Logitech G203 LightSync gaming mouse review: Inexpensive and works well



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Price: $30

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Megan Glosson / Instruction Geek

Gaming mice can cost upwards of $100. But is it really necessary to spend that much money on a basic computer peripheral just because you’re a PC gamer? Well, after trying out the Logitech G203 LightSync Wired Gaming Mouse, I don’t think a gaming mouse really has to break the bank.

With thousands of options available, it’s hard to know which computer mice are the best and which ones just don’t compare to the others. However, as any PC gamer will tell you, you need a very different kind of mouse when you’re playing a computer game versus just checking your email. As a result, there is an entire industry of gaming peripherals, and they typically cost much more than a basic wired mouse.

However, the Logitech G203 LightSync gaming mouse breaks that mold. It’s comfortably priced in the realm of a typical computer mouse, but has performance characteristics similar to gaming mice that cost twice or even triple. But can such a cheap mouse really compete with the other gaming mice out there? Well, as I soon found out during my week-long test drive of the product, the answer is yes.

This is what we like

  • price payable
  • plain design
  • Highly responsive and accurate
  • fully customizable
  • Full Spectrum RGB Lighting

And what we don’t do

  • Average weight
  • limited LEDs

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A basic mouse that doesn’t break the bank

Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse Unboxed
Megan Glosson / Instruction Geek
  • Dimensions: 4.59 x 2.45 x 1.50 inches (11.6 x 6.2 x 3.8 cm)
  • Weight: 3.00 ounces (85g)
  • Cable length: 6.89 ft (2.1 m)
  • Color Options: White, Black, Blue, Purple
  • Programmable Buttons: 6
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.13 or later, Chrome OS

If you regularly invest in computer peripherals, then you probably know how expensive a quality mouse can be. Fortunately, the Logitech G203 is priced low for an entry-level computer mouse, let alone a gaming mouse. For just $39.99, this wired mouse looks pretty basic once you unbox it. However, once you plug it in and start gaming, you’ll discover there’s more to this “basic” gaming mouse than meets the eye.

In terms of design, this mouse is pretty simple. It’s not necessarily an ergonomic mouse, it’s just a simple ambidextrous design. It also doesn’t have any kind of thumb slot like other gaming mice offer. Personally, I didn’t find the shape to be a problem; actually, it felt quite comfortable even after several hours of use.

The Logitech G203 LightSync is much smaller than most typical gaming mice on the market, but it’s definitely not as small as the Logitech M325 or other everyday wireless mice. Since I have fairly small hands, I found it to fit quite well and enjoyed being able to grip it without any issues.

The weight of the mouse is pretty average. It wasn’t particularly difficult to slide across my desk, but it wasn’t the lightest mouse I’ve ever used, either. I didn’t find the weight really impacting much, but I could see where some might be surprised by the weight considering its small size.

Since this is a wired mouse, it connects to your computer through a traditional USB-A port. I didn’t notice any difference in connection when I plugged the mouse directly into one of my computer’s USB ports and when I opted to connect through a docking station. Also, the USB cable was long enough to allow me to move it around as needed without a problem.

As you would expect from a basic gaming mouse, the Logitech G203 has a total of 6 programmable buttons that you can use. These include primary and secondary click buttons at the top of the mouse, a middle click at the top, two side buttons, and the scroll wheel. While this doesn’t quite match the 12-button lineup of SteelSeries Aerox mice, it’s still a good amount of buttons for non-MMO gamers.

You can also customize the functions of each of these programmable buttons based on the person using the mouse or the application you’re running (more on this below).

Logitech G203 LightSync Technology
Megan Glosson / Instruction Geek

Of course, the only thing that sets the Logitech G203 LightSync apart from other entry-level mice is LightSync technology. The mouse is equipped with full spectrum RGB lighting that is fully customizable to each user’s preferences. In fact, you can choose from vibrant preset animations, select settings based on your games and media, or program your own custom coloring. And with 16.8 million colors to choose from, chances are you’ll find at least one shade you like on your device.

My only caveat was the lack of customization within the mouse lighting. The mouse only has three separate LEDs, which means there are limits to how the lighting is displayed. Also, you can’t change the color of the Logitech logo at the top. Instead, it just matches whatever color setting you use for the center of the mouse.

This minor design flaw aside, the mouse is well-made overall.

Game level performance

Logitech G203 LightSync Game in Bright Purple
Megan Glosson / Instruction Geek
  • Resolution: 200 to 8000 dpi
  • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
  • USB report rate: 1000Hz (1ms)
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM

While the Logitech G203 LightSync definitely looks like a basic laser mouse, it’s technically a bargain-priced gaming mouse. But here’s the real question: is its performance good enough to actually be used for gaming?

To determine this, most people look at metrics like mouse accuracy and report rate to see if it will keep up with the demands of intense gaming. Now, DPI and polling rate aren’t everything when it comes to gaming. However, they are important considerations when comparing the performance of different gaming mice.

As you may already know, mouse sensitivity is measured in dots per linear inch (DPI for short). The higher the DPI, the better the mouse is for precision tasks like gaming or detailed graphic design. The Logitech G203 can be set anywhere between 200 DPI (least accurate) and 8000 DPI (most accurate). You can adjust the DPI at any time using the button below the trackwheel or within the Logitech Onboard Memory Manager app (available for Windows 10 or later and macOS).

As you can see in the video, mouse movement varies a lot depending on the DPI setting you select. I found 1600 DPI to be a great middle ground that worked well in most situations, but having the highest DPI available was a nice bonus. Anything below 400 DPI felt inaccurate and difficult to operate.

Overall, I found the mouse to be incredibly accurate for both gaming and graphic design tasks that I did during the workday. In fact, it took me an hour to adjust to the accuracy of this mouse compared to the inexpensive PEIBO wireless mouse I normally use with my MacBook.

In addition to its sensitivity, the Logitech G203 also boasts impressive report rates. A mouse’s report rate, or polling rate, essentially measures how often the mouse reports its location to your computer. This polling rate is usually measured in Hz, and a higher measurement means more frequent reporting. In the case of the Logitech G203, it reports to the computer every millisecond, or 1,000 times per second. This gives you a fast refresh rate, which means very little disconnection between your hand movements and what appears on the screen.

There is virtually no lag with this mouse. Although not a major issue in my day-to-day operations, those who play games regularly don’t have to worry about the mouse affecting their ability to play.

Setup is a breeze

The Logitech G Hub app (available for Windows 10 or later and Mac) is Logitech’s setup software for all of the company’s gaming peripherals. Logitech G203 LightSync is compatible with this software and you can use it to maximize customization options with your device.

Through the software, you can set the DPI and determine what DPI setting the mouse can scroll with the top middle button. You can also adjust lighting settings, customize what each mouse button does, and even program macros.

If you want different settings for different apps or games, no problem – G Hub gives you that level of control. This can be useful for those who use the mouse for both gaming and more mundane tasks, as you may not want the same settings for browsing the web or writing a document that you would use to play Overwatch 2. Also, if you share a computer with multiple people in the home, you can create different profiles so that each user can customize the Logitech G203 to their preferred settings.

If you don’t want all the options offered with G Hub, that’s fine too. You can simply use the Logitech Onboard Memory Management app to adjust some of the settings. However, you will not be able to use the OMM and G Hub together.

Should I buy the Logitech G203 LightSync gaming mouse?

Logitech G203 mouse in use
Megan Glosson / Instruction Geek

Each gamer has their own preferences when it comes to the peripherals they use. However, the Logitech G203 LightSync Wired Gaming Mouse is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for an affordable mouse that works for both gaming and everyday tech tasks.

The design is simple, but the mouse is comfortable and fun to use. I found it comfortable and accurate in a wide range of activities and tasks. I also thought the buttons worked well and the responsiveness left virtually zero lag in combat.

Of course, what I enjoyed most about this mouse was the number of customization options through G Hub. There aren’t many computer mice that offer this much customization for such a low price, but as usual, Logitech offers exactly what we want.

If you prefer to spend more money on a gaming mouse, that is your prerogative. However, I feel like the Logitech G203 LightSync definitely gets the job done without breaking the bank, and that’s something I think we can all appreciate.

This is what we like

  • price payable
  • plain design
  • Highly responsive and accurate
  • fully customizable
  • Full Spectrum RGB Lighting

And what we don’t do

  • Average weight
  • limited LEDs