread like frosting on a cake. They are made with pigments mixed with a non-drying oil and wax binder.

Unlike regular pastels, which require more pressure, a small amount of oil pastel can go a long way and achieve vivid hues and bold colors.

Find the perfect support for oil pastels

When it comes to oil pastels, there are many supports that paint well on, so they are one of the most versatile and fascinating mediums to work with. They are easy to work with on paper, canvas, or board, and can also be used on wood and glass if a proper primer is used.

Now you can take oil pastels much further than they have come

before by using them to add liveliness and character to your home.

Dust off that dresser parked in the corner of your bedroom and discover the art of enthusiastically upcycling or renovating your windows or mirrors by applying the beauty of oil pastels.

Let your creativity fly with oil pastels by visiting a nearby second-hand store where you will find beautiful furniture with

which you can test your artistic skills and, of course, your new friends: oil pastels.

Make magic with oil pastels

There are several techniques when using oil pastels, whether wet or dry, that will make your work explode with vibrant colors and amazing effects. Smudging is one of these methods. By blurring you will take the tones to a new place of evolution, from light to dark or even from dark to light. You will also get the objects in the painting to harmonize,

so that they belong to the work and to soften the edges with a perfect appearance.

oil pastel

Techniques with oil pastel

The pastels are applied in a linear fashion. Like hatch paths, lines overlap. Line layers can be short, but this is not a rule you should follow. With the layers you will create the solid effect that will make your work of art stand out.

Stippling is another popular method. It’s about using small dots to create an object or create a hatch. Stippling works very well with oil pastels and is an easy technique to master. Take control of the artwork as you dominate the page armed with

your oil pastel to create something supremely superb with something so small. It’s an amazing technique and it would be great if you could add it to your list of artistic skills.

Now that you are a fan of smudging and a wizard of stippling,

it’s time to try another technique on your adventure with oil pastels.

Scrubbing is another method that has long been loved by many artists and now you can see why.

The Scrubbing is a great technique that will make any oil pastel

look like the expression of a masterpiece of art.

Definitely scrubbing adds a layer of color over another color either by mottling, tearing, or scratching. This creates an amazing effect that reveals the layer of color underneath. The result is a deep and surprising color that gives distinction to the work.

Don’t be afraid to use new techniques, there is nothing to fear.

Enjoy the experience, it is part of the artistic journey that will take you to know art in depth and

have skills that will create magic in any medium.

Oil pastels are a wonderful addition to your art kit and will inspire you to take your new skills to places beyond measure.

From the base of their magical composition to the way in which they will guide your fingers to achieve the creation of beautiful art on the support in front of you,

working with these fun media is novel, and thanks to the characteristics of their double function,

you will have the opportunity to take your imagination and vision to unlimited destinations.

Oil pastels will undoubtedly be the brightest pastels in your art set.

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