Diletta Leotta

Who is Diletta Leotta really?

This beautiful 28-year-old Sicilian is actually an Italian TV presenter from Catania, Sicily. She hosts Serie A shows for DAZN during the 2018-2019 season and many more. Since 2016, a subscription streaming service has emerged and it is from there that this shooting star paraded before the wide eyes of football fans . Diletta Leotta is a woman in the field but also a journalist passionate about big interviews. As a reminder, last December, she offered an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo, the fivefold Ballon d’Or.

She has more than six million followers on her official Instagram account thanks to her 1,850 posts where she shares tips for quarantine, including exercise routines and feeding tips.

The European presenter little by little has been earning a place on sports television with her colleagues Gianluca Di Marzo and Luca Marchegiani, who are the most recognized commentators in Italy.

She knows how to handle all situations with tact and finesse

Armed with a fairly strong temperament, she found herself on several occasions in somewhat embarrassing situations. Indeed, last October, when she officiated on the lawn of the San Paolo stadium in Naples, the public immediately took her to task by asking him squarely to show his chest . Faced with this, Diletta Leotta did not panic at all but on the contrary, she smiled before making a gesture of refusal which did not fail to make her fans react on the canvas.

Diletta Leotta is also the half-sister of a plastic surgery celebrity

Currently, the new Italian rising star of the small screen is imposing its notoriety on Instagram. With her breathtaking physique and from her height of 1.75m, she is adapted to the waves of her region, but put aside the modeling to turn to studies of right of oral expression at the age of 20 years. It should be noted that to date, the number of its subscribers has reached 5.7m and this figure continues to increase over time. Besides that, Diletta Leotta is also the half-sister of a star of cosmetic surgery, a certain Mirko Manola. Stay connected because the beautiful Sicilian will return soon and certainly on the front of the stage to the delight of her fans.    

suffered from machismo during a Serie A match. Napoli welcomed Brescia at the San Paolo Stadium , and fans chanted asking for their breasts to be shown.

Of course, the machismo samples were condemned by a great majority of soccer fans. The very Diletta Leotta rejected such insults as he walked down the track of San Paolo, and networks soon repudiating the fans of Napoli.

Diletta, who has 4.6 million followers on Instagram, constantly pleases her fans with her photos. The DAZN reporter also shares images alongside various figures from Italian soccer and sports.

Leotta has a law degree from the Luiss University of Rome, but from the age of 19 she began her career in the media. She is one of the most recognized journalists in the country and has even pursued an alternate career in the modeling world.

The sexy moment: Diletta Leotta

Gentlemen, you wonder who Dilatta Leotta is ? She is a very beautiful blonde journalist and Italian sportswoman from the SKY Italy channel. Diletta Leotta was born on August 16, 1991 in Catania. Beyond her physique (rather pleasant to look at), she demonstrates many other skills. Graduated in the linguistic field, her presenter’s career started at the age of 14 (not too bad for a start of activity, isn’t it?).

After that in September 2016, it was against his will that some of these “private” photos were disclosed on the web. The images came from his own cell phone hacked by a rather malicious person. Rumors of revenge were talked about but we will not know more.

However, the dividing line between private and public life is becoming increasingly blurred due to the Internet and poor caring people. So remember to protect your data as much as possible (a little moral lesson here … You did not expect it!). Anyway, we let you admire the photo gallery of Diletta Leotta but do not expect to find the said photos!

In conclusion, a gentleman must remain a gentleman.

In all the shots the zoom falls on the explosive side A: she shows herself in different clothes, but nobody can contain them.

After a long period away from television, due to the coronavirus, Diletta Leotta has returned to the helm of the program broadcast on Dazn entirely dedicated to Serie A.

These days, the sports journalist has completely abandoned her smart working look and shows herself on social networks more beautiful than ever. In the latest Instagram stories , the Sicilian presenter wears a tight top that leaves little room for imagination.

Diletta Leotta Instagram : the top does not contain

After almost three months away from the cameras, Diletta Leotta has returned to running the sports program broadcast on the Dazn platform. During the quarantine, the sports journalist continued to work interviewing some football legends but she did it wearing smart working looks

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The sports journalist loves to share moments of her daily life and, many of these, make her followers lose their heads. In the last few hours, in fact, some stories have not gone unnoticed that immortalize her in a decidedly boiling guise.

The last post is mind-boggling

There is nothing to do, Diletta Leotta knows perfectly how to impress her admirers. And she did it also with her latest post and stories shared on her Instagram account.

In detail, the Sicilian presenter shared several shooting stories that portray her wearing outfits that show off her explosive forms .

Diletta Leotta, hard video on the net ‘With a foul in her hands’: a girl pretends to be her for the views

Diletta Leotta, a user pretends to be the Sicilian presenter and publishes a fake red light video on social networks

One of the most loved and followed faces of the small screen is, without any doubt, that of Diletta Leotta . The Sicilian presenter has managed to establish herself in the world of television thanks not only to her beauty and sensuality but above all for her immense talent. The journalist was, to her bad degree, the victim of a fake red light video  published by a girl on social media who pretended to be her.

Diletta Leotta, the fake video goes viral

One of the most popular social profiles is certainly that of Diletta Leotta . The Sicilian presenter is among the most loved women and clicked by Italians and her Instagram account has almost 5 and a half million followers who never miss a shot of her. Recently, he decided to share important news with his followers: his debut in the world of cinema. Dazn’s correspondent is the voice actress of Mandy ‘s character in the cartoon ‘ Pupazzi alla Riscossa ‘.

Recently, the Radio 105 speaker has been the victim of a bad joke: here’s what happened.

A tacky joke

According to what is reported by the website calcioomercatonews.com , the Sicilian hostess was, to her bad degree, a victim of a bad taste joke. In detail, a user has published, on a well-known video portal forbidden to minors under the age of 18, two videos of about thirty seconds depicting a young blonde girl.

The young woman is in the car and recovers while holding a phallic object in her hands. However, in the title of the movie appears that of Diletta Leotta but she has nothing to do with this story. The user in question has improperly exploited the name of the Sicilian presenter only for a modicum of views.

Diletta Leotta without panties tries to cover herself with the dog: the intimate detail does not escape the fans

Diletta Leotta, hot accident on social media. The DAZN journalist without panties tries to cover herself (in vain) with the dog: the spicy detail does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the fans

Diletta Leotta is among the sports journalists most loved by the Italian public. Very popular on TV and on social media, fans adore him for his undisputed beauty and culture in terms of football and is therefore considered by many to be one of the few women in the world who can talk about it.

In the last few hours she has returned to the center of gossip for another of her spicy shots . DAZN’s face showed on social media without panties as she tries to cover herself with a puppy. The intimate detail did not go unnoticed in the eyes of his followers. Let’s find out more (the article continues after the photo) .

Diletta Leotta hot without briefs

A few hours ago the DAZN star sent the fans on tilt with his latest social snapshot.

Diletta Leotta shows herself smiling at the camera, but her dazzling smile has not taken the users’ eyes away from the intimate detail.

In the photo, the beautiful Sicilian journalist appears with her legs open and without briefs while trying to cover herself with the dog, a small white poodle.

The image on Instagram has turned on social networks, stimulating users’ most hidden fantasies (the article continues after the photo) .

Diletta sets the web on fire

Followed by almost 6 million users, Diletta Leotta has won thousands of comments and appreciation with her latest shot.

The ‘clinical’ eyes of men have no doubts, the DAZN star does not wear panties. Here is what we read below the post published a little while ago:

Here is the shot that sent the fans into a frenzy, who eagerly await a response from the beautiful Leotta:

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