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How to use Water Lock on an Apple Watch

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If you intend to get your Apple Watch wet or are a bit clumsy when it comes to accidental touches, you can use the water lock feature to prevent unwanted input and wipe water off the speakers when you’re done.

What does the water lock do?

As its name suggests, this feature locks your watch to prevent accidental touchscreen input, clicking the digital crown, or pressing the side button. You can still raise your wrist to check the time or status of your current workout, but you’ll need to disable the water lock before you can touch a complication or launch an app.

Siri will still work while the water lock is on, but only if you have “Hey Siri” or “Raise to Wake” modes enabled. You won’t be able to hold down the Digital Crown to activate Apple Assistant. Water lock does not prevent the watch from making sounds, measuring your heart rate or oxygen levels, or tracking your location via GPS. Holding down the side button will continue to call emergency services, whenever possible.

Disable water lock on Apple Watch

You can disable the water lock by turning the digital crown until the on-screen meter is full. You can turn the crown in any direction, and the faster you turn it, the faster the lock will release. Once water lock is disabled, your Apple Watch will play a sound designed to clean and dislodge any water trapped inside the speaker.

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You can activate the water lock at any time from the basic watch face by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center, then tapping the water lock icon that looks like a drop of water. You might want to do this before you get in the shower, while hanging out by the pool, or even when you’re caught in a heavy downpour.

Enable Water Lock in Control Center on Apple Watch

If you can’t see the waterlock icon, tap “Edit” at the bottom of the Control Center menu and add it to the list. Your watch is no longer waterproof with the water lock enabled, this mode simply prevents unwanted input.

Enable water lock during a workout

Another time you might want to use the water lock is while exercising, especially if you’re swimming. You can easily do this from the Training menu, right after you start your activity.

Launch the workout app and tap a workout type, then wait for the countdown to finish and the workout to start. Swipe right on the workout summary screen, as if to end your workout, then tap the Lock button in the top left corner.

Start water lock during training

Enabling water lock with this method will ensure that your workout summary screen stays on your wrist at all times, rather than the watch face.

Rotate the Digital Crown when you’re done

When you’re done exercising or taking a shower, turn the Digital Crown until you hear the distinctive beeping sound that indicates your watch is expelling water stuck inside the speaker.

You may want to rinse and expel the water (by enabling the water lock and disabling it again) a few times if you are concerned about soap or salt water residue inside your watch.

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