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How to clear Google search history on Android

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Joe Fedewa / Instruction Geek

To clear Google search history on Android, open the Google app and tap on your profile icon. Go to Search History > Delete, and then choose a time range to delete.

The Google search engine is a deeply embedded part of the Android experience. That means you’re probably accumulating a lot of Google search history just by using your device. We will show you some ways to delete Google search history on Android.

Delete last 15 minutes of Google search history

You may not want to completely clear all of your Google search history. Fortunately, you can delete specific chunks of search history, for example, search history online today, last week, or even the last 15 minutes. We will be using the Google Android app for this method.

First, open the Google app and tap on your profile icon in the top right corner.

Now just tap on “Delete last 15 minutes” in the menu.

select "Delete last 15 minutes".

A message will appear at the bottom of the screen that says “Delete History.” You can touch “Cancel” to stop it.

Deleting history message.

That’s all about it! You can easily do this at any time to end a recent trip down the rabbit hole.

How to clear Google search history

If you want to erase more than just the last 15 minutes, you have even more time duration options to choose from in the Google app. First, tap on your profile icon in the top right corner.

Now select “Search History” from the menu.

select "Search history".

Look for a drop-down menu toward the top half of the screen labeled “Delete” and tap on it.

Tap the dropdown menu "Remove".

The menu gives you some shortcuts to “Delete Today”, “Delete Custom Range” or “Delete All Time”. The “Auto Delete” option can be used to automatically delete your activity on a schedule.

Select one of the time intervals.

If you select “Delete custom range”, you will be able to choose a start and end date for the part of the history you want to delete.

Choose a time period to delete the history.

It’s as simple as that! You can use this whenever you want to delete things, but it’s also a good idea to set the auto delete feature.

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How to delete search history in Chrome

While not specifically related to Google, you may also want to delete your browsing history in Chrome. This includes Google Search along with any other websites you have visited. You can also do the same in Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

First, open Chrome and tap on the three-dot menu icon at the top right corner, then select “History” from the menu.

Tap “Clear browsing data” at the top of the History list.

touch "Clear browsing data".

Decide how long ago you want to delete the data with the “Time range” option. Check the “Browsing history” box and then tap on “Clear data”.

Choose a time range, check the box "browsing history" and touch "Delete data".

There you go! All of your browsing history, including Google search results, will be cleared from Chrome.

It’s worth noting that these methods don’t just apply to search history on that particular device, but cover search history on all devices you’re signed into with your Google account. It doesn’t matter if you’ve searched on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone—these options run the gamut. If you’re really worried about your search history falling into the wrong hands, you can also protect it with a password.

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