Curiosities about elephants that why they are so important


Elephants are so important, This species is adored by most of the people due to its tenderness and compassion. Curiosities about elephants, Despite this, many are subjected to hard and sacrificial lives to profit from tourist activities.


The elephants are the largest land mammals on our planet. Today two different species are registered: the African elephant and the Asian elephant, each with different subspecies. These animals are considered majestic and wise. 

They live between 50 and 70 years, and their most distinctive feature is their elongated trunk,

a muscle that they use to feed themselves, make sounds and identify smells and tastes,

as well as to grab objects and throw them at their adversaries.

We know that elephants convey a lot of love for being very different from other species,

but in addition to their best-known traits, they possess several outstanding qualities:

1. They have a huge

brain. The brain of elephants weighs between 4 and 5 kg, and the designated area to memory, it corresponds to an important part of it. 

For this reason they can store a lot of information, which makes them very intelligent and wise.

2. They are considered sacred

Within the Asian continent, elephants are revered. 

This is because this animal comes from the god Ganesh, one of the best known and worshiped in India,

who breaks through obstacles and adversities.

 It is a symbol of good luck and fortune, and represents wisdom and strength.

Elephants do not walk around obstacles, nor do obstacles stop them. They get them out of the way and continue on their way. Then, those who worship Ganesha, these qualities of the elephants, according to the belief, are transmitted to them. 

3. They are social animals that live in herds, elephants

. Elephants emit a series of characteristic sounds that allow them to transmit their emotions in order to communicate with the rest of the members of their group. 

So much so that, when an elephant barbs, it is warning that it is scared or that it is in danger ,

something that perhaps they also use to alert the members of their group.

4. They communicate through sounds inaudible by humans

The sounds used to call each other at a distance cannot be heard by us. Through the soles of their legs, they feel the vibrations of the infrasound before hearing them with their ears.

The time difference between picking up the vibrations and

hearing the sound allows them to know very precisely the direction and distance of the call.

5. The duels are fundamental of elephants

The duel before a death is very important for this species. 

When an elephant is in a state of agony, the rest of the herd usually settle around it to accompany it during the transition to death .

Even if a mother loses her calf, she remains with her for several days after death. In some cases, the herd also dumps dirt and leaves on the remains.

6. They can foresee natural disasters

As with other animals, this mammal has a particular intuition that allows it to be sensitive to natural disasters, being able to foresee them

There have been a lot of stories heard about elephants saving tourists during the 2004 Thai tsunami,

thanks to their sensitivity and compassion.

Now that you know more about this beautiful and special animal that has saved many human beings,

do not allow them to continue suffering and being mistreated.

Saving elephants

More than 3,000 elephants are in captivity for tourism in Asia, and the majority live in unacceptable conditions. Day after day, they are cruelly forced to walk tourists and perform in shows. 

Baby elephants are separated from their mothers and habitats at an early age,

then subjected to painful training aimed solely at amusing travelers.

Give elephants the support they need to achieve their freedom by signing this petition . They will thank you forever.

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