How to plant melon seeds. Germinate and sow the seeds

Plant melon seeds

Knowing how to plant melon seeds in our home garden is undoubtedly one of the best options to enjoy its rich fruit in summer.

Knowing this fruit more closely, we can say that they are plants with creeping stems, something that we must take into account when sowing.

You may be thinking , How difficult will it be to plant melon? , but we can tell you for sure that it is not like a nuclear chemistry exam.

In fact, it is one of the most recommended crops for home gardens, since its care is very basic.

So we will accompany you in the process of growing this fruit, we will guide you step by step until you understand the process and can do it yourself .

As we mentioned, one of the great virtues of planting melon is that we can do it in the seasons with more extreme temperatures.

Without further ado, let’s start on this journey by preparing our ground for planting , are you ready? If your answer is yes, let’s get to it.


Before starting to sow the seeds in our garden at home, we must take into account a series of specifications of the land to continue with our cultivation of melons .

The first will be to choose an area where sunlight reaches, remember that the melon plant requires a lot of warmth and therefore our best options will be outdoors.

One of the best times to start planting is in the spring.
The average temperature of the soil should be approximately 20ºC, provided that the plants can continue to grow once they have germinated.

Another important point is the pH of the soil, this must be 6 .

How to plant melons with seeds

The reason for this value in the soil is to identify the necessary nutrients to guarantee a healthy growth of the plant, in terms of calcium and other minerals.

In case of not having an adequate pH there is nothing to worry about, it usually turns out the same.

The next thing we will do in this case, will be to buy a fertilizer or natural fertilizer to feed the soil and give the indicated conditions to our plants.

Now is the time to plow the land to avoid any obstacles such as rocks or weed roots.

To do this, we must dig at least about 10 centimeters with a shovel or motor cultivator, remove all the debris and leave the soil ready to replant your melon shoots.


We will start by wetting the melon seeds at least an hour before sowing it in the seedbeds.

The first step consists of germinating the seeds before proceeding to plant them in the field, meanwhile we can prepare our garden and choose the best conditions for our plants.

The seeds can germinate in the seedbeds in any season, however, they need sun and a place with warm temperatures .

For this reason, it is recommended that if you are in a site with long winters and short summers, you carry out your germination process indoors until the warm conditions of the environment allow transplantation.

Keep in mind that the seeds will not germinate if there are temperatures below 20º C, which is why we recommend planting in early spring after the last winter frost.

To know how long it takes for melon seeds to germinate, we must have at least a period of 10 to 15 days, however, this will depend on the conditions of the crop.



Having our seeds germinated, it is time to replant in our previously conditioned land.

Now, the next thing we will do is create mounds of earth approximately 30 centimeters high and about 65 centimeters in diameter, this so that it has enough space to develop its roots .

Between each mound you should leave a space of about 1 meter apart . What we will get from these plants are vines that will need to have enough space to spread out.

Once the mounds are made, it is time to replant our germinated seeds in groups of 3 on each mound.

If, on the contrary, you have sown the seeds, you must do so at a depth of 10 centimeters in each mound, placing 5 seeds for each one.

The mounds help the roots to be superficial and help in the hydration process of our plants .


We irrigate with water during the mornings until we feel the earth wet, remember not to drown the earth by creating puddles or wells.

We recommend watering them every two days if the weather has been hot.


Finally, we must spray our plants with sulfur, to avoid any fungal infection or the approach of insects that want to taste a little of the fruit.

Another excellent recommendation is to cover our plants with a mesh , especially if the temperature is very cold.

Keep in mind that there are several melon seeds and it is advisable to plant several families per mound, having the option of choosing the best option for your next crop.

Now you see that planting melon is not as difficult as you thought, is it?

Here are the collected steps for sowing melon seeds . For its harvest you will have to wait until the beginning of autumn and you can already enjoy an excellent fruit salad to impress friends or family.

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