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Learn the Purpose and Use of Different Medical Gloves

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In general, when you hear the term medical gloves, you instantly imagine green or white latex gloves that you see at a clinic or hospital. Until now, we only knew the use of latex gloves in the healthcare and medical industry. But today, you will learn about the different types of medical gloves and their purpose. 

There are several other types of gloves used in the medical industry. Now that people have been using disposable gloves to protect themselves from Covid-19, you should know which glove you should buy and what kind of protection it offers. So, if you want to know which gloves you should wear and their use, make sure you read this post till the end. 

What is a medical glove?

The disposable glove, also known as a medical glove, is made of latex, nitrile, and vinyl. These come in two categories, examining gloves and surgical gloves. In this post, you will come across terms like powdered gloves, non-powdered gloves, non-sterile, sterile gloves, coated and textured gloves to further differentiate between the types of gloves. 

Who are the people who need a pair of medical gloves?

Not only the medical and healthcare industry need medical gloves. There is a massive list of industries that have been using disposable gloves for the longest time. Some popular industries are. 

  • Caregivers, surgeons, lab techs, healthcare workers
  • Food handlers, chefs, waiters
  • Mechanics, chemical engineers, gardeners, housekeepers
  • Hair Stylist, manicurist and pedicurists

Types of gloves and their purpose

  1. Exam Gloves: The most commonly used gloves are exam gloves. You would have seen healthcare professionals wearing them while examining a patient. The purpose of their use is to protect yourself from any contamination such as viruses, germs and bacteria. 

Exam gloves are used for domestic purposes by housekeepers, cleaners, or ordinary people to keep their hands clean while gardening, washing the car, doing dishes or cleaning the mess of your pet. 

  1. Surgical Gloves: While performing surgery, a surgeon and his nursing team prefer using surgical gloves to offer better protection. Manufacturing these gloves is done keeping in mind various factors like size, thickness, and material for sensitive use. 

The difference in gloves based on material

You already know the three materials commonly used for producing gloves. Let’s further segregate which materials are used for different types of gloves and their purpose. 

Latex gloves

This type of material is very flexible, offers a high level of comfort and is very durable. It provides medium protection against contamination and thus is a preferred choice by surgeons. You can find powdered or non-powdered latex gloves in the market. 

Nitrile Glove

These types of gloves are chemical resistant, are highly puncture resistant and are latex-free. They are also protein-free and considered to have high-level protection. You can find exam and surgical nitrile gloves and cleaning gloves as well. 

Vinyl Gloves 

Made from PVC, vinyl gloves come at an affordable price but have excellent quality. They have a standard level of protection and are generally not preferred for surgeries as they are less tactile and less durable. 

Now that you have reached the end of this post, you have better clarity on which disposable gloves are rightly suitable for your needs. So, shop according to your needs and stay safe!

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